Bagages en RETARD et presque MORTS ! (Kauai, Hawaï) | Alex & MJ – On the GO

So our day started with a false nuclear bomb alert. Today we’re going to Kauai, Hawaii!
– Yeahhhh! Hi! How are you?
– Hey, i’m good how are you? We have to take a total of 3 planes and the whole trip should last about 17 hours. We’re in Washington, Dulles. We’re waiting for our second flight to San Francisco. But the lady just said our plane
was delayed by 30 to 60 minutes. We’re a little stressed out because
we might miss our next flight. If we did, that would suck. Alright, they started boarding the plane. We’re 60 minutes late instead of 30 minutes which means that when we arrive in San Francisco, we’ll only have 10 minutes to get to our next flight. Even if we get there in time, our bags won’t, that’s for sure. So we made it in time! Luckily, when we got off the plane, the gate for our next flight was right there so we got on no problem. The last few people
were still boarding. It was a nice 5-6 hour flight! Beautiful sunset. But when we arrived in Kauai
at around 8:30pm last night, our bags weren’t there. I think when the carousel stops working it means our bags aren’t coming. We weren’t surprised. We expected it. The layover was too short. We wanted to open a “lost baggage” file
but United Airline’s system was down. So we called first thing this morning and thankfully, the lady on the phone told me that our bags we’re currently on a flight from San Francisco to here so we’ll get them soon? Yes, we’ll go get them this afternoon. Our trip can officially start now! So we’re staying in Kapaa, which is a small town on the East coast of the island. And because it’s very central, it’s easy to to do activities on the north or south point of the island. We took advantage of our jet-lag to get up early and see the sunrise. So we found this spot, a small bay. There’s no one. We parked not too far away and walked here and we brought a little breakfast. Eggs, a protein shake. There’s a guy doing some stand-up paddle boarding
behind us. It’s like breakfast and a show. I noticed the inside was a little soft. No, they’re perfect. It’s flavour. Hawaï is made up of 5 principal islands. Kauai is the oldest, the furthest one away, and the “wildest” one. So we rented a car for the whole 10-days to be able to drive around
the island and explore every corner. Actually, we suggest that you rent a car also if you plan on coming here because relying on public transport would be a little complicated. We saw a few bus stops but we didn’t see a lot of buses. I’m not sure what today’s plan is but we’re on the road exploring. So we drove to the end of the northern road so we can only walk from here. It’s a 17.7km trail called the Kalalau Trail. But because we don’t feel like hiking for 17.7km and we’re not prepared for it, we’ll hike to the first check-point
which is about 3.5 km away. We’ll see what we decide to do once we get there. There’s a beach apprently so that should be nice! We’ve only walked for half a mile so far. We’re not even half way. I didn’t pick the right shirt today. It’s not breathing. I’m sweating. Can you tell? I’m telling you, by the end of this, I’ll be soaked. Especially my back. It’s gross. I can already feel it. We have to cross a little creek
before getting to the beach. I don’t know what the best strategy is. Some people are removing their shoes and others are stepping on rocks. I’m afraid of falling. I don’t want to fall. I’m a little clumsy. Yes, I confirm, MJ is very clumsy. I felt as if I was in that show… Great American Ninja Warrior? We needed that obstacle before reaching the end or else it would’ve been too easy. I’ve never seen waves this big in my life. They’re huge ! It explains why no one is swimming. I think we’ll have to go soon. It’s not looking good. it looks like it might rain. We’re at Hanalei Pier. It’s a little bay where people come to learn to surf because the waves aren’t as
big as other spots on the north point of the island. It’s also the sunset. The sun will disapear behind those mountains, reflect on the water, it’s going to be magical! So this morning was pretty stressful. Yep, very. We were told a ballistic missile was going to hit Hawaii. Is that enough to make you crap your pants? So for about 10-15 minutes we didn’t know if we were going to live or die. Thankfully, we’re still here! We survived. So yeah, it was a false alert. A mistake. A mistake that was sent to everybody in Hawaii. Anyways, we won’t go into details because we made a whole video, a Facebook Live on our Facebook page so if you want, go check it out! It was quite the event though. On a more positive note, we’d like to announce the return of the postcard draws! All you have to do is like and comment below
our weekly videos and you could win a postcard! In other words, wherever we are in the World, We’ll write you for real and send you a postcard in the mail just like the good old days! Isn’t that awesome ?! On that note, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so and we’ll see you next time, ciao! I hope they had insurance.

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