Be Conversational in Facebook Messenger, or Lose Your Audience

quick messages like this back and forth
this is normal this is the conversation style that we are used to from 20 years
of instant messaging right this is what people want to see inside of messenger
but remember your message doesn’t have to change right whatever topics you
speak to your market about right that doesn’t have to change right your your
message that the value the content that you provide doesn’t have to change just
because you’re using facebook messenger and not email but the way you deliver it
does right the way you deliver it does you cannot use messenger like email with
these longer one-to-many broadcast right lesson people and messenger want to want
to see short messages they want to see buttons with options they want to be
asked questions they want to interact right they don’t want to be talked to
they want to have a conversation right so your message doesn’t have to change
but the way you deliver it does and this is really the theme of this entire
course guys you have to keep in mind that when you’re using messenger this
needs to be conversational with the end user this is the biggest mind shift that
we have to make to ensure that we are successful on the platform and you’re
gonna see some split tests that we ran at mini chat in module 3 that absolutely
proved this point we tested sending more email style broadcast and more
conversational style broadcast and to give you a little hint when we were
short and conversational it tripled our click-through rate right it was the same
content same message it was just delivered in a
different way to actually fit the platform where we are having the
conversation if you take anything away from this course guys I hope that you
take away and remember that messenger is conversational and that that’s the big
shift that we have to make as marketers and business owners

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