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Batwing Camping Tarp for Rain and Sun | Campsite Shelter Review

Let’s take a look
the Batwing group tarp by Luxe. You could set it up by using tent poles,
wood that you find in the forest or hang it from trees. You can see the 16′ x
16′ tarp is huge! Here I’ve laid it out flat the
direction I want to set it up. The Batwing comes with these sewn in
pockets to store the cord, which come with the tarp. On the main ridgeline, you could find
these aluminum grommets to hook the tarp poles. In the summer months, you can use the UV blocking coating, to provide shade in
your campsite. This tarp is fully reversible. A simple trick to setting up
the tarp, is to stake it out a few inches away from the four corners first. One at a time, add the tarp poles. The Batwing has two
main ridgelines to help with stability. It is important to have the main ridgeline very tight at this stage. Then you add stakes to all four corners,
with the cord at a 45 degree angle away from the tarp, and finally you add the last two
stakes on the lateral walls. We hope this was helpful. Let us know if you have any
questions. [sound of rain on tarp]

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