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Bay of Kotor, Montenegro – SNAKE HIKE – Awesome views from St.Andrew’s Fortress

Enough with the view!
Come join me for breakfast, we have a hike to go on! And we’re finally out of the house! The breakfast is in our bellies, we have packed the lunch, we have packed lots of water and we’re out! It’s a really beautiful day and we are driving around
the Bay of Kotor, which is a really picturesque drive. We’ve stopped here, because we’ve got a wonderful view over the mountain that we’re gonna climb. This one! So it’s time to jump in the car
and go climb that mountain! We’ve found somewhere to park the car,
now it’s time to go! Half an hour in and there’s already a wonderful view! So we just encountered a snake! A real live deadly…
Well, we don’t know if it’s deadly or dangerous, but it was a snake and it was quite big.
And brown, and fat and long! I don’t think I managed to get it but we’ll see… Such a shame…
At least we’re alive! Could’ve been worse… Another snake! Two snakes in one day, this is not okay! I’m sure that there will be more… I’ll try and maybe film the next one… this is madness! Third snake encounter, this is getting ridiculous! We also just bumped into a lady,
who was out hiking with her two children and she said that there are poisonous snakes… There are really, really dangerous, poisonous snakes!
We’re now on red alert for snake watch! This is getting out of hand… It’s supposed to be
a peaceful little walk up to a viewpoint, and now tensions are running high,
every tiny little rustle, creek, sound, anything… we’re flinching, jumping away,
trying to tell if it’s a snake or not! Yep, bunch of chickens! The fourth of the day. There it is! This is becoming more and more
like a safari tour every minute! So turns out we’re not actually on the path…
We’ve gone wrong. We’ve goat wrong…
We’ve goat wrong. Well that is… Well, we’re gonna move back and let the goats be. Feeling pretty sheepish about this… Trespassing… So this is where we made the wrong turn, I guess…
Not really a turn, because we went straight, but this seems to be a path that goes that way… This is questionably a path… We’ll see. We’re almost at the top,
we can finally just see the fortress peeking through! So we think this is it! That must be the view up there. We’ve now just arrived at the fortress.
I’m gonna have a walk around to see if we can get in. See if there’s anything to see there,
but it kind of looks like it might be closed. It’s all just ruins. We’ll have a look-see. Here we are at the fortress and the view is spectacular! It was definitely well worth the walk. I think that it’s one of the most beautiful views
that we’ve seen. Definitely recommend this, it was a fantastic walk! Most of the time it was in the shade,
which was really nice because it’s quite a hot day. Probably the best thing about this walk, I would say, was the fact that it didn’t reveal the view
until the very last moment. There are many hikes that we’ve been on
where every 10 metres you’re like: “I’m a little bit higher, this is amazing!”
Then stop and take a photo. Whereas this was a completely different view,
and then only upon arrival did the bay get revealed. Big thumbs up. Definitely do this if you have the time! Time for the way back down now,
and we should be at the car in a couple of hours… If not for snakes…
If not for snakes! Watch out for the snakes…

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