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Biking on the North Umpqua Trail [ENG & ESP Sub]

Hi, this is Angel
and Michelle and today we are going to explore a little bit of Oregon We’ve been driving into Oregon for most of today. We even drove past Mt. Thielsen,
which is the lightening rod of the cascades and looks so cool, I want to climb it. Right now we just got to Umpqua trail, which is known for their mountain biking trails. So we are going to explore all day tomorrow. And hopefully we can get to the hot springs. So we’ll see how that goes. After we arrived to the North Umpqua Trail, or better known as the NUT, we got ready to take off on the Deer Leap trail, which is one out of the 12 trailheads you can explore at the NUT. But before, we were received by Odin, a pitbull mastiff. The NUT is a 79 mile trail located in the Umpqua National Forest in Oregon. It can be explored by feet, horse or bike. It seemed very tentative to hike it, but since we wanted to complete two of the 11 sections, we decided to get on our bikes and cover the Deer Leap and the Hot Springs Segment. The Deer Leap Segment is a 9.6 mile trail named after a volcanic plug in the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It can be moderate or difficult, depending on the direction you go. Along the way, expect to see western white pine, sugar pine, and many other types of trees. After we finished the Dear Leap Segment, we took a small break just at the right spot – the Toketee Falls. We have been biking for over five hours and we decided to stop just to check out these beautiful waterfalls. Their name I believe is Tokotee, I’m probably mispronouncing that. Tokotee means pretty, and I can see why, these waterfalls are just beautiful and you should check it out if you are by Oregon. After our break at the Toketee falls, we took off to complete the Hot Springs Segment. The Hot Springs Segment is a moderate 3.5 miles ride in which you can find camping and fishing at the Toketee Lake. After an amazing ride mostly downhill or flat we got to the Hot Springs – or that’s what we thought. So we’ve been biking for two or three hours hoping to find these hot springs, and we just got here. The trail is steep, and Angel walked up there and there’s like thirty people up there and we can’t really show you on camera because some of them don’t have clothes on. So we’re gonna maybe come back tomorrow. And that’s what we did, we rode our bikes back, and came back the next day. These hot springs are the reason we came to Umpqua National Forest. After a long bike ride, this is so relaxing. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe. Head to our website,, follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever you like. Bye guys!

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