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Best Hike For Waterfalls in Pennsylvania

Early in the morning. Me and Milani are going hiking. 7:19 Ricketts Glen Milani got the map. She got the map got the map. (Milani laughs) We parked at the bottom. We are going to hike all the way up to go to the lake. Go swimming. Then we are going to come back at the end of the day on the other side of the trail. The beach area is here. Do you want to take this way up? Yup. We are right here. We are going to go up along this way following along the red. We are going to go past these few waterfalls. Then we are going to take this red trail up. We are going to pass all these waterfalls on our way. So then we could… We are going to take this path to go to the beach. Who dare pass! I am the billy goat crossing the bridge. I should be the troll and you should be the goat. It’s a little… Ricketty ? That’s why they call it Ricketts Glen. There’s the stream. Tiny. We just crossed the creek. That little bit right there. The trail goes up that way. It looks like someone tried to sharpen that log. (Milani laughs) (Milani laughing) You look funny. Huh? You look funny going like this… with your little tippy toes. Yeah, I think I saw a fish jump. One of the little waterfalls. Yeah look right there. You see it? They’re jumping. I see it right there. They are like 2 or 3 inches long. (Milani) Oh I see them (Dad) Oh look there’s a bunch of them right there. We made it to the beach. There’s the beach. I was thinking on the other side over there. This part over here looks packed. The tables are so close together. OK. we are here. We got to the lake. You saw the lake. Me and Milani, we ate. Set up the hammock. I took a nap. She took a nap. And went swimming for a little bit. Ate stroganoff, bought a hot dog. And we also bought french fries. Now we are going to go swimming again. Let’s see where she’s at. He’s huge! Like 15ft tall. Done by the artist… Nooooo!!! Go Milan i go, go go! I’m going to splash you. She’s too fast. I got her! Yeah!!! Just leaving the beach. Milan i’s already tired. Ok, Milani fill us in. Ok so the track from this morning We started here, not shown. We came up along the green which was easy. We went the rough route. We went this way, up to the beach. Then we came this way. And now we are right here. We are going to take this trail back. All the way down to the car. There’s hardly any water. It’s like, weeping. I don’t know. It looks kind of dry. It rained the other day in Lancaster. I don’t know if it rained over here. Yeah these are like dried up. You can see there is a lot of moss growing over there. Hello down there, little people at the bottom of the falls. He’s climbing. Look how far down. She’s up there. Fearless! We made it back to this point here. From here, up, this way this way this way. To the beach. Then over here and back from the beach. And this way, and this way Now we are right there. (Singing) Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, We made it back to the car. It’s very hot. And we ran out of water. Ans… Yeah! And we are done hiking for… I don’t know, 10 miles or something like that. I want to say 10. It feels like 15. It’s probably 15. Drink the rest of that. Or some of it before it’s all gone. All righty, now it’s time for ice cream.

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