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Australia Holiday Reading Vlog || Hot Springs, Books, Hiking & Camping! [CC]

Hey guys and welcome to Olivia’s
Catastrophe! You are here because it is my mid-semester break. I have one week
off and we’re going to do a lot of fun travel things around Melbourne. So we’re
starting literally right now. Today we are going to the hot springs peninsula
and we’re going to relax in some hot springs. I will be reading throughout
this vlog but we’re gonna start with something exciting. Do you wanna be in it? Fey: Hi, it’s so cool! Friends: Hi!!
Lea: We’re relaxed! Hey guys good morning! We made it back
and the hot springs were absolutely fantastic. It was so relaxing and
soothing to be there. We grabbed some Maccas on the way back home and now I’m
just gonna edit my weekend vlog that I took the weekend we went on the
wine tours. So that’ll be up by now so you should go over there and check that out. And I’m gonna do some readings for the reading part of this reading vlog will
start. Because today it’s gonna be a reading day. I’m gonna meet a booktuber
and then just read some more. Hey! So I’m about to go to my friends to
watch a horror movie but for the last hour and a bit I’ve been reading — wow you
really can’t see that — I’ve been reading — it’s impossible to see. I’ve been reading
The Poppy War by RF Kuang and I’ve started it. I’ve read four chapters which
is about 80 pages and it is interesting. I know it’s gonna be fantasy and I knew that
when I was going in. But at the same time I was really surprised. I feel like there
are some things that I can just predict that I know are gonna happen because
we’ve read enough fantasy books for us all to be like okay, this is what’s gonna
happen. And some of the things that like, minor things not huge plot twists that
I’ve thought like: okay it’s gonna happen like this and this and this… it’s
happening that way. But at the same time this one is really interesting. I’m
really interested in the Speerlies and seeing a bit more of this like,
perspective that we’re getting on like, history and natives. Because the Speerlies
kind of seemed to be enacting the role of natives. I’m liking it.
I’m not loving it. It doesn’t seem too unique to me yet. But I’m only 80 pages
into this like, big chunker or so we’ll see where it goes. Hey guys so it is the next
day and I wanted to talk a little bit about the Exorcist. So we watched the
original Exorcist together and I have to say that I was a bit at underwhelmed. It
was a very old movie and it was incredibly slow paced in the
beginning. It took way too long to get to the point. Then when it did personally I
didn’t find it very scary, but I was still bearing in mind that it is an old
movie so a lot of the effects are quite old and outdated and that’s just what
you get. I can understand why people were running from the cinema screaming back
when it came out. And towards the end there were a couple scenes that were
like, creepy but just didn’t really scare me. So I just feel like the first hour of
that movie could have totally been cut out. And as for reading last night before
I went to sleep I just more reading and I read a quarter of The Sun is Also a
Star. It reads very quickly so when I do pick it up I do just read like 50 pages
in one go very quickly. But I don’t pick it up often because I’m not really
enjoying it. I do think that now that I’ve gone over the introductory bit it’s
getting better. Like, it’s getting a little bit cute. They have some nice
romancey times and I do like Daniel as a character.
I think he’s pretty adorable and he’s pretty funny and everything. Natasha I’m
not too keen on. She seems a bit too standoffish and she is just not really
someone I enjoy reading about. And there are some things that bothered me. Little
bits like him calling her African-American just based on the fact
that she’s black rather than saying: oh, I’m falling for a black girl. He’s like: oh
we could have like, create Korean-American African-American babies but you don’t
know if she’s AfricanAamerican. It really bothers me when people keep
assuming because you’re black you’re African-American. No, no,
that’s not always the case. Those words are not interchangeable and
yeah… so, just little things of niggling at me. And I still think it’s a lot of
tell not show but it’s marginally better than it was before. Guys, I’m just back from the shopping
centre. I’m so happy because I’ve got earphones as you can see. I can
finally listen to my audiobook while walking into class again. And I got hiking
boots! So you know what we’ll be doing this week.
I just bulk filmed four videos for YouTube so if you see me wearing this in
literally every YouTube video in October that is the reason why. Happy first of October guys! So in
October as you will have to be from another video I have a lot of reading
plans. And you just saw me do some yoga by the way and I was learning some new poses. Which is why one of them looks really graceful because that new pose went well
and the other one looks like I’m struggling because I’m still learning it. ut as you might have heard I’m doing library loves this month and I just went
. Ooh, almost tipped over the stack. I just went to my library and got some books. So let’s do a little quick little
library haul. So as you can see for the big king we
have It by Stephen King. And this is one I’ve been meaning to read for a very
long time. I want to watch the movie so I thought
it’s a good idea to read at first. I got Middlemarch by George Eliot just because
it looks interesting and lots of people read this in first year of uni but I
didn’t take epic into novels so I never got to read it. It’s huge so maybe… I
don’t know when I’m gonna get to that. I also got TS Eliot collected poems. I read
Wasteland and I didn’t like it so I’m just gonna try some more of his poems.
