Bear Spray

hello my YouTube subscribers last week I
was at a campsite in my tent feeling nice and cozy and secure and was
thinking how I got to that point because five years ago when I started
backpacking and sleeping in the woods of backcountry I carried a 357 magnum in
security improves to where you feel like you don’t need to carry that extra
weight of a handgun so what I did was I purchased this it’s called it’s by a
company called UDAP there’s many companies out there bear spray is what
it is and this has been going with me ever since then I don’t carry the pistol
on a gun anymore I carry this this goes with me
everywhere whether it’s a day hike yeah weekend overnight or long weekend I
usually take this now this has been with like a it’s pretty well wore out and beat up
when I hike I usually carry it here on my shoulder pouch on my backpack and I even sleep with it sometimes I have morning coffee with it I even take it to the bathroom with me now since it’s got so old and worn
even though it served me faithfully I ended up buying a newer one same company
UDAP look how pretty she is compared to this one beat up and wore out well anyway
they do have an expiration date so this one has reached its prime and finished so
it’s going into the trash heap now this one being a newer model and
much prettier this is this is what I take now now you didn’t really think I
was gonna throw it away even though they have a expiration date for about five
four to five years this one it’s like a fire extinguisher I don’t have a meter
to tell me but I I don’t know if the potency and that’s a funny word potency
potency as means that the pressure is gone or either the content just loses
loses its effectiveness I’m not sure which it is but I’m sure it still has a
lot of use and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take it outside not today but I’ll
take it outside and give it a half-second burst because they recommend
you do that when you get it anyway and make sure that it still has pressure and
possibly I could smell and make sure it still has some effectiveness but anyway
this one I’m gonna put aside and I’ll take this one with me from now on now if
my wife son or daughter decides to go with me they can take Gertrude with them
but Pappy’s taking Tiffany with me I can’t believe I said that with a
straight face well I didn’t name it Stormy enough of this video for laughs
you myself crying from laughing so hard but anyway that’s the end of
this video thank you for watching

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