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Bike, Hike & Wild Camping | Ben Alder Forest 4 Munros

Hi folks Robin here and I’m back out with
kev this weekend for a bike and hike into the Ben Alder Forest to bag four
Munros these are gates are not very psycho
friendly I left my bike over I’m just waiting on keV
he’s a wee bit smaller tookies they’re stabilizers or from and you just get
used to three Berlin you’ve been gone about 4550 minutes no
I’m a bit about six kilometers away from Wacha Pathak and we’re on this new
hydral track and whatever you whatever your opinion is on hydro schemes the
tracks are really good for safe on on the Judy’s always supposed by yeah we’re
making good progress obviously slowing down doing a little bit of a well bits
off virgin that I’m gonna crack on so this is I say reach the hydro dam and
they’re pretty ugly to be honest Bogdan enter the natural rock there I mean one
seven beds and I suppose all we bi ba I don’t know hi captain just discovered her on the
wrong side of the dam she do over there none of Esther’s on the map yellow so
it’s difficult to know this is where we made the mistake we went over the big
silver bridge there and stayed quantity that’s all the track here and keep it up
a tack on the Left old times so if you come this way as well that’s
three up to the dam that’s we up to Walker Patek so what’s cool the last
osorno US aid of the dam no but the tracks are standard saw her must
continue on over here I hope once you get past the Hydra scheme
you’re on a more traditional land rover track with the the bumpy grassy bit in
the middle and every start to look a bit more well don’t know
has it been over that I was there walk Patek must just be over there somewhere
because that is our first Munroe there he’s he’d been told earlier that must be
Bambi oh I think you see he knows that well here’s another cyclist coming up
behind us that’s us on the shores of Walker Patek now so we’ve got far to go
before we start hey can you last see me walking at that bridge after that the
path the track of rubbish it goes all boggy and mighty there’s lots of ditches
and holes you have to watch the Bakke doesn’t faceplant yeah it’s a bit sure
by him Isuzu beats the walk it gets a lot of bear again you’re back of the
Land Rover track so there’s a short section with it’s just rubbish
I thought bait would balsa wood steamroller kneeboard by what’s the time cave I said the asbestos
hot just look two bakes up to the back now I headed up Karen gellick this here
there’s a native been older forest you’ve got been told that itself just
there Ken there’s no waste and it taints doom by the baffi as this folks on it
rained out looking good no it’s a folks on there no more works
rain this has to be the summer oh there’s another folk stuff on this Luke
I can see I killed all right there’s a summit I almost forgot to mention Kevin
has bought a new tape he’s never pitched that this is it’s Midland pitch tonight
I’ll be quite interesting to see who gets on because obviously he’s never
purchased it before it’s actually quite share with you I think we could faint
something to you what has to be said gave that as a good
job you’ve done so far me bad for spatula I’m not much luck today like there’s a big border pitch to voice I
took it I know I’ve got a big hole underneath my ground sheet in every two
seconds Melba Sexton yeah so there there’s my
hall of doom that mayo book it disappeared on me I’ve got a new piece
of gear I’ve got this lovely new pillow that are going up decathlon as their
helium pillow Thank You Wade about 170 grams remember anyway I’ll put the
weight at the bottom of the screen here but him
I’ve been in a couple things before and I picked up another okay I put it back
but then Rea really good squads one he recommended that so when I was back in
the car from I bought one but cares B no he’ll do at all but yeah yeah I fired
you school for that and fake sleeps important and gives you good sleep so
that’s why I decided to get evening campers Kevin here
Robbins gave me his GoPro he’s been a bit lazy like honestly and he’s bad
already shocking behavior by anything absolutely she’s chillin but he’s no
it’s a disgrace just a dirty clogs old aha I’m certainly impressed with this tent
let’s cost roughly about seven-year-old quid from aliexpress to come from China it’s pretty much the updated version of
the launch and that’s a flames Creed the Apollo Creed that’s a funny one because
you can also buy the same ten I’ll be a bit more expensive on aliexpress and
it’s called the three ful but I’m intent but as you can see and say that there’s
a lot room for the porch the B red lays flashy what does that mean so the sunset just behind this hole here
as predicted no sexy sunset fish so tomorrow we’ve got guilt card but let’s
call it guilt cancer in tear that will over there’s Gil can’t as a guilt card
over in the demócrata house now once a it’s free and then there’s one over in
the morning we are just over that way so for oh really close obviously the
work always never had much imagination in here
big mountain here ocean quarter whatever Gil care now I know well there was a much tears out first so
we’ll put without a tent so the night don’t if you can hear that but Kev’s go
is we all music on or some sort of yoga meditation stuff starts to quick oh is
it just me or did you end up getting these little toggles Oh twisted and you
can’t get you know do it come on I don’t have many things of that
trended on me you know those toggles for holding up in the fly sheet yay gonna
soften it occurs to me is last me guys I’m off to bed I’ll see you in the
morning goodnight good morning campers all right what teams it only have five I
thought was later than that it’s been dead come on Nate and then stating all
the other ones picked up again and this exposed my rubbish pitch it’s flapping
like a flappy thing if you heard that Kevin sisters Neeson thought your
trinket are gonna sleep or something it’s too noisy on the plus side this
pillow is good really comfortable well that’s just on the move it’s just
after seven o’clock I’ll tell you something it’s really buddy called
feliza got a northerly wind and it’s just got
eight beta gloves on and everything just collected water from that stream yo
fozzy Meow’s hi crystal clear no need to follow Allah
really nice so let’s just stop there Craig Broadwater saw navigation skills
to be visually required and Clark accessorize in the summit of like bitch
I think it’s quite over the bed my next target is Ben even that’s the last
Monroe of the day we’re just at the Bialik between muñeca peak and Benny Ben
Ben even just having a a second breakfast before we hear da escape so
we’ll come back down here pick up that path the one walk back it could you know
career cooler and then pick up the bakes hope to god I’ve got a poncho it’s not a
terrible spongy like we have play much in the summer been
even but this one is twin kion so there’s this one and just fall along the
veg is that one wrong there I reckon that one’s the summit’s we’ll
have to visit book that’s just be going back to the true summit when we do is
put the camera we just know because it could be some incoming Rin and I don’t
want to get soaked in so I’ll bring you back a cooler Buffy that’s me back in
the past no Kevin stocks with a job issues have you been behind I am yeah
if you go west that way that of entity to curio station past Lagos and we’re
heading east just going to take us up over that pass
and back to cooler Buffy we’re not there an hour ago you come down here and what
we’ve done this before word the wall calendar in the walk how long has you
con to turn around here and drop and down and pick up the path here
quarterings I’ve ever been asked to be honest it goes for your ankles but I
suppose if you don’t come to the other options you said drop down and you’re
going to hit a lot see Pete hogs ear so I’ll get pin on us as we also contouring
is probably the best option like Akua and this is a moment of truth
tradin I’ve got a flat tire softer than was yesterday a mate make out Kevin’s
got a pump I really do not want you have to walk this give me that two lakh
plastic bridge with my bike it’s holding out so far
touchwood I’m just going to keep going and chancing it anyway we’re gonna have
a battle rap before we head out I’m gonna say note for now because I feel a
bit weird anyways thanks for watching catch the next one I’ll give you 200 pound to do that all
over again right now now 200 hi okey food

