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Best free camping spot ever // Lago Las Torres Chile

In the last episode You were with us while we got hosted for 4 days by a family in Coyahique And then watched us hit the road only 2 hours before the sunset As always, we still had no idea of where we were going to sleep So we decided to trust our driver And this is where he took us in the middle of the night All right! Are we lucky or are we not lucky? We are f***** lucky! We got a lot of luck to get out of Coyahique And now we just got to… How long did it take us to get out of Coyahique? I think… I think it was like 3 minutes For the first ride and then the second ride was like 2 minutes? 1 minute? This guy just brought us to a beautiful place but you don’t see anything right now You are going to see it better tomorrow! But… We are going to make a fire! Yeah! Trying to make a fire It doesn’t work! My eyes! So, 1 hour later! We have something that looks like a fire Almost there! Wow! Morning! Good morning! Everything froze last night! But hum… Look at the things Yeah! Everything is frozen We were… We have like good sleeping bags and everything so It was fine but We felt the cold! A bit Just in the nose Yeah! Like if your face just comes out of your sleeping bag You are freezing! But this is worth it Frozen spoon! Good morning! Good morning everybody! We just woke up and we have like 4 minutes 3 minutes until the guy comes pick us up But look at this place! Yeah! I mean… Good morning! Wow! What just happened? I just did a baptism For my mocha A baptism? Oh my God, yeah, we just bought a mocha machine And now we are just baptizing it How was it? How did it go? Well… I sacrificed my hand, and my tongue and my heart So now we are close together and forever I freaking regret not having filmed that Can you do it again? The ritual happens only once, sorry Oh no! We are still waiting for our ride that hasn’t arrived yet I don’t know if he is going to come I think we saw his car but Then maybe he saw that we weren’t ready so he didn’t come What do you think? Is he going to come? Yeah! Otherwise we can camp here again and hitchhike later Yeah! I love this place Yeah! If there is a chance to stay here then… Ok… Yeah, we aren’t complaining Ok I think I’m going to teach this guy how to make his bag properly because He is definitely doing something wrong here I know how to make it! He “don’t” know how to make it Look at my backpack, it’s perfect! He just stuffs everything in it Like a huge bag instead of folding it very smoothly and very flat I just press it No! It still takes a lot of space My hands! Do you want to… There is a towel there And we are having porridge with cinnamon, honey and apples We are eating healthy, right? Of course So healthy We are like Warriors of coffee Do you want to be a warrior of coffee as well? Yeah Like an Indian girl How do I look? Yeah! In the name of the coffee! In the name of the coffee! This is like when a Chaman becomes a Chaman I mean, now we have the power of making coffee! We have to make a dance! We should switch on the mocha and do a dance around it Yeah! We have a freaking coffee machine! Am I still a coffee warrior? Yeah! This is a freaking huge moment! We are actually going to taste the coffee So we have to taste it now After asking the permission of the Gods of the coffee Was this clean? Yeah… Supposed to be! Doable Oh yeah! Doable! I’d like sugar inside but It’s perfect I’m a coffee warrior not a pussy come on! I can drink coffee without sugar! Look at this! Amazing! Oh my God! No! Are you serious? How do you feel now? Amazing I think I’m regenerated If I survived this And he has a pink towel Of course! Why do you have a pink towel? I found it somewhere.. I don’t remember where but hey, look at the texture! It was completely new so, hey… Free towel! Wow! This oppotunity doesn’t come twice in life True! What are you doing? The olive oil is frozen So, we want it back liquid It’s working! Oh my God! It was so freezing that the olive oil froze It’s still like a yogourt now but Yeah! Look at this! Look at what we are eating! It’s freaking amazing! It’s better than McDonald’s F*** yeah! All right, so it’s 4 PM Yeah, I cut myself! 4 PM and the sun went down We are freezing already so we are going to try Second attempt to make a good fire But this time we are like freaking prepared! Thank you Federico! You’re welcome! He’s been collecting the wood for the past 20 min It’s a lot of wood! But we all know how hard it was yesterday so… I hope it’s going to work! Ok we are ready! So, yesterday we burnt all our toilet paper In order to switch on a fire but… We are from the 21st century We are going to cheat! Yeah! Look at this! We made it! We made it! Yes! All right! What are we making? Rice with spices, and tomatoe sauce and lettuce and all the leftovers And some… Curry! Yeah! And the fire is still on! Just looking for some wood To keep the fire going Done! What? And I’m washing some clothes Some underwear Hello Rossanna Hi! What are you doing? Drying my underwear Yeah I just washed them but like you know, we have a fire so I better enjoy it.. but I think they are burning! Wow! Did they burn? No but I mean, they are drying fast! It’s amazing! Amazing! So, we spent 2 nights here and We slept in this tent Everyhting was frozen this morning Cold! But We are enjoying it so far! And Federico! Hello! What are you doing? I’m washing my spoon! We don’t even have 4 hours of sun What time is it? It’s 3.42 PM Yeah? And we are leaving only now? Yes! Yes but I mean, the sun didn’t come before midday so And it’s already going! Yeah, behind the mountains And here we are! Waiting for somebody to pick us up! The next village is only 10 km away, people! Come on, yeah! It’s going to be fine! In the next episode Find out what happened to me and Fede after we left our favorite camping spot While we had absolutely no food left No idea where to sleep And starving as ever Those days were also the coldest temperatures I experienced here in Patagonia I hope you guys enjoyed this episode And please, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you did Cheers 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Best free camping spot ever // Lago Las Torres Chile

  1. I really hope you guys will like this episode 🙂 Let me know what you think 😊
    Episode made with love, as always😘 Rossanna

  2. Me hicieron reír jajajaja. El ritual del café de Federico, creo que se lo copiaré jajajja. Muy buen video Rossana, felicitaciones nuevamente

  3. Ah y la ropa interior ahumada, no creo que haya sido tan buena idea jajajaja. Me encantó escucharte cantar tb! 🤗

  4. Mais c est quelle genre de façon de sécher le linge ça 😂
    Et tu chantes super bien Rossanna! Et tu peux chanter en anglais, français et espagnol. Pas mal pas mal ^^

  5. Beautiful campspot guys! What did you guys do all day there apart from eat haha!? You left again at 3.42? Haha! He is crazy for swimming in that cold water! Thanks for sharing!

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