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Awesome Hawaiian Food in Honolulu, Hawaii (Highway Inn Food Review)

I guess this is sweet potatoes and that’s kalua pig with cheese sour cream guacamole and some Hawaiian salsa hello everybody today we are having lunch and I weigh in they are famous for their delicious Hawaiian food Oh for me meal I got the Hawaiian nachos and this looks fantastic this is um I can’t remember what is this cloth I guess this is three potatoes and that’s kalua pig with cheese sour cream guacamole and some Hawaiian salsa I am a big fan of nachos I’m Kahlua sour cream and maybe a little bit of the salsa look at that so beautiful the park has a really nice smoky flavor so much better than nachos maybe corn chips out to say these nachos are like amazing really unbelievable that’s nachos ever yeah all right you can’t see the guacamole from the other side doing some salsa good yeah yeah you approve miss Whelan mrs. Whelan and the sister got the Hawaiian plane with a vowel and boy boy this is can you explain to him what boy is so what’s that taro taro root yeah and then they found it okay this very healthy is it good my favorite zombie salmon okay okay it’s good so that was lomi lomi salmon which is also a Hawaiian dish and she ate it with a boy and she got some rice with the boy okay so it’s like a starch wow it’s good really and what’s in there this cup for I think butter fish butter juice and the fat you see the fat okay this is the luau leaves you owe me you have to cook it well or your throat gets catchy for really scratchy to throw interesting very healthy my name is Carlo big Colombia combo okay I repeat corrupting and long Salim and sweet potato and here good sweetness yeah yeah this is the oh is it mg o this is the mini kimchi fried rice with an egg resistors PP color I have no I had paper color is such a long time me too yeah Hawaiian potato Hawaiian sea salt arrow and maybe with you it’s good really can you try the chicken long rice since that is like your favorite you and yeah – good good openness good party with the TV industry chicken – agency policy prevail everything’s ahead yeah no gotta write hi she says it’s spicy this is peepee kala why did we give you table as like a Hawaiian beef jerky or something oh this is more like steak Oh delicious I have to try my mother’s kimchi fried rice but it looks really good my sister said a meal didn’t I ever decide but you have to take through here there’s a fatso but for me and dip it in the court – okay I never really had much joy you’re just kind of like just – I do increase your start trick say what this is nice I love lemme salmon not really a huge fan of boy so first time this is actually a revelation you’re all good delicious I’m like wow I have so much food that I didn’t have it I am I mean he’s really good would you try one time yes lomi salmon young-sam is salmon salted salmon honey tomatoes green onions and Hawaiian salt very simple traditional Hawaiian dish but really delicious salsa I still have a lot of my nachos left I’m so stuffed right now the potatoes are good beautiful isn’t it I’m a positive person and my sister is just loving these um nacho chips I like it without reserve advice oh yeah right and you are going to save meet them right excuse me you are going to save me somehow here right I don’t understand your disease good authentic oh yeah very coconutty yeah I can tell I can tell you that everyone has enjoyed their meal here at highway in so that was delicious I love everything at highway it that is a Hawaiian food hope you guys enjoyed this video let us know what you thought of the comments down below let us know if there was something that you particularly liked we’ll love to know anyway thanks for watching and see you guys for your next video take care Mahalo

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100 thoughts on “Awesome Hawaiian Food in Honolulu, Hawaii (Highway Inn Food Review)

  1. I would love to know what your favourite Hawaiian food is? Also I think it would be very exciting to show us around the coast ! Since many of us haven´t been to Hawaii, I would love to see other peoples recommendations of delicious food and places to stay. Maybe you could do a video by asking your friends or family ?
     Have a nice weekend and a great holiday together !

  2. All these food looks so delicious!! Have fun with your family!! Btw I don't know if you guys have tried Pho before but its Vietnam noodles it's so good!! I hope you guys will do a video on how to make homemade pho.

  3. hi guys, nice videos but you need to control your camera exposure, videos are too over-exposed & difficult to watch sometimes.

  4. Thanks for taking us along to family dinner 🙂 I would be all over that sweet potato nachos.. I'm gonna try and figure out how to do that! YUM.

