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Badlands National Park Hikes, South Dakota | Big Horned Sheep, Prairie Dogs, Bison, Notch Trail

What’s Up Voyagers! Welcome to another episode. I’m Aaron and I’m Hayden and today we’re at
our 18th national park in the Badlands in South Dakota. And it is wild here, like I’ve never seen
anything like this. Crazy town. So one of the things we learned is that this
area actually used to be underwater about 65 million years ago. Which is insane, when you look at the different
terrain and to know that there were sea life and warm water mammels- or, not mammals. What were they? Like crocodiles? What were those things? They were alligators
and Megasuars. So, we drove in this morning from the North
side of the park and the visitor center is actually all the way through the park, so
we already got a little bit of a glimpse. We drove quickly to get to the visitor center. We saw some Big Horned Sheep! Which we’ve been looking for for the last
couple of stops we’ve done. So we’re just going to do maybe a little bit
of hiking. It’s an off-trail park, which is interesting. So, it means you don’t have to stay on a trail,
like we could just walk right behind us up this mountain if we wanted to. Which is pretty neat. That’s not usually like a typical thing you
can do in national parks. So, maybe we’ll find some cool, off-the-beaten-track
things that aren’t people loaded. We have heard that there is a group of Bachelor,
or that’s what they called them, big horned sheep. Rams. We’re gonna try and go find them because they
have the really cool curved horns. We’ve already seen what looks like female
big horned sheep, because they have just kind of the little whoop, little doo dads. I really would like to see the big curly horned
guys. Are rams the same thing as big horned sheep? Just they’re all males? Is there a female ram? That would be a ewe. And is that the same thing? Well, the female big horned sheep is a ewe. And I believe that a male big horned sheep
is a ram. Interesting. So, I guess they have a whole bachelor colony
of all dudes, just chillin’ out here, waiting for some hot ladies to walk by. Bro’in it up. Ummm What else? That’s probably good enough, we’ve been rambling
for long enough. Have we? Have we rambled long enough? Yea. Alright, we’re gonna go see what this cool
park has to offer. So our first hike is the notch trail and it’s
only a mile and a half, but it says it’s gonna take like 1.5 to 2 hours and we have to like
climb up this like log ladder thing and it says it’s not for people who are afraid of
heights, so we might be climbing up into these mountains, which will be neat. Let’s do it. Did it! This is wild, like what where are we right
now? I feel like we’re on Mars or something. We made it up to the top of the notch, which
once you get to the top it opens into these just breath taking views overlooking the plains
and other rock structures and formations. It’s indescribable. It’s just a steep drop off, you just walk
right up to the edge and there’s hundreds of feet down there to just walk off. This is really neat, really really neat. We’re gonna keep going. Yea, see what else we can find. So, another fun fact that we learned is that
the bison are really important to the ecosystem here because they help turn up the soil, which
helps like water levels or something. And then they’re also pollinators, like bees. So, they, all the seeds get stuck to their
fur and then as they walk around they pollinate the fields. Same thing with prairie dogs. We also learned that prairie dogs carry the
plague. But they also help, their burrows and their
tunnels and everything also are an integral part of the prairieland. And so, what happened was when all the buffalo
were nearly extinct, like the health of the area, I guess, started to falter. We’re gonna take some photos. Plus, it’s just been fun taking photos. I feel like we’re on Mars. It’s indescribable, I mean, we had an idea
of what we were getting into when we were coming down here and we started to see the
terrain change. And we were like “oh, it’s gonna be a little
bit like Theodore Roosevelt” and we like turned the corner and we were just both blown away
because it was not anything that we expected. Like, Theodore Roosevelt was cool because
there were canyonlands, but these are like pointy rock formations. Just like way cooler. Way cooler. Way cooler. The coolest!

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2 thoughts on “Badlands National Park Hikes, South Dakota | Big Horned Sheep, Prairie Dogs, Bison, Notch Trail

  1. The Plague? What the heck! Loved this video; 'cause I love the Badlands and nearby Custer State Park! Glad you are back, I love your very authentic videos!

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