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Bruce Trail (18) I’m Eighteenth and gotta get away

Hi, i’m back at. Highway 10 and continuing, my, little trek here I got up, early, this morning I meandered back and forth i Managed to make it to Brampton and then finally They, have a bus that goes to Caledon an Orangeville ville but it makes like 17 stops and runs once or twice a, day, and It’s ,this is not the best spots to start Or get off but i mean it’s doable, I ended up taking an uber which, wasn’t that bad but Caledon it’s not a, bad place maybe you know there’s a McDonald’s and you could do a supply but No, for all intensive purposes Not a good spot but It worked out, we’ll see how this goes my plan, well I’d like to make it the blue mountain that’s kind of my goal We’ll see what happens my pack Is about the same nine pounds I have more food this time because Things are gonna get a little bit scarce er so i’ve climbed up to Wow i’m seventeen and a half maybe 18 pounds so Yeah, i’m real heavy but i have some consumables Perishable foods and whatnot that i’ll be getting rid of right away but Yeah, i’m pretty heavy so Skies are grey Hopefully, that’ll knock the bugs down. A little bit and let’s see how, this goes in a bit you those are type of wild flux is what My mother used to tell me and she loved this plant, would say that it grew where they’d been a fire cool She’d grown at home domestically. There’s a rule i’m not a flashy, guy but i Knew there was a lot of road walks involved here’s one of them And in some places rather busy, not like here So when i was out shopping for a little wind jacket as i usually go for the you know the black or the gray and i kind of stepped out of my, safe zone and i got this yellow and It’s called Yosem . . Yosemite yellow or something if they hit me it’s because They wanted to Now it’s a tempting place for lunch but just a little bit early I’m on this trail here and It’s given a warning about Please keep your hiking stick low, and you know what that’s true? because people They, have their dogs off leash and whatnot and they say, oh you know he’s harmless Well when they see the walking, sticks they, freak out they either Think of aggression or it’s playtime or Oh that is so true example of a tiny home or a tiny house, whatever, they call it You know what after carrying everything on my back that’s an absolute palace I could live there i have little one here and a little one down south, little one up north Who needs the acreage, i’m on airport road And i always thought Caledon east might be a place this is this is walkable actually but i don’t know if there’s anything in Caledon east There was even a buddhist temple on my walk. there was a giant. Buddha, i was gonna go rub its belly but Just sitting down taking a break having a little lunch here and boy i spent the whole morning on the road If it wasn’t for like, three little spots maybe four they descend you into the forest a little bit but just nice and then you pop back out in the road i Must have been i must have put about 12 kilometers in so far i don’t even want to look at the map But at least it’s nice and cool, today so the reason i’m being really quiet is i’ve only seen one or two mosquitoes today wow unbelievably pleasant okay, better go for they catch on. i’m at the Oakridge’s moraine trail and unfortunately it’s closed But i just ran into a couple of hikers i’m gonna call them runners and They were a group of Americans, two guys running and, but they had a support van and they were doing 40 miles a day, and Today is Tuesday i think, Wednesday, I don’t know, they, uh they figured they’d be in Niagara on Saturday? That’s mind boggling? It’s a mature forest and it It has a big carpet of green i love that So you can, hear by the traffic that i’m close to a, busy road i popped out of Glenn Haffy conservation area and For some reason, my battery has been Going, down quickly here i i don’t know What’s going on maybe it’s been cycled too many times it’s an older phone but anyways i walked into Mono mills It’s a 10 minute walk It’s not far at all and it’s got a good shoulder and There’s a Tim horton’s there you can Charge up your phone, which i did and You can, grab a hot meal etc. And there’s two Gas stations with you know Snack or variety, sorry i’m going down a hill here Snack or varieties you know, store type things so that’s You know good little Good, little pit stop or little half supply i don’t know if i mentioned it There was no wi-fi to Tim hortons unfortunately but other than that and there’s camping at Glen Haffy and So if you’re, going northbound, good breakfast place you’re going southbound It could be a supper place so keep it mind Okay, better get on my poles here or gonna fall on my nose. Talk to you in a bit Well the day is winding down it’s okay, day i started off heavy unfortunately but i was road walk and i think, i’ve, had enough i Stopped at tim hortons that’s pretty good for the first, day But yeah i don’t mind grabbing a, meal like that because it It saves me to resupply somewhere so adds up but Yeah, if i find something decent It’s gonna, be home Well I finally found a little spot it It’s not the best A maturee forest i don’t know, if i’ll get any morning sun i usually, don’t like to go into a valley too much Because it can get buggy, but it’s been so cool I had my jacket a little jacket on all day so i don’t think they’ll be much of a? Bother once the sun goes down so i put a. Little lean-to i have two new members of the family here i Replace the i’m gonna give this a try it’s a new, bug Net it’s about a third of the weight and about a third of the volume but i mean it’s fragile it’s It reminds me of a lady stocking or something but Seems to be fine you know i you just have to be careful it’s gonna, give me a room for food or water or? You know help, my knee out and the other little thing i got was i got a new food bag and Wasn’t too much of a hit i think it’s only, about 60 grams but yeah eventually i’m gonna be into a little bit of bear country so i Needed something waterproof to To hang and you know for the 30 gram hit I’m gonna, give it a try right now and That’s about it little lean-to for tonight And i’ll watch the sun go down, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow ciao

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