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Bidart Hike | Plage des 100 Marches | France / Basque Country

It’s a beautiful day in Bidart I’m so excited because I’m about to
start this hike To get here you can either drive up to The Plage des Cent Marches Or There’s another place not too far from here it’s the bus line C Then that’s where you’re gonna start this hike I think I figured out why they call this The Plage des 100 Marches There’s apparently a hundred “steps” which is the
word “marches” in French There is a little call center to my left where you can make an emergency phone call on my right there are some nice little picnic tables where you can have a nice picnic if you are smart enough to bring one which unfortunately I did not We’re just gonna take a little pathway up this way towards the graffiti house and see if we
can catch the road to get back on the path later on

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