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BUDDIES – “Raise a little hell once in a while!”

“Sex in the terms of the clothes they
wear and stuff” “I’ve put a political sentiment behind it” “I mean I feel a victim of sexism” “and I think that to understand
what I am victimised about” “I have to understand out what sex
is all about.” “This helps me feel androgynous
or hermaphrodite” “I mean it makes me feel…” “Like a whole person instead
of just half a person.” “Like I’m part of the whole human race,
rather than just half of it.” So, this parade… This tacky, once a year freak show is my one chance to feel connected ‘cos they’re not all just
gay people marching in that crowd. there’s a lot of straight people. Parents… and grandparents. And in that sense, in that moment, then we are all just… people. And the gay label vanishes. ‘Cos we’re together. Without having to deny the differences. That’s why the whole damn thing
is so important to me. Besides, everybody ought to have a chance to make a little noise,
raise a little hell once in a while! God how I hate it in here
when it’s quiet.

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2 thoughts on “BUDDIES – “Raise a little hell once in a while!”

  1. NOPE! No one of their death bed cares shit about this world … As a film … NOPE! Dialogue is contrived and political … I feel no empathy for either character.

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