  5. Everything look very different to me, but all of you enjoyed it so much, so it must be good, thanks for showing the Hawai food 😋😋😋

  6. The nachos LOOK SO GOOD. Your sister and your mom look so well! =) When I was last in Hawaii, my family and I tried Ono Hawaiian, but we could never get used to the poi (aged or fresh). You have me craving Hawaii (more specifically Lomi Salmon) now!

  7. I like poi & didn't understand why 'people' called it 'paste-like' till I learned that since it's a bit on the costly side, touristy places will frequently 'stretch' it with flour [nasty].

  8. Enjoying your Hawaiian food videos! I've heard so much about these dishes since my grandmother was from Hawaii, but I've never tried them. Fun to live vicariously through you!

    Glad to see your mom and sister are doing well. Thanks for another fun video and have a wonderful weekend!

  9. lol, it is no wonder you are stuffed!!! you sampled from everyone's plates. btw, can you make kahlua pork?

  10. Arrhh I'm salivating so much right now over over your sister's plate even though I don't eat meat anymore lol! We eat a lot of taro in China too, and I can't wait to try the Hawaiian poi(sorry if I'm spelling it wrong) and see the difference! Have missed your videos my friends! September has been very tough for us, so grateful it's behind us, gotta catch up with your delicious videos!! 😋😋

  11. Yay…. another Hawaii video!!! Food looks sooo good. You guys should try poi with sugar & dip the laulau, kahlua pork, etc. in it. The sweet salty combo is good. It was nice to see your mom & sister again. Hope you guys come back to Hawaii soon. Shirokiya Village opened up at Ala Moana. There's a lot of restaurants… like another whole food court. Take care & looking forward to more videos 🙂

  12. Come to Wahiawa and have a slice of pie at Sunny Side Bakery. Doesn't matter which flavor, it's all amazing. I'll warn you, Wahiawa is considered Oahu's Compton, but there are some exceptional mom/pop shops in the area. It's also not far from Haliewa/North Shore where there are literally TONS of good eats.

  13. My fav is the nachos!
    Satoshi – I totally agree with you, best nachos ever. I never tasted it but the combination 👌🏼!

  14. お母様になっちゃんも!お元気そうで何よりです。

  15. im also a big fan of nachos ^^ and also a big fan of u and satoshi 😍😍 you both are a perfect and sweetest couple 😍😍

  16. all that food looks so yummy, Hawaii is already on my bucket list. I just love how the world is all mashed on food influences, like mexican, and korean on hawaian dishes. when I was a teenager, I used to browse those japanese magazines, searching for my j-pop idols and they all went to Hawaii to make photo shoots and videos, I never understood at that time the relationship Hawaii/Japan.

  17. Enjoyed watching your Hawaii videos! You have successfully made me homesick, and hungry for ono local food! Only in Hawaii, da best! 🌺🌴🍍🐠🐚☀️😊

  18. There's a purple yam (potato) from Okinawa, but I believe those are taro (Hawaiian taro) root. I guess if the dish is a Hawaiian Nacho plate, it must be Hawaiian taro. LOL

  19. Satoshi is funny as heck! That guy has so much personality. Shinichi makes the perfect straight man in this duo. I really love their dynamic and the way they experience, explore, and live life. Excellent videos!

  20. For the money, Helena's in Kalihi is the best. Highway Inn is good but expensive. Either way, looks like you all enjoyed your meal!

  21. Been ages since I had good Hawaiian food, locally that is. I make laulau occassionally, have to substitute the taro leaves for something similar when I can't get it as I live in Memphis TN. Love tuna poke, but land locked so have to buy carefully to get fresh salmon or tuna.

    Been a good 22 years since I lived in Hawaii but still remember and miss the food. Even in school (an elementary at that) the food was good as they took food serious, ate better meals there than some sit down restaurants. They even did an emu pig each year, early morning and we had it by lunch.

    So was sad when I look back and remember it and compared it to my High School days in Memphis with the terrible lunchs. Only a few edible menus a month, ended up just eating baked potatos and stealing extra sour cream as they didn't let you buy extra. So the care and quality are worlds apart.

  22. I don't like poi myself but put a little sugar in it, it will blow your mind. I actually put a little more then you should and eat it for dessert.

