Best Places to Eat – Top 10 Must Eats in Honolulu Waikiki Oahu!

Hi everyone, so this is my video of the
top 10 Must Eats in Oahu! We went for an amazing seven day vacation in Oahu so we
only had 21 meals to squeeze in and of course we ate more than that because
we really wanted to take in all of the amazing places that people recommended
but we had to narrow it down to our top ten, most favorite, you can’t miss places
to go, so here they are! #10 is the poke at Alicia’s Market Express We went and tried a lot of different
pokes but we didn’t like them as much as Alicia’s market. Alicia’s market, they
don’t put on so much flavor or so much extra sauce where you can’t taste the
fish anymore and the fish was just so fresh. We were expecting to find Alicia’s
Market, we couldn’t find it. It turns out that they had a fire and the main market is
closed, and then now they just have this Express site. So they didn’t have as
many offerings as they normally do. I hope that they can rebuild soon,
it was super good. #9 – the takoyaki at Takoyaki Yama Chan so Takoyaki Yama Chan is
inside the Japan Village Walk in the Ala Moana Center and the way that they make
the takoyaki is just so fun to watch and the takoyaki was so good. It was soft and it was
a little bit runny inside. The tako inside, they grilled it and it was so good.
I’m salivating while talking about it! # 8 – Ramen Gashoken and it’s the shrimp spicy ramen That was just so shrimpy and shrimptastic. And you have to try it, if you love shrimp! so in Hawaii they shave this ice so fine it becomes creamy, it’s a really interesting experience we got mango and we got azuki beans on the bottom. somehow this ice just turns into almost like an ice cream texture, it was so good and it’s something that you can’t miss there’s a lot of different shave ice
offerings but Waiola was the best We actually went to Marukame Udon twice. I really love the Nikutama Udon which is this sweet
beef and then they’ve got an egg inside tempura toppings on it. And Bruce really
loved the Zaru Udon which is this cold udon and then you have a dipping sauce.
It’s just made so fresh and you can actually watch them do it and then you
go in this cafeteria style line. Make sure that you go to the one in Waikiki.
There’s one more near Chinatown which is the one that we went to first and that
one is smaller, it’s not as clean, it’s not as big. The other one is the one
where the line just like at least a 30-minute wait to an hour, but it’s
totally worth it it’s so good It’s in this sort of warehouse-y looking street and you wouldn’t even think that
there is this amazing food paradise waiting for you. They give free samples,
you guys, so when you go inside you can eat so many free samples, and the lady
was so nice to us she was like try this try that i’m like
okay okay thank you so much! It’s just heaven! They make these taro chips or sweet potato chips fresh. We ended up getting a one-pound box, i know it’s a lot, but we totally ate them all cuz it’s so good.
We put on some of the Maui onion seasoning and also some barbecue seasoning which was
super good. There’s nothing like Hawaiian chips. The chips that you can buy in the
supermarkets here, they’re just like thin and they’re not really that flavorful,
but the chips in Hawaii were just like thicker and they just like taste
so good. I don’t even think I don’t even think they put any flavor on it oh my
gosh I’m salivating… so good! It was so cheap and so good. We
tried a lot of different loco moco offerings and I don’t like the ones
where the barbecue sauce is really sweet or it almost tastes like they put in
Worcestershire. The loco moco at Rainbow Drive-In, they use more of a
gravy so it’s almost like the gravy that you would get on mashed potatoes it was just really really good if you have a loco moco craving, go to Rainbow Drive-In the taro rolls at Aunty Emily’s
Polynesian Bakery and the malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery. The malasadas at
Leonard’s Bakery are just something that you have to try because you don’t think
that they’re going to taste how they taste – really soft on the inside, crispy
on the outside, and they make them fresh to order, so you have to try them.
The taro rolls – we were not really expecting anything. We were there for the Polynesian Cultural Center and we were really hungry, so we went into Aunty
Emily’s and were like oh what should we get Hey there are taro rolls for seventy-five
cents. They end up being so moist, so good and we got so obsessed with them. They
had them at the Island Buffet as well, I don’t know if Aunty Emily’s made them
or if the luau made them because on YouTube the Polynesian Cultural Center
actually posts a video of the recipe and how to make them. When we came back, I
tried to make them, they were a failure. I mean they were good but they just didn’t
taste the same so I think it’s because we don’t have poi here. So there must be
something that alters the consistency but oh my gosh those taro rolls were so
good! Getting down to the final two, it was so hard I almost want to say that they’re both number one but if I really had to pick so everybody always says go eat garlic shrimp on the North Shore and they are
not wrong, you have to, it’s one of those experiences where it almost takes you
out of body and into heaven when you’re eating them. The flavors are so good, they
give you so many shrimp. The shrimp are so big and they’re so fresh. And the rice
in Hawaii is just super good I don’t know why. I saw people even getting
takeout. I was like okay you’re smart, like you guys waited in line and you got
extras! #1 Must Eat in Hawaii…. There’s so many dishes at Helena’s Hawaiian food that we loved the short
ribs were the best short ribs I’ve ever had I mean I’ve had Korean kalbi, I think
it’s just like the way that they cut the meat or the way that they cook the meat,
I’m not even gonna try to attempt to think about how they cook it to make it
so good but they’re the best short ribs I’ve ever had. The laulau is so good, the chicken long rice – it’s like this gingery chicken
broth and then there’s vermicelli noodles and they’re so good. We also had
the laulau and the short ribs and chicken long rice at Da Ono and Helena’s is
just a different level. The best food during our whole trip because so many
things were so good. One of the places that we didn’t get to try was The Pig & The Lady, which a lot of people recommended, so next time we go back we want to go try there. So those are our top 10 eats in Oahu, go try them!

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