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Best of the French Alps

Chamonix, France is a deluxe and a very trendy
Alpine resort, but guess what: it also has incredible hiking in the surrounding mountains. The Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western
Europe and it’s surrounded by dozens of spires and needles. It’s an amazing trip, but don’t take my word
for it. Here’s what our guests say: “We just don’t
have words to express our appreciation and awe for the experiences and memories Alpenwild
and our guides created for us.” “It was a trip of a lifetime, so much more
than I expected.” One of the highlights of this trip is your
time in Chamonix. Chamonix is an exciting, fun resort. In Chamonix, the most wonderful mountain excursion
is on the Aiguille du Midi. It’s the highest vertical ascent cable car
in the world, and it takes you so close to the Mont Blanc you feel like you can reach
out and touch the summit. “What a fantastic adventure. It will be an experience I’ll remember and
cherish the rest of my life.” “This is one heck of a trip. Everything was perfectly planned. We’ve wanted to do this all our lives, and
now that we’re here I can’t believe we waited this long.” Surrounding the summit of the Mont Blanc is
the entire Mont Blanc range. This area is so beautiful, it’s referred to
as the walls of heaven. “What a trip we had. Alpenwild did such a great job making it happen
with style. They were especially considerate of our slower
pace and we appreciated that.” You’ll love the hiking, the food and the rich
culture of the French Alps. We look forward to seeing you on the trail.

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