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Blood Diamond – Best scene, Archer and Solomon Hike

You are how old? Me? I’m 31. And you have no wife? – No.
– No children? No. And no home? No. But you have money, yes? Yeah, some. But not enough? No. If you get this diamond,
you will have enough money, yes? Yes. Then you will get a wife and children? Probably not, no. What? What? I am confused. Yeah? That makes two of us, my bru. Oh, Christ.
I’ve gotta quit smoking, huh? Why don’t you? I’ll tell you what, Solomon. You find me this diamond,
and I’ll quit right then and there, huh? – You were born in Zimbabwe?
– Oh, yeah. – Is it beautiful there?
– Sure you’re not a reporter? Because you ask a hell of a lot
of questions, my man.

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70 thoughts on “Blood Diamond – Best scene, Archer and Solomon Hike

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  4. This scene is incredibly deep. Though it isn't in my view the best, it's certainly a scene which requires a depth of understanding. This scene is meant to highlight Archer's unending greed for diamonds and wealth and more. It's also to show how when one is consumed with greed, they're unable to truly live by being human. Archer has no wife nor children and states that even after finding the pink diamond, still he won't have enough money. The last line said by Archer is the most significant: 'That makes two of us.' Archer is desperately confused due to his lust for wealth.

    Very powerful scene.

  5. Only if humans could know when to quit and that there will never be enough of money,most of them will chase it till the grave

  6. Wrong Gafar…He needs that stone to escape Africa. His land/home/Birthbplace is gone and there is nothing around him but blacks killing each other.

  7. I'm addicted for this movie,this music,and acting of Mr.dicaprio,magic will happens only once in a life..and this is it

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