13 thoughts on “Boost Instagram Posts from Desktop Facebook Ads Manager | Instagram Ads Tutorial 2019

  1. will the likes on instgram post reflect in instagram page …. when we create an ad from facebook and select ingragram… i get a lot of likes but cant see on instgram profile

  2. Hi Viren! I wonder if you know how to add a Call To Action (at Instagram) button in Facebook Ads Manager that opens the IG account you are advertising but not just a web link to that account.
    If you Promote in the native Instagram app you get that easy CTA… If you do it via Facebook Ads Manager you can add a link but it takes you to the web browser and then opes the link (your instagram link).
    thank you!

  3. Hey I have a question. Indeed This practice helps you work around IG's limited targeting features. But have u tried to boost an IG carousel post? I don't find it shown within the IG existing posts list. Any workaround?

  4. so I have. a question.. this way it will be boosted as a dark post.. what if I want to boost my instagram post, so that the like can show on my Insta post on my account ( not in the dark post, which only I can see)

  5. While selecting the Instagram account, the facebook page was also enabled. So does that mean the ad will run on facebook page as well?

  6. Hey viren quick question why are we not able to assign a button like send message to an instgram ad post it gives the error everytimes even tried different ad objectives . Hope u could help

  7. Hello! Quick question, by doing this the post that is already in my feed can accumulate the interactions gained while the ad is running? I´ve done this twice and the first time the interactions were added to my profile post but the second time IG created a different ad so I couldnt see the interactions gained in my feed, only in the ad… how can I ensure the likes and comments remain in my feed post?

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