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Good Morning, so today it is a little overcast
and its suppose to rain here in Banff today. So if it does that’s ok cause there is a whole
bunch of things to do inside the park. That you can do in the rain. That’s what were going
to do. Today, you may have noticed in my videos that theres other people in my group besides
me and today I’m going to try and get them to be in the video. Make them stop being camera
shy. We’ll see how that goes. So come with us as we head to Banff. Well before we go we need to get these kids off their computer games Right Grandma? Yes sir. Alright, we’ve arrived at Lake Minnewanka and we’re going to go on a boat cruise and take a cruise of the lake. Let’s go see what this lake is all about Ok Hannah. I’m on a boat. Where are you going? On a lake cruise. Alright as Hannah just said we are on the boat on Lake Minnewanka, we’ll show you some scenes, let’s get this boat rolling The was our cruise on Lake Minnewanka,
now it’s raining so we’re going to run to the trees or run to the car and dry off. anyway, we’ll find out what we’re doing next. Alright, we’re heading to Banff village for lunch. Lunch was really good and I’m stuffed. Now, were going on a hike. I’m going to hand the camera to Brandon and he’s going to go ahead and be our cameraman and our announcer, so
we’ll let you know how it goes. The view of the town and the view of the falls. We made it We made it. I don’t know where were susposed to go. Were walking up these big stairs. Looks like we’re at the end And there’s the City of Canmore Beautiful Oh my goodness Looks like we found a little creek with some rushing water. There’s Hannah Here’s a creek Were at the lake. Notice how the color
is turquoise of the lake. Pretty Interesting. Wonder why that is. Heres the other lake and
its much deeper and also turquoise, which is very odd. This is a much bigger lake. Theyre
not really twins. Hardest part Here we go As you can see it’s a ways down. Taking a break from the stair, let’s look at the falls It’s very narrow I hope you had going hiking with them,
now were going off to a real Canadian treat, Tim Hortons for dinner. Delicious. First Class What do you want to say to Ed’s viewers? Premire quality for a Greyhound bus stop. ha ha Alright, we’re home after a very busy day, I think everybody is tired, it’s about 10:30pm and we’re going to bed. So tomorrow, I think we’re going back to Banff
and who know what else, so we’ll see you there

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  1. Great video Edward! Thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful day…..โ˜ผโ˜ผโ˜ผโ˜ผ Jenny โ™ซโ™ซโ™ซโ™ซ

  2. omg the scenery is just outstanding I love it its amazing also it's so satisfying to see the mountains amazing vlog as always:) and I loved how you said run to the car yet you're just casually walking lmao:P

  3. for a second i thought you said lake Willie Wonka! haha
    Great videos! you're seriously making me want to travel there so bad!

  4. That lake is amazing, beautiful landscape along the trail, wonderful trip! Happy weekend my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ liked:)

  5. Subbed! Love the vlogs. You are so amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ hope we can be youtube friends! Also gave a thumbs ip

  6. Ed, nice to see the beautiful scenery, the lake and the Hike and glad to seeย the video of the hike ย instead of doing the HIKE myself!ย ย  Uncle Dick

  7. Love your intro and I just gave you a shout out on my new video please check it out, I mentioned you in the actual video and in the description, thanks for being a subscriber and YouTube friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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