  23. yea when u asked about his dessert he acts like he doesnt know what u said anymore ahahah i thought that was hilarious personally

  24. Highway Inn in Waipahu is the original Highway Inn.  You should of gone there.  The Highway Inn you ate at in like the third generation from the same family. (Touristfied)

  25. The next trip to Honolulu, please talk about the new Shirokiya "Japanese" street city walk…sorry I don't know the exact title to the addition, but it's huge!

  26. Also happy to hear that you guys know about ube…this is my fave Filipino treat and I like ube-flavoured everything!!!! I hope you guys do some Filipino snack review as well!

  27. There's better Hawaiian food restaurants on Oahu. Highway Inn is over rated and their portion sizes for what you pay isn't worth it.

  28. It's amazing how much Highway Inn has grown. I have not lived in Hawaii since 1987 and know the Toguchi family well. The restaurant was started by the patriarch many years ago. Their laulau was absolutely the best I ever ate, and the lomi salmon and pipilaula was great, too. It's nice that the best kept secret (except to the kama'ainas) has gotten so famous.

  29. Guys, we're heading to Hawaii in June for our wedding. I've been watching your videos and taking notes and making lists of places to go and to eat. Thank you for all the great info and yummy videos!!

  30. Am impressed! Satoshi knows ube! Otherwise known as purple yam. Better healthwise than the regular potato! It lovely to see you both with your family, thats great! Great videos, guys, all of them!

  31. Lol! Satoshi, nice defence!! Interesting video! I've never seen some of those food. Thou I know some, everything has Hawaii twists! Hawaii must be the destination both people and food become happy 🙂

  32. Ah Sat:Good video,but Hawaii,has alot,more to offer,as far as food is concerned.I"m from the island's. I am a chef/by trade. Traditional Hawaiian food is easy to make,& buy.The only thing is poi,which is very $$$$.And to make traditional,poke-most people don't know the traditional recipe.Simple recipe,either ahi/or aku-medium dice/scallion's/chinese parsley/chili pepper water/touch of sesame oil & either white or black sesame seed's/cuce nut or macademia nut/chilled.Note cuce nut-is very hard to find. Even Tamashiro market/in Chinatown,doesn't stock it.Also food in Hawaii/tend's to be very $$$$.Best bet,it to make it yourself.To get the best recipe's,ask the Hawaiian people.Or your other option,is to got the library-and get Hawaiian food's,or-go to your local flee market, Your best bet is to go to Aloha Stadium-on the weekend's.Your looking for /only the best Ono-food.Ono-in Hawaiian mean's delicious.Aloha & Mahalo!! Also Sat-not just Waikiki-but the other island's-have excellent-food's to offer.Hawaii-No-ko oi.-The Best!!

  33. ものすごく見た目も美味しそうなキムチチャーハン\(^o^)/さとしさんのチャーミングないじわる最高\(^o^)/

  34. Shinichi's Sister makes everything look so delicious when she tries it. I've never been a fan of poi but after watching her eat it – I want to try it again.

  35. not sweet potatoes, but taro. an extremely popular Hawaiian stable. They grind it with water into a putty thats extremely popular. forgot what its called.

  36. One of my grandma's was Polynesian and I have had poi in the past but never really liked it but I do enjoy many Polynesian dishes

  37. Nice video. Visited there last week. I have to say that I didn't used to like poi, but it was pretty good, especially mixing it with the lomi lomi salmon and kalua pork. The pipikaula was also good as well. The simple pleasures…

  38. I'm so excited i just came across all these Hawaiian videos! Not good too watch when hungry tho haha

  39. Shinichi Q: "You are going to save me some?" Satoshi A: "What? I don't understand you…." LOL I laughed out loud (LOL) #Brilliant

  40. Should have gone to the original Highway Inn in Waipahu. Hawaiian food even better and more authentic plate lunches at cheaper prices. Try the beef cutlet with gravy, rice and Mac salad. This is like old Hawaii on how they made this dish. Waipahu location is more “rustic” but filled with local people and smart tourists who end up at this location rather than the one in Honolulu cause they know.

  41. Whoa that nacho. I have not tried it yet. I did not see that in the menu. I'm not sure if the menu is the same as the other place but I surely want to try.

  42. Made me so hungry!
    How about best dim sum on Oahu?
    Best laulau with butterfish?

    Enjoy your videos very much! Mahalo!

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