Best Hike In Arkansas | Whitaker Point, Ozark National Forest | Nomadic Weekenders Hiking Vlog

Rich: so this morning our last hike of the
three hikes we’re doing around the Ozark National Forest area and Buffalo
National River is the Whitaker Point Trail It’s a pretty tough trail to get
into so when you’re first driving into it you take a ride onto a dirt
road that’s kind of unmarked and then you know for the first about mile you’re
climbing some pretty steep so we would definitely recommend a 4×4 vehicle to
get to this trailhead from that angle Lena: Cool fact about this hike
that we’re taking is actually in the Ozark National Forest the previous two
were just in the Buffalo National River area so this is our first hike in the Ozarks
about three miles round-trip in and out and it’s kind of special it’s one of the
most photographed areas in all of Arkansas it has this Crag or Whitaker
Point that just kind of shoots out from the bluff super super gorgeous a lot of
people get proposed to there people love taking pictures of them kissing there
it’s absolutely just a breathtaking sight so we’re really excited to hike
the mile and a half and go check it out Rich: Yup, come along Lena: What you got in your right hand there baby? Rich: This is my spiderweb stick So within the first hundred feet, we both walked through at least three spiderwebs each we’re everything you can to avoid them but as a precautionary we pick up a stick and we’ll keep swinging it in front of us Lena: Speaking of the devil… I’m not sure if y’all can see it… Rich: But I mean what we at least try to do is go around it when we see them. We don’t want to ruin the spider’s… Lena: Oop. And you just pulled it Lena: all right so just got off the trail
back from Whitaker Point Babe what are some of your big takeaways from the hike? Rich: Hmm some takeaways from the hike I would say that it’s not very well marked there’s a
lot of red markings on trees but the trail branches off and like spiders
off into a lot of different trails on the way there but each one does take you
to the point of interest which is Whitaker Point I would advise to just if
you find a trail stick to that one so you can easily remember how to get back the easiest even though all get you there Lena: It’s like 423 feet of an elevation difference, most of the climbing is done on the way back on the way there it is pretty easy and on the way back it gets a little brutal at the end but right at the point when you’re like I don’t want to do this anymore is when you encounter the parking lot which makes it nice but besides that I mean like anything in the Ozarks or near the Ozarks,
go in the morning or go in the late afternoon the high noon sun would have been kind of brutal but we caught it had a really good time lots of butterflies lots of nature Rich: lots of frogs
Lena: yes we saw quite a few frogs
Rich: all through out the creeks you’ll see a lot of frogs just jumping
up and down the path if you pay attention you see a leaf move make sure
to look at it it might be a frog one other thing there is one point right
before Whitaker Point that resembles it from when you’re on it Lena: but it’s 20 times smaller and we thought it was Whitaker Point when we first
came across it until some friendly hiker was like oh yeah I should see the actual
point is it’s right around the corner and we were getting ready to pack up at
that point so when you see one point hold on go around the block there’s one
that’s 20 times more gorgeous 20 times bigger and incredibly photogenic I see why it’s most photogenic rock in Arkansas Rich: no doubt

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