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Can you afford an Oahu home?

It’s no secret that buying a home in Hawaii is expensive… But now we’re setting records! The median value of a house hit 690-thousand dollars in recently… What we want to help you figure out… Is what you actually get for that much money. So let’s comparison shop! KITV4 went house hunting in Oahu’s five main sections… Seeing what’s available in Oahu on the North Shore, Central Oahu, Leeward, Windward, and in town. Here’s how far your dollar goes… We hit the road, and headed to the North Shore…to Waialua. FS #1 – HOME DATA: home exteriors with numbers reveal: 3 bed/2 bath, Home: 1,122sq ft, Lot: 7,514 This 3 bedroom/2 bathroom 11-hundred square foot home on Kila Way, sits on a 75-hundred square foot lot. FS#2 wipe to price in big numbers: $687,500 It’s listed for $687,500. Realtor Avis Takamatsu is our guide. Avis Takamatsu/Cold well Banker Realtor 536 THIS AREA, ORIGINALLY PLANTATION HOME, SO 540 YOU GET THAT SENSE OF COMMUNITY RIGHT AWAY, QUIET STREET, OFF THE MAIN STREET 544 THE BEAUTIFUL MOUNT KAALA OVER THERE. 548 The home was built in 1960, but the kitchen has seen improvements since then. The living room flows into the dining room and kitchen. Avis 714 THIS HOME IS VERY WELL KEPT, YEAH WITH THE UPGRADES THEY DID. IT’S MOVE IN READY, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANY WORK TO IT, YOU CAN JUST MOVE RIGHT IN WITH YOUR FAMILY. 722 The bathrooms and bedrooms are on the smaller side. Yunji/Avis 1130 YUNJI: THIS IS THE KIND OF HOME WHERE, THE BEDROOM IS JUST FOR SLEEP, YOU DON’T HANG OUT IN THE BEDROOMS. AVIS: NO, IT’S MEANT FOR SLEEPING AND AND COMING IN AT THE END OF THE DAY AND RELAXING. 1143 But there’s plenty of space outside – with even a bathroom and shower for a post-surf session rinse off. Avis 1810 WEEKENDS, I BET YOU SPEND YOUR TIME OUT HERE ON WEEKENDS. THIS IS WHERE YOU DO YOUR ENTERTAININ G, BESIDES THE HOUSE, THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE YOUR FAMILY PARTIES OUT HERE. 1820 We then headed to Central Oahu – Mililani…a planned community with wide streets and lots of green space. On Kikiula Loop, you’ll find this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom 19-hundred square foot home, on 5,000 square foot lot. FS #3 – HOME DATA: home exteriors with numbers reveal: 4 bed/2 bath, Home: 1,896 sq ft, Lot: 5,000 It’s yours for $695,000!, plus $56 a month for association fees. FS#4 wipe to price in big numbers: $695,000 $56/month association fees Avis 2646 VERY NICE HIGH CEILINGS, IT OPENS UP THE ENTIRE ROOM, THE MAIN PORTION OF THE HOUSE, OPENS UP A GREAT DEAL, WITH THE HIGH CEILINGS. 2656 Built in 1978, with upgrades to the bathrooms and kitchens just last year. Avis 2828 WHAT’S NICE IS THAT THIS KITCHEN HAS BEEN TOTALLY REDONE, LOOKS LIKE IT’S NEW APPLIANCES, THE CUPBOARDS AND THE COUNTERS, ALL NEW. 2835 The selling point here: interior space. 4 bedrooms, plus two separate large living areas, which means lots of room to move around. Avis 3826 FOR THIS, PERFECT WOULD BE A FAMILY, WITH CHILDREN. THERE’S FOUR BEDROOM SO MULTIPLE CHILDREN, OR EXPECTING MULTIPLE CHILDREN 34 No real yard to speak of, but there are plenty of nearby parks. Next Leeward, to Makakilo – this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on Palahia Street …has almost exactly the same square footage, 1890 on a 47-hundred square foot lot, but a very different layout. FS #5 – HOME DATA: home exteriors with numbers reveal: 3 bed/2 bath, Home: 1,890sq ft, Lot: 4,706 The price? $679,000. FS#6 wipe to price in big numbers: $679,000 $320/mo. Association fees Add another $320 a month for association fees – that covers the private streets and landscaping. Yunji/Avis 4740 YUNJI: THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE IS THAT IT’S SO BRAND NEW. AVIS: YES, YES 43 LOVELY NEW CONSTRUCTION 2006, SO IN HAWAII THAT’S VERY NEW CONSTRUCTION., 49 Built in 2006, this house is the only one of the bunch with an enclosed garage and