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Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse!!! Many thanks to Boccea Moto for let me use this Bike for a Test Ride This is the Benelli Leoncino 500 Trail This Bike is extremely “Brand New” Infact it has only 9 Km of life So it will be probably not be at top of its shape Brakes Pads need to set on disk and the engine needs a bit of more attention and last but not least We’ve wax on Our Tyres The clutch it’s real smooth and accurated to use I’m going easy on turns because tyres are full of wax before start shooting this Test ride I almost crashed on a Turnaround going on 20Km/h Wow so slippery This 2 cylinders engine has a good engine brake Nice riding style for this bike Really pleasant: A mix of Sporty and Cruisy Obviously “Sporty” for this type of bike Not so many vibrations Vibrations are more heavy on other Benelli bikes I’ll not spoiler this models because I’ll do some more Test Rides and You’ll see it on channel Despite the Standard version (More Street bike) with both wheels of 17 inches this one has spoked wheels with the front one of 19 inches the spoked wheels give to this bike an outstanding design and are a bit more adapt for “””Off Road””” Lovely exhaust sound This is the stock exhaust This bike perfectly explains why Benelli is having good sales numbers Low prices and quite good bikes fun to ride and not so bad trimmered The saddle has a good comfort For Tall riders like myself the riding position is a bit crouched but if You’re under 1.90, like 1.80/85 cm You’ll not have any problem Hole Thie bike goes over holes quite good The air protection like most of Scrambler/Naked bikes doesn’t exists Finally strumentation is good to watch in every condition even with sun on it Good job Benelli for learning from previous mistakes This bike is agile on turns even changing direction the front wheel of 19″ follows pretty good and of course We find Road Works Ok guys now let’s how it goes on low Rpms: Let’s go on a high gear, like 6th Ok now I’m on 6th gear going on 60 Km/h with just a bit of Throttle and don’t forget that this engine has almost only 48 HP and if I twist the throttle the engine responds pretty well regainig rpms and speed without any trouble On front like Benelli’s tradition it has a fork with 50mm of diameter on stems and on this version despite the stock front disks have a wave shape against the round ones But the brake is not the best skill of this bike specially watching the double 320mm disks it could make us think that this bike has a strong brake but it’s not true infact on front brake has 2 pistons calipers even with radial setting the brake it’s really soft… Too much Let’s brake Hard I’m squeezing the lever The speed is not so high this ia big con for this bike but obviously with a so low price everything can’t be perfect but this bike it’s really good to ride I’m enjoying it every km I’m doing really fun and if You’re looking for a City Bike or a bike for Week Ends to have fun, cheap and without looking for super prestions totally go for it On left it should bring me to Off Road 😉 Dog Ok it works pretty well on holes It “copies” every obstacle Woooo it moves a bit on gravel Now We’ll listen some raw exhaust sound We’re ready to go on with our Test on this Leoncino This bike seems a bigger bike than a 500cc Ok I’ve hitted on purpose every single heavy hole which I’ve found and this bike didn’t had any issue Ok now that I’m playing on this little off road Im feeling a bit in pain with legs the position is a bit too much crouched and when I’m sitting it’s not the best thing But everything is under control 🙂 The steering angle is not so wide like other scrambler/Naked bikes Some power slides this one despite Ducati Desert Sled slides less but obviously it has half HP than Ducati Scrambler 800 This bike is quite good for who is approaching off road Probably if this bike would’ve been mine I’d toss it a couple of time for sure, right now I’m riding pretty safe Ok on “High” Off Road Speeds slides quite good This is an all round bike I’m really surprised I didn’t thinked that this Bike would’ve been so good to ride Of course some things could’ve been better but with a cheap price of 5.900 euros We can’t be too much hard with this bike I didn’t went too hrd on ride but suspension seem working good and giving us a good ride feeling Turning Signals are hard to turn off, this is the 2nd time it happens To remove it We need to push hard on button Let’s recap Cons: Front Brake soft as a marshmellow too much cables on sight and handlebar buttons like turning signals of low quality but price is really contained so for myself it’s justified Ok now that I’m going a bit faster the rear suspension is too hard and tends to pump while taking turns on speed This are not so high paces but obviously this bike is not made for speeding Ok even on high speed this bike it’s not affected of holes This bike is good to learn going on motorcycles because without having so much Hp it makes You “Play” with Clutch if You want to go fast Otherwise You can go safe and slow even with low pms carried by this elastic engine The engine brake on this bike is not hard to handle even if this bike has 2 cylinders (so a good engine brake) the low Hp doesn’t tend to block the rear tyre while downshifting So if You’ve low budget and willing of start on 2 wheels or even comeback after a long stop, I strongly recomend it 😉 Look how this girl is crossing the road That’s not a proper manouver Hi dog! It’s up to us bikers prevent crashing into bad driving people like this one, always adjust Your speed compared to Your riding skills and the bike your riding By the way I really enjoyed this bike Leave a comment down below and let me know what do You think about this bike If You own this bike and want to add something to this review Don’t forget to share this video to help me grow up and obviously subscribe on this channel to keep updated about my latest uploads and We’re back to Boccea Moto See You soon in the next video, lamps from Your MadHorse!