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39 thoughts on “Bike, Hike & Wild Camping | Ben Alder Forest 4 Munros

  1. The dams Robin are nothing like the Victorian legacy.I agree ugly! Nice ride in for your over-nighter. I like that as I do the water from the top. Good going on all fronts. Mark

  2. Nice little adventure Robin , took some great looking summits in on this one . Cant believe you don't carry a pump or a tube lol . Kev's tent looked a belter for the money . atb Dave

  3. Nice one Robin. I walked these 4 with Jager from Loch Laggan, torture, its on one of my earlier vids. Thought you would have camped on the plateau with the stream that seeps out the top of the munro. Great watch again mate. Cheers

  4. Seen my stone on the cairn on Beinn Eibhinn haha the wee cute one. Cool to watch that as I can actually relate as I deliberately never took my gloves (first time) as I did not think I needed them, Just before I met you guys my hands were frozen . Was telling my son I met a YouTuber I follow and he was delighted lol again nice to meet you both .

  5. Brilliant video mate. ๐Ÿ‘Œ Another top trip away likesay. ๐Ÿ‘

    There needs to be a Kev's take over part from now on like. It adds that special kind of something more eh, abit of je ne sais quoi. Abit of passion & essence of life that's been missing all these years eh. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. Robin, Great stuff, at least the low temperatures appeared to keep the midges away. Its always a scary moment getting back to the bikes and checking on the tyres but great you managed out ok. Kev's take over is a must now…. ATB you two. Charlie.

  7. Bike vs Walk in question. How long did the the potential faceplant section take to negotiate Robin? Also with that amount of bikes parked by Culra, how busy was the parking spot at the road end in Dalwhinnie?

  8. Great video Robin. I have been wondering about that track for a while. I walked it many times in the past but have been thinking of cycling up to Loch Pattack so thatโ€™s good information for me if they have changed it all with the dam etc. Re the flat tyre. I use Schwalbe Marathon Plus 37 mm tyres on my cycle cross bike and with about 3000 off road miles on them I still have not had a puncture. Neither has the wife in hers. They have a Kevlar band in them and are virtually puncture proof. atb.

