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Blue Mountain Small-Group Day Hikes from Sydney

(bouncy music) – [Voiceover] That’s MayouSo tree. And we are walking… – [Voiceover] See that little… – [Voiceover] Oh, my god (laughs) (people trail walking) – [Voiceover] Don’t look down. – We have to go right around there, out to there. So, we’re going to end up, we’re going exactly the wrong way where we need to go. – [Voiceover] In your face, isn’t it (laughs)? – [Voiceover] Heh.
(laughing) – [Voiceover] That’s the Ruined Castles. (bouncy music) – Hey, we can go all the way up there, if you want. (bouncy music) (water falling) – [Voiceover] Pretty nice tour, isn’t it? ^(bouncy music)

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