BEST Singapore Chicken Rice, Maxwell Hawker Center Food Tour!

Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen. You know ever since I started doing this channel I’ve been getting comments from people telling me that I need to go to Singapore. Then these comments started getting more and more descriptive with words like: chilli crab, and laksa, and Hawker centers, and Hainanese chicken. And it got to the point where whenever someone would mention Singapore to me, I just start salivating. And finally after years I am here. I’m in Singapore, and I’m standing in the middle of one of the best hawker centers in Singapore: Maxwell food Centre. And I think it’s true. I think I’ve died and gone to food heaven and this is my first day. I literally just dropped off all my luggage at the hotel. I came by here because oh my God the anticipation I mean, there’s just so much food We can’t be wasting time, we’ve got to just start eating. And the first dish I want to try is something I’ve been dying to try Hainanese chicken. Of course Hainanese chicken came from, well, Hainan, which is in China But they do it so well here in Singapore, it has pretty much become a national dish. And a lot of people tell me here is where they do it best. Tian Tian Hainanese chicken. So let’s just get started with that. It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon Kind of an awkward time. There’s still a line here I’m so excited about this. Huh, this guy’s been here and according to him: “chicken rice is so fragrant & delicious that it can be eaten on its own”. You better be right man. Here it is, Hainanese chicken from Singapore. One thing I already noticed is that there’s really no bones in here. So this dish is gonna be pretty convenient to eat and the key thing is the rice is cooked in chicken stock So just eating it on its own should have a lot of flavor. Now check this out guys, look how tender this thing is. I’m slightly moving it about and it’s just breaking apart You see that? It’s just tender and juicy. You know what? I think I kind of ruined this with all the build-up I just been waiting for this bite, for oh So long I just want a bite of chicken and rice, no sauce You guys know that movie from Russia with love. This is from Singapore with love with a lot of love no anticipation No, build-up could have prepared me for that just glorious bite of chicken and rice I mean, I’m still in chicken rice before you right now. I haven’t snapped out of it yet You know when you see someone like like a random stranger, and they’re just so Unbelievably slap-me stupid beautiful that’s like that except for it’s chicken and rice and it was so good I think I just don’t even realize what I tasted. Hang on a second, let me, I need another bite of this To say that chicken is tender is a complete understatement. I mean that chicken literally just spent a day at the spa That’s how tender it it and this rice that rice deserves to be in the rice hall of fame Is there a rice hall of fame? You know what if not, we should create one and induct this rice. First ballot hall-of-famer, right here. Every single grain is just like infused infused Completely cast over with delicious chicken flavors, and it’s so juicy. I mean you guys see how juicy this rice is? Oh my God is this guy ever right you could definitely eat this on its own. I mean the rice, some hot oil I’m set. I’m set. That’s all I need. And we’ve got the dipping sauce. Alright since they gave it to me I’ve got to try it. It should be a mix of ginger and garlic. Let’s go ahead and dip the chicken Into this…. Oh, so sorry. I’m just really messing this up Wow, I mean this chicken and rice was already spectacular being given some ginger garlic and spice elevated is an understatement. It’s not even comparable To the Hainanese chicken I had back in Queens. It’s like a diamond versus a pebble stone… Super Saiyan Goku VS A crillon, and I don’t know this is a really common side dish to Hainanese chicken This is sprouts with squid. There’s some chili peppers. I’m just gonna give this a little mix mmm I love this place. These guys have been blessed with a gift of food magic nay food wizardry. Sprouts are crunchy so it has that really nice fresh sprout flavor I think this is a good complement because of the crunch factor, but I also feel like there’s a lot of chicken broth here and that’s what gives it its nice flavor. I think I’m gonna go back and order another serving of this. I could just sit here and eat this all day If this is the only thing I have in Singapore, I know I will be missing out But I would be happy. I had to do it. You know what they say one good dish deserves another Do they say that? I say that. I’m just going to go ahead and make this even better There we go Like I said, I’ll eat this all day long, but there are other food here So I’m going to finish this up and let’s just keep on eating This is Aunty Hong. She’s the only person in Singapore cooking these oyster pancakes. Her mom created this many years ago And this is a loyal customer who swears by it This is another popular Singapore street food item and the first thing I think of when people mention oyster pancake is Taiwan. And that pancake is usually cooked on a tepan. This one is deep-fried I’m not usually a fan of oyster pancakes. I’m really not especially the ones in Taiwan. I’m sorry. It’s a little too Gooey for me oh but this is excellent. super crunchy on the outside pretty sure this is rice batter. And on the inside It’s not just the oysters. Ground pork. Also I taste a little bit of shrimp. And the vegetables….. Chinese celery.. mm I mean there’s so many layers of flavor This might be the first time in my life I’m really enjoying an oyster pancakes That pancake was so good I came back and she’s gonna make us one fresh If you are ever in Singapore. You really should try this I don’t know if fried bananas are indigenous Singaporean food, but it’s like a big egg roll This is excellent. Look at this yellow custard on the inside I mean, I don’t know if this is a regular banana. I think it’s a banana injected With some kind of yellow custard and it tastes so creamy and nice That’s delicious Good God. This is good. I’m really surprised this is that good. Hang on, I gotta ask him what the yellow custard is. Bananas This is only banana. Yeah Just deep fried banana.Yeah. This is Collin. He makes he made this banana He told me this is just like a regular banana. I feel like this is way sweeter. Yeah it’s very sweet So I thought it was some kind of yellow custard you put in there. This is awesome, man Thank you so much! Thank you! King of bananas Is there a queen of bananas? Is that is that the plantain? Is the plantain the queen of bananas? I mean well deserving of his title king of bananas Fantastic wish I had some ice cream These couple dishes I got, these are local favorites. This is a rojak And this is a popiah. The rojak is kind of like a mixed salad it could be fruits, vegetables almost anything goes here And it doesn’t look pretty intimidating to me. It’s got some sort of sauce and peanuts all over it Let’s just try it. Got a couple of mystery items here For the life of me, I can’t tell you what I just put in my mouth But I know there’s fermented shrimp or fish sauce in here, that much I know. I’m gonna try a piece of it with a cucumber here I’ll tell you what this thing is spicy It’s nutty, sweet and honestly this is not my thing I think the fermented sauce for me It’s a little too much. The popiah just kinda looks like a little roll. I can already see sprouts, eggs, some nuts in here This is not bad. Nice crunchy sprouts. I like the egg. I like the super thin crepe I mean, it’s not the best thing I had today, but it is intriguing and this nice little medley of veggies and eggs I dig that not the top thing on my list But not too bad, okay the last few food items weren’t exactly my favorite, but overall still a positive food day And if you guys do get a chance to come here I would a 100% recommend the Hainanese chicken, the oyster pancakes and oh my God those fried bananas. All right, I got to go back to the hotel and get some sleep But tonight’s gonna be a good sleep, because I didn’t sleep much on the plane And I’m about to enter a food coma. So that is my first food day in Singapore and just want to say what a delicious Start. And I cannot wait to eat whatever else Singapore has to offer. As always guys the location for this place Is in my description box and until we eat again. I’ll see you later!

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