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Backpacking Roger’s Pass | Revelstoke BC | VLOG Part 2

(footsteps crunching) – [Videographer] Whoa,
that’s way too close. – I wanna be personal. (mumbles) you, the viewer (laughs). (upbeat techno music) Our guide is up ahead (panting). So, I just met up with Emelie. She is a local Mountain
Guide here in Revelstoke. And, together, we’re doin’ some hiking. We’re gonna be spending the night in a mountain hut. And we’re checkin’ out
the Illecillewaet Glacier, or Great Glacier. I’m not sure exactly which one. I’m learning what everything is right now. But it’s spectacular. We’re startin’ low here in the forest where everything is lush and green. I think we’re gonna be gettin’ up higher, maybe even gettin’ out
of this ecological zone, gettin’ up closer to the
glacier and everything. So I’m really lookin’ forward to that. And yeah, yesterday we arrived. Kinda had the first
real day of gettin’ out and into the mountains. Getting up to the top of Mount MacKenzie and being able to look around and see all of the perspective
on these crazy, intense, and beautiful mountains. And so, now, the proper adventure begins where I’ll hike in. And gonna be in the back country for the next handful of days. (gentle relaxing music) I sense the trail has already
gone from this to this. – Yeah, so, this is where the actually climbing starts, ’cause we have about a thousand meters of climbing to do up through the forest there, until we get up. – Oh, a thousand meters?
– Up to the ridge line. – That’s like, 3,000 feet. – That’s right, yeah. So pretty much all the
hikes around here are… They’re a bit of a grunt. – Yeah. – Steep, steep climbing
trails that were used by the mountaineers and that is totally
worth it once you get up. – So, this is a mountaineering trail? It’s basically the start
of what people are using to get to climbs? – Yeah, originally a lot of these trails were used as ascent and descent trails for the climbing that keeps (mumbles). – Yeah, okay. – And then, it turned into… A lot of them turned into hiking trails. – Nice. Well, it’s beautiful down here. You said it’s gonna be different? Like, we’ll change whole
ecological zones and everything? – Yeah, totally. We’ll go through quite a different zones of vegetation. – Yeah. (feet and packs crunching) Whoa, buddy. – All right. – (mumbles) go.
– Good to go? – Oui. (footsteps) (soft relaxing music) (footsteps) That’s a bit of up. – A little bit of up. Up, up. (upbeat guitar music) (footsteps and heavy breathing) – How are we doin’, Emelie? – We’re doing pretty good. – Yeah? – We’re just getting up to treeline. Just getting up to the crest of the ridge. Really nice views over
the surrounding mountains. – Is there more up still? – There’s still more up. – Ah, okay. – Up, up, up we go.
– Well, it’s beautiful. I can endure. (footsteps) So, you ski on some of
these peaks in the winter? – Yeah, totally. Like most of these places
that are popular for hiking in the summer, are nice ski objectives–
– Woo, woohoo! – In the winter. – Yeah. So, how do you know if there’s a big gaping hole beneath you? – Well–
– You’re stepping on the snow here. – Well, you can kinda tell. Anywhere around the big
rocks you can kind of… Looks very suspect. Put your post hole down to the bottom. And the snow is so isothermal now. You can see it. You feel how soft it is It’s not really getting
cold overnight anymore, so, it will be melting pretty quick here. – Yeah. (footsteps) So, what’s on the other
side of this ridge? – Well… – Are we gonna see soon?
– Soon gonna find out. (Eric laughs) (upbeat modern music) – Holy schnikey’s! Is that the glacier? – That’s the glacier. – Woo! – That’s the mighty Illecillewaet
of the Great Glacier. – Yeah? – Yeah. – Wow. This is crazy up here.
– Amazing. – Where are we goin’ now? – To the top? – Okay. (Eric and Emelie laugh) I’m followin’ you. This feels kinda like a top. Can’t we call it good? Nah, I’m just kidding, let’s go. – There’s always more. – Finally made it to this last spine, this ridge, glacier crest. Able to see big glaciers over this way. Spectacular glaciers over this way. And then, there’s our top
right there (heavy breathing). It’s been a big day. A lot of vertical, as you can tell, from where we started from. But man, is this just spectacular. (upbeat modern music) Woo! We made it. That’s a big day. I guess we’re only halfway there (laughs). Still have to gooooo down all of that. It’s a good bit of rain behind us there. Behind us there. Over there. Still good over there. But we’re gonna be headin’
back down that way. We’re probably gonna get rained on. It’s lookin’ like it’s likely. But man, hell of a day! Holy schnikey’s, I believe as they say on television these days. This is amazing. – [Male Climber] I mean, holy moley! (crackling) – It’s comin’. Oh, baby, it’s comin’. Well, the mad dash is
kind of on right now. We have this major storm
that’s lookin’ like it’s about to dump on us. So, gettin’ our rain jackets on, pack covers on. And we gotta get off this ridge. Thunder’s billowing over there. Well, thunder doesn’t really billow but the clouds are billowing
and it’s thundering. And it’s about to come down on us. So, we should go! (footsteps) (slow guitar music)

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