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Best Hostel in Patagonia // Hostel Tour

I’m here in Patagonia! I’m staying at
a hostel here called Pampa Hostel. It’s about a hundred a night, which is about
half the price of any hotel you’re gonna find anywhere near Torres Del Paine National Park. I’m in a four bedroom with three of my friends. We have our own room. The
hosts at the Patagonia hostel whose name is Rodrigo is phenomenal. Without further ado let’s go in and take a hostel tour. This hostel is located on a private farm and it’s
surrounded by rivers and lakes and just the most beautiful scenery that you can
imagine it’ll cost you about a hundred dollars a night and that includes Wi-Fi
which isn’t that great but also includes a really good breakfast so when you
first enter the hostel you’ll be in this really big room and it’s a great place
to chill it’s where you’ll eat there’s multiple wood-burning stoves to keep the
place nice and cozy and you can order beer or wine and just relax and enjoy
the scenery so what’s really great about this hostel is its proximity to the
entrance to torres del paine national park which is where many of the cool
patagonia hikes are both hotels in this area are gonna cost you between two and
four hundred a night which is why $100 a night might not seem like a bargain but
it really is so this was our room and it’s a good example of what you can
expect this one has four beds in it so each person gets her own wardrobe and
each room has its own private bath but there’s also a communal restroom here
that’ll take you to in a moment so the bathrooms just pretty standard and
here’s the communal bath it was really clean and just nicely set up on the left
side here you have the toilets and it’s just like most Latin American toilets
where you can’t flush the toilet paper and on the other side on the right side
you have these showers they were really clean the water pressure was actually
ridiculously strong and the water was really hot so that’s always great and
finally add these sinks and that’s it so yeah I really can’t express to enough
how much I enjoyed staying at this hostel it was clean nice and affordable
for the area coming at you guys live from Patagonia
what an amazing experience so far taking over for keV will report from the top
soon go it’s called this is called pampas right we’re in a four bet this is this gonna
be a voiceover and then we changed into wetsuit iceberg dead ahead still pretty epic time I said that today we’re gonna be for those that
don’t know my name is Kevin and I was in the military for 20 years
I became a corporate lawyer and I kind of got fed up with the nine-to-five so I
quit my job to travel full time so if that kind of content interests you
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18 thoughts on “Best Hostel in Patagonia // Hostel Tour

  1. Totally EPIC! Nicer than any hostel I’ve seen. It’s been awhile so I don’t recall price, less than hotel, stayed New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver.

  2. I'm staying in a horrible hotel in Kuala Lumpur right now. So far all the hotels in my price range have sucked here. But this one is the worst yet, with cockroaches everywhere… the floors, walls, even on the bed! Avoid the Simms Boutique Hotel. So not worth it!

  3. I love the outtakes. Why is this the first time for that format? I feel like that’s where I’d get my screen time. Well done, yet again.

  4. Lovin the outtakes too…..Once again, Mahalo for sharing your Remote Year adventure. I can’t tell you how many people I tell your story to on a weekly basis. So proud of you for embarking on this adventure.

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