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  1. Comprata da 2mesi, veramente una grande sorpresa. Un motore fantastico e un telaio sincero. Funziona tutto alla grande e vi consiglio di provarla. I freni, assestate le pastiglie, molto modulabili e potenti. ABS escludibile per gli sterrati. Sospensioni regolabili e confort ottimo. Piccola ma con una grande anima. Grazie MadHorse per la bella recensione.

  2. Bel video, ho 18 anni e vorrei proprio la leoncino trail come prima moto, ho visto che con la patente a2 la leoncino ha il massimo di rapporto e potenza consentiti. Volevo sapere se me la consigli rispetto a questo, non ho pretese in quanto a velocità ma soprattutto m'interessa poter andare su strade sterrate e fare dei viaggetti. Che mi consigli?

  3. Purtroppo ho letto diverse recensioni in cui vengono lamentati frequentemente sempre gli stessi problemi..carburante..frizione…scarsa leggibilità e sterzo poco maneggevole sella poco stabile..troppi contro..

  4. Non vorrei avere volevo capire se rispetto a una v7 guzzi che è italiana ha una minore affidabilità..perchè è molto accattivante ma il fatto che non sia prodotta in Italia non mi convince..

  5. Stupenda. A quando un confronto con la Ducati Scrambler 400? In attesa, perchè qualche duoruotista incallito non mi dà qualche dritta e magari una pagella?

  6. Andando su strade "bianche" chissà se la cera dagli pneumatici …si toglie prima. Prova reale e ben fatta, anche su sterrato. A me non piacciono gli specchietti tondi …orrendi ma si fa presto a cambiarli con un modello omologato ma più lungo. Non è il mio genere di moto e cavalleria.

  7. Stupenda, da sogno. Design accattivante e tutto creatività. Peccato che rispetto alla sorella Ducati 400 Scrambler sia un bel po' più pesante. Ovviamente non è un problema per i giovani, ma per gli "over" come me che non hanno mai perso la vecchia passione.

  8. Ciao MadHorse una domandina veloce …. tra Leoncino Trail e TRK502X tu a un 55enne cosa consiglieresti ( ho voglia di tornare in moto ) Grazie

  9. I just brought one in red, in UK 🇬🇧 I like because it is different and nice style, a few owners have complained about it rusting after only one year, I don't know.

  10. Ho appena finito un test drive…. Per la mia statura 1.67 è diverso…. Tocco terra non perfettamente….
    La moto però tra tante che ho provato prima della scelta, devo ammettere che mi ha molto stupito… È bella, sound magnifico, scoppietta in decelerazione, sembra potente (impressioni date dal sound) ma effettivamente non ti porta a chissà che velocità…. Ottima in tutto direi…. Credo di aver deciso…. E ribadisco, le ho provate tutte!!!!

  11. Ciao prima di tutto complimenti per il video… Molto accurato
    Vorrei chiederti se secondo te come prima moto da prima esperienza possa andare bene… Ho provato questo modello in concessionaria ma non tocco bene (è anche un po' pesante per la mia statura da donzella 😂) devo vedere ancora la seduta sulla standard… Come stile mi piace molto..

  12. Ciao. Questa leoncino mi sta conquistando sempre di più. Soprattutto la stradale.
    Io sto prendendo ora al A3, altra 156 (😢) per 50kg. Secondo te ci posso stare?

  13. Per avere 9 km diciamo che gli hai un po tirato il collo 😉 ,cmq bella recensione e moto niente affatto male. Mi ha fatto molto sorridere le strade "sghenawanas" 🙂

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