central air conditioning! The living room leads to the dining room, past a large size laundry room, and an open kitchen. Avis 5004 THIS IS A GOOD SIZED KITCHEN, YOU’VE ALSO GOT SOME NICE DARK WOOD CABINETS, THE FEATURES, EVERY NICE, THE APPLIANCES ALL NEW. 5016 Head downstairs, and you’ll find both bathrooms, and all three bedrooms. There’s a walk-in closet on your way to the master suite. Avis 5634 A GOOD SIZED MASTER SUITE, ENOUGH FOR ALL THE BEDROOM FURNITURE, YOU DON’T FEEL CLUTTERED AT ALL. VERY AIRY, VERY COOL 5641 YUNJI: AND YOU HAVE A VIEW. SO THAT’S NICE YOU HAVE A LANAI UPSTAIRS AND DOWNSTAIRS. 47 Two lanais, with valley and ocean views. 5821 IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A NEW HOME, THIS IS A GREAT EXAMPLE AT THIS PRICE POINT. 26 Ok with an older home? Let’s go Windward to Kaneohe. Where we found this 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home on Ahaolelo Road, built in 1951. No upgrades, no frills …but look at the land. FS #7 – HOME DATA: home exteriors with numbers reveal: 3 bed/1 bath, Home: 760sq ft, Lot: Over 1 acre This 760 square foot house, sits on just over an acre of land! FS#8 wipe to price in big numbers: $690,000 It’s selling for $690,000. Avis 830 A LITTLE SMALLER HOME, 760 SQUARE FEET 834 AND IT DOES NEED SOME TLC, SO WHETHER YOU IMPROVE IT, OR WHETHER YOU START ALL NEW YOU HAVE THIS HUGE CANVAS,841 A gorgeous canvas, nestled against the Koolaus. Avocado and lychee trees…a lot that’s nearly flat. Avis 1242 YOU’RE JUST AWESTRUCK, YOU WANT TO WANDER AROUND, TAKE A LOOK AT EVERYTHING, FEEL THE ESSENCE OF WHAT ONE ACRE OF LAND IS HERE. 1250 The house is nothing to look at, it’s a tear down or at best a MAJOR renovation. The value here is in the land, because getting this much, is rare. Avis 945 I’M NOT SURPRISED IF THIS GOES VERY FAST, I BET THERE’S A LOT OF INTEREST IN IT, PEOPLE ARE GONNA JUMP AT THE CHANCE OF GETTING THAT LARGE, OVER 1 ACRE PROPERTY. 953 But, if you’re not up for an overhaul, or the commute, come to town! Our last stop is in Kaimuki, on Kaimuki Avenue. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 748 square feet on a 25-hundred square foot lot. FS #9 – HOME DATA: home exteriors with numbers reveal: 3 bed/1 bath, Home: 748sq ft, Lot: 2,500 Selling for $699,500. FS#10 wipe to price in big numbers: $699,500 Avis 2740 VERY WELL MAINTAINED, READY TO MOVE IN, ACTUALLY GOOD CONDITION. 44 A clean, cozy house with no real yard, but what you give up in size, you get back in time NOT spent in traffic. Avis 2850 WHEREAS SOME PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING THAT MUCH LAND, THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO GIVE UP THAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHERE THEY GET AN EXTRA HOUR OR TWO HOURS A DAY GETTING TO BE HOME, COOKING OR SPENDING WITH FAMILY INSTEAD OF COMMUTING. 2904 5 homes…5 very different choices. If you’re looking to buy, time is probably not on your side…our population is growing, and the supply is not keeping up. So before you head out there – Takamatu says, prepare! Avis 3225 BE READY, YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR FINANCES SET AND READY TO GO., NOT LIKE HAVE A BALLPARK OF WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD, YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. 3232 To afford $700,000 that could start with 20% down, which is $140,000. Even then, your mortgage is still gonna be around $2900 a month. And if you think it’s pricey now, tomorrow on KITV morning news, hear how soon we could get to a median price of a million dollars – it’s not that far off. This market moves fast! Hope you didn’t fall in love with all of these houses, because three are already gone. Tomorrow, we’re go condo shopping…the condo

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  1. thinking about moving to vegas, I can buy 2 houses with that much money.  Hawaii no good already.  either migrate or become homeless.

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