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Camino Del Norte Guide – Episode 7 (Days 31-34) – 835km Hike

What’s up travel lovers! Bienvenidos and welcome to Northern Spain for my hiking special on the Camino de Santiago, the Northern Way, or what they are calling the Camino del Norte. This is episode 7, my final episode of the journey. Starting off here in the small town, of Baamonde, and heading all the way to the endpoint, of Santiago de Compostela. As you can see I woke up super early and it is raining. I have a long day ahead of me let’s get hiking! Fully wrapped in rain gear I headed out of town, for what will be the longest and most challenging day of the entire camino. Probably the most challenging of my life too for that matter. But their was an upside, I had less than 99 kilometers to go Not long after leaving Baamonde I would be trekking though some really nice scenery, Which helped take my mind off any doubts I was having, about completing today’s monster hike. Luckily, in a couple of hours the sun popped out and the rain subsided. I took a second to pause To thank whoever is in charge of the rain I then continued the next several hours walking through rural areas, barely even entering small villages. After much perseverance I would arrive to the endpoint, around 30 minutes after dusk. [Stamp] First thing I did was check out the Sobrados dos Monxes Monestery, For a quick peak, but then I was on my way. The weather was miserable. I decided to stop for a beer hoping it would, help minimize any future discomfort. I left the town and started my hike. Today I got a late start as I wanted to be fully rested after yesterdays super long trek. In a couple kilometers I was back in nature, facing the elements and walking along muddy paths. Around the halfway point I would start passing through a few small villages, And I was thankful to be walking on pavement again. The weather seemed to get worse by the minute, making it darker sooner than expected and It would take me nearly 1 hour of walking in darkness, before I would reach Arzúa. Update Peregrinos! Last night marked the end of the Camino del Norte, and I have met up with the Camino Frances, for the remaining 2 days, until I get to Santiago de Compostela. Yesterday was a freezing, cold mess as you saw, and it looks like today the sun popped out, and I am nice and dry. So, let’s get going! As I left Arzúa I passed a trail marker saying I only had 38 kilometers left. I can’t believe how close I am to the end. The weather wasn’t perfect, but after the last 2 days of tons of rain, I was happy to see the sun. The weather continued to get better and better. I was walking in rural landscape, However I noticed the villages started turning into towns as I got closer to Santiago. I also started noticing a lot more peregrinos, And even chatted to a nice woman from Asia. We walked together for an hour or 2, discussing the differences between the French route and the Northern route. Around sunset I made it to O Pedrouzo, [Stamp] Today is the day! The final day! The 34th day of the Camino de Santiago. I have mixed feelings. I really want to complete it, But I also don’t want the journey to end. The rain is coming down, but this isn’t going to stop me. Let’s get hiking! I headed out of town And it wasn’t long before I was back on dirt paths, walking among the trees. It was raining lightly all morning so when I passed by a cafe, I took the opportunity to warm up with some nice Spanish red wine. And to celebrate my final day of the trip. After all, Santiago de Compostela was literally within my grasp. I put my pack back on and continued on the trail. Almost instantly, I met up with a peregrino I had made friends with several days before. It was great to catch up and discuss how bad the weather had been the previous days. We both agreed that all things considered, We were pretty lucky, since we only had 4-5 rainy days out of 34. We walked together all the way to Santiago. The last couple kilometers were by far the hardest of the entire trip. My body was pulling me in 2 directions. One half of me didn’t want to finish, cause that meant I would have to return to my everyday life. But the other half was eager to complete this epic journey. Well Peregrinos, we did it! We are inside Santiago de Compostela. Right behind me is the famous cathedral. I don’t know how to explain it in words, but with 34 days and almost 900 kilometers of hiking [sigh]…it feels so great to be here right
now. Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey. If you have any questions about the Camino, hit me up in the comment box below. I’d be glad to help you plan your camino. If you had a great time, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, cause I do trips like this all the time, and I would be glad to have you come with me. So, safe travels!

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15 thoughts on “Camino Del Norte Guide – Episode 7 (Days 31-34) – 835km Hike

  1. Congratulations, your videos are the best I've seen on the Camino del Norte, not only for the quality of the images but also for your optimism and sense of humor.

  2. Thanks for these videos so well made. Very good job, but, for me, the road to Finisterre is missing after having given the hug to Santiago. Gracias por estos videos tan bien realizados. Muy buen trabajo, pero, para mi, falta el camino a Finisterre después de haber dado el abrazo a Santiago. Ultreia. Buen camino.

  3. Wow what a trip! This video was my favorite for sure! Such good feels to complete that last 4 days!

  4. what shoes did you use? Did they stay dry? (just finished Camino Frances but torrential rain last 2/7 and 'waterproof shoes' let in), great videos, ta

  5. Hi Pilgrim! It was a pleasure to follow you on the Camino del Norte. I made it in 2017, in 2016 I had already made the Camino Frances to Finisterre and then continued along the Camino Portugues on the opposite side, from Santiago to Lisbon! I have a question for you, have you filmed it all by yourself or did you have any support for it? Once again, thank you for this beautiful project! Always have a Buen Camino!

  6. That was a monumental trip. Thank you so much for the videos and congratulations on reaching your goal.
    Just curious, did you get a chance at all for rest days or to catch up with laundry?

  7. I am really enjoying your videos. For other peregrinos who are watching, the albergue at the monastery in Sobrado is quite an experience and one that I am glad I experienced. The opportunity to spend a night on the Camino in a cloister, attend mass and later vespers, in a 500 year old structure was very meaningful, even for a non-Roman Catholic. Thank you for the guide.

  8. Great! thanks for the uploads. im cant decide whether to do the northern route or doing the more popular french route. Im looking to do this in the next month. Any thoughts, differences etc? I will be doing it alone, how busy is the camino del norte in July- August

  9. Congratulations, mate. I start from Irun on August 1st. Your videos have been a big help! Keep it up. Seriously, keep it up!

  10. Nice set of videos. The video quality was amazing! Walked the Camino Frances in October of 2014 in 31 days. Your videos make me want to try the Camino Del Norte.

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