20 thoughts on “Benson Didn’t Raise Carisi to Be No Quitter – Law & Order: SVU

  1. All I can say is what an amazing episode.

    Two weeks and they’re back with another banger

    Great episode squad

  2. "You get knocked down, you get up again" OH, DANNY BOY…Sounds like my girl Olivia has been listening to a certain 90's hit tune too many times…🤣😂

  3. Nice to see his character development here! I totally related to his fear of failure in this episode…I still miss him as a cop, but I was proud of him here too! This ep. was a good learning curve for Carisi! 3

  4. Great character development <3 Carisi needs to watch more sports movies for sure, because it is always darkest before dawn.

  5. The storyline still didn't prove the black guy raped the white woman only him screaming they want Darius they want my money women and that's a guilty conviction to send him to jail what a joke now I am a fan of SVU but they need to be ashamed of themselves they didn't prove anything of the man being guilty I felt the episode was racist

  6. Carisi almost gave up too easily. Definitely a good thing he’s got Olivia to lift his spirits up when he needs of

  7. I'd like to slap that smirk off of Barth's face with such force that she'll wish she never entered law. She is such a traitor.

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