  9. I agree – toggles could be better. It's getting more interesting with increase of midges' density. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It looks like a great trip!

  10. That toggle was laughing at you! Nice one guys…I used to work on Ben Alder Estate, great area. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Great adventure Robin, the hole of doom? Ha Ha! Thought it was only me that found uneven pitches Lol! Hope the pillow made up for it! Atb Anthony

  12. Hey Robin, just like your recent Fisherfield trip we were there just before you two although we cycled in from Dalwhinnie, camped by the bridge just before Culra for two nights and bagged the 4 munros on the Thursday 2 weeks ago. Daft question but why don't you carry a spare inner tube, I had to change mine before we even made it out of the car park at the start of the trip but had no problems after that.

  13. Thanks for the steer on the helium pillow. Just happened to be in decathlon albertville today and had to buy one. Also got captured by a 15 euro tarp reduced from 25. Weighed a ton but came with poles I'll weigh at the scrappy as they seem to be made out of lead. The material itself seems a top buy fer 15 euroshkekels.

  14. Good video mate, i've still to do they 4 ..I wouldn't fancy pushing the bike out from there ..enjoyed that Robin

  15. Smashing video again Robin. They keep getting better and better. How would you compare the Lanshan to the SMD? Is the Lanshan worth a punt?

  16. Great film Robin, Thats a trek and a half with or without a bike! Theres no doubt in my mind Kev would have stayed with ye if you got a flat tyre LOL!

  17. Hi folks, hope you enjoyed this video. If so, please consider subscribing.
    Robin ๐Ÿ‘ฃ

  18. As always, a very enjoyable video lads. Canโ€™t get out just now myself so this is keeping me sane. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ATB

  19. Hi Robin, it looks like you and Kevin had great time. That wind was really blowing your tent up there! The walk looked good, I am pleased you passed some other people on bikes that had a pump:D It would have been a long walk back otherwise ! Thank you for sharing Atb ๐Ÿ˜€ Teddy

  20. Great video and great double-act! I'm definitely gonna look up that Flame Creed tent, for next summer as Ali Exp goods take a while to arrive.

  21. Haha nice one guys. Loved Kevin's takeover haha! Still got these to look forward to! Cheers, Kris.

  22. Nice one folks – enjoyed that – had a fair few puncture and misadventure on the old MTB over the years too ๐Ÿ˜–

    Look forward to the next one



  23. Robin, a pretty cool way to get the mountains (even if there was a shit bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yep that hydro scheme looked pretty dreadful and hopefully will merge into the landscape more as it is obviously helping to save the planet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoyed Kev's takeover and his 'Flame's Creed' – might be worth the price for the name alone. Looked like a great trip – it was very clear despite the lack of sunshine. A pump might be on your Christmas list? Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Great stuff again mate. I liked Kevโ€™s take over! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Glad the pillow worked out, I always take a pillow these days. Been using the sea to summit ones and they are decent and light.

  25. Wonderful vlog Robin, itโ€™s wonderful seeing how much youโ€™ve grown ๐Ÿ˜Š looks like a brilliant day!!

  26. Hi dudez,

    I just saw a really good trick for sealing the 4 small stitching areas on the Lanshan 1 (+ upgrade) tents (NOT THE SEAMS) by 'Senior Hiker 77'.

    Drip liquid 'Nikwax' onto the stitches and small webbing tabs and let it dry. Capillary action will draw the liquid wax into the fibers of the materials and dry, which will prevent water from seeping/wicking through.

    It is simple to do and it looks 100% neater; yes, you may have to reapply from time to time.

    How many of you have already applied Silnet/Seamgrip and found that it will peel off? Silnet will only stick to the silnylon and NOT THE WEBBING and Seamgrip will only stick to the webbing and NOT THE SILNYLON.

  27. Hi dude, will you also tell Kev to:

    Reinforce the inside of the pull-out tabs of the fly with webbing/leather.
    To swap the shock cord on the corners of the inner to something that doesn't stretch (he will get a tighter pitch to the mozzi net).
    Put a piece of 'foam/floor mat' over the 'handle end' of his trekking pole before he lifts up the fly to protect the fly.
    Extended the trekking pole to 135cm to get a better pitch.
    Use Tyvek as a footprint it will help stop thorns etc from piercing your floor/inflatable mat.

  28. Good one Robin ,yeah Kev adds to your video great stuff. Only ever done 1 munro at a time once i head doon the knees don't want to go back up the way.

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