Bushbox LF Review, das ideales Teil für Bushcraft und Backpacking

Hello, I thank you for turning, today I would like my you Bushbox LF show yes hello I’m Austrian Bushman would like to thank you for turning times today I want to show you my bushbox lf namely from steel What I particularly like is the folding mechanism of this Bushbox is folded together about a palm large these hinges are made so that they allegedly did not verpicken I’ll show the times how to open the set up very quickly so that part is even finished then there are specially still the universal support Grill you usually here on top because you can then grillgut the mood I have taken it but because you can then enter here purely down and then adjusts the burner Tangria perfectly pure and also has the right distance to the pot plus receives a Pot supports that come in here but not really you need when you taking a pot that is large enough But for smaller pots or cups you can then make beautiful here on is the ideal to the pot supports if that is now hot and I will take it away, I can with these part here carry away I would say we start to collateral let’s see how that pervades I would say that it’s a nice cooking fires and therefore we are now draufstellen the Tatonka Bowl and we cook of 3 doses cooking Austrian Bushman to make Chili hot let’s see if I have what stoking Meanwhile, we do not have enough wood a little we can still give pure into the small opening because you need now is not really a huge saäge with for the small ding since rich very small pieces of wood which are also all around one need not even there do a lot of work really great part, bigger, there are still and indeed this is the middle part there is the Bushbox the Bushbox XL and LF Bushbox I opted for the LF because the normal Bushbox is too small and too big XL to take her in backpack I think that has the optimal size for small hikes or so half kilo is not that hard it also draws well already starts nice to cook I need no longer stoking because it proceeds exactly beautiful really a quality product I can recommend each I would say My soup is ready meal Now I have the Chilli eaten The fire has since been burned down Bushbox is already cold, let’s see what is there about one can say burns the wood completely richtg this is really only the white ash which incidentally also pretty good can be used for cleaning, which can take as soap toothpaste My wife has also meant as Hair color distance medium if the hair turns what I do every week to get back to the Bushbox all burnt I need not even by Clear that’s just more powder and Murphy ‘ therefore it is not so the Bushbox again transport Ready and with this bag you need also do not worry if your backpack is dirty and it all fits into it perfectly I say thanks for watching see you next time bye

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