I’ll happily DNF this if it’s poetry style just isn’t for me consistently. No
stress. I also got Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin. So when I saw this one
around bookstagram and blogs I wasn’t really excited. I didn’t really
think much about it. But I just keep on hearing good things so I’m gonna give it
a go and again I’ll be buddy reading this with someone. I didmention I’m
doing a little buddy reads so I also got out My Sister the Serial Killer which is one
I’ve got back home as well so I’ll just be reading that here. And then last
but not least I got this really beat-up copy of Bear Town by Frederick Backman. A
long, long time ago back when nobody watched my channel, I reviewed My
Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Frederick Backman and I
really really enjoyed that book. I loved it actually. And I cannot wait to read
more of his. I’ve heard that this one is emotionally hard-hitting so I do need to
be in the right mood. I also wanted to give you a bit of a reading update
because I have been reading. So I read 7% of Ayesha at Last. And this is a book
that I’m reading on my phone so when I’m in public, either on the bus or just in a
queue, I just whip out my phone and I’ve got my Kindle app. And I always have one
book and you read incredibly slowly on there. When I was shopping with
friends the other day I have a friend who takes a long time to make up her
mind when she’s shopping, so I just read on my Kindle while she’s deciding
between two things. And I read 7% of Ayesha at Last. I thought this was a young
adult romantic read but it’s actually an adult romance contemporary. So just be aware of that but I really do like that we have two Muslim main
characters. And they’re talking about how Muslim religion is different for each of
them and they’ve also got some other things that they’re trying to face in
this book. So I’m looking forward to reading further. I also read halfway
through How to Belong with the Billionaire and this is the first new
adult Alexis Hall book that I don’t think I’m gonna give five stars because
it’s just not what I want. Like, it’s not what I wanted for these characters after
all this time. I do love Bellerose. He’s a great character and the representation
in this is amazing. I didn’t realize I could use this for the disability
readathon because we do have a main character who is using a wheelchair and
trying to get used to using a wheelchair. So I can count it for that rep. So we’ve
got some wheelchair user rep in this one. We’ve got a pansexual character as
always and a gay character as always. Those are two main love interests. But we
also have a transwoman in this book which I didn’t expect to have and George
is a nice character. I don’t love her as much as other people seem to do in
reviews but she’s a nice character. And we also have I think, I don’t want to be
mis-identifying them because they’d never used the term themselves, but from
the way they’re describing themselves they are an aromantic character. So lots
of representation across the board. And I love seeing the friendships bloom but
it’s just not what I expected from the book. Anyway I’ll keep reading. It’s a
sunny day so I’ll probably read outside and I’ll update you later. I just finished reading Spin a Soft Black Song
by Nikki Giovanni and the illustrations are really really lovely and it’s
cute and everything. But even though it’s a children’s book I still feel like she
could have done a little bit more with it. Like, some of those poems were
approaching what I would want for a children’s poetry collection but some of
them were just a bit too short , and a bit too simplistic. Rupi Kaur style actually. Guys! So I’m here with Lea. We’re supposed to be camping and hiking–well, we’re supposed to be on the way now but we have some trouble. Lea: because I’m stupid. Olivia: no it’s
a mistake anybody makes! But we need an international license. So we tried to get
an emergency one and maybe we’ll be going soon. Lea: hopefully! Olivia: we’ll get coffee
first, somewhere. Hey guys! Good morning I’m in the tent and
I didn’t vlog during the night because it was dark and we were struggling to
set up tents and make pasta which we successfully did. And we slept. It
was cold. It rained but this is our tent. We fit three people into this tent
with all of our stuff. Which was very tight and very cosy. And now we’re going
to make some lovely breakfast of oatmeal and water and get back to hiking again
because we’ve got a way to go for the next campsite. It’s day 2! How did we sleep? How are feeling about… I thought you slept the best! Who’s ready to hike? *cheering* The most mixed enthusiasm. So we are here on the beach and it’s
time–well Fey’s also here and they want to say hi. And we are gonna do a reading update
because it’s been a while since I’ve done one. So before I came on this trip
actually I finished How to Belong with a Billionaire by Alexis Hall and
I’m just a little bit disappointed because I waited 1 and a half years for
the finale and it wasn’t. It didn’t have enough Caspian in it and when it did
have Caspian in it, it didn’t have enough of their relationship. So I’m very
grateful that it had all this wonderful representation and that it focused on
friendships, and that was all really cute and well done. But as far as the story
goes I wasn’t a huge fan of George and it just wasn’t for me. And while I’ve been here, when I haven’t been able to sleep at night because
camping life. I’ve been reading–listening to Sadie on audiobook. And again I’m a
little bit disappointed. It’s not bad but I feel no connection to this main
character whatsoever which is weird because she’s such an angry character
and she’s ready to kill this person, but I’m not feeling the vibe. But yeah,
I’m gonna keep listening ’cause it’s very short and I’ll finish it and let you
know. How are you guys feeling?
*slight cheering* We’re the fit fam! How do we feel about being the only people on this beautiful beach? Okay, YEET yourselves into the sea guys! Guys, this is the third and final day how
are you feeling? Fey: I wanna go home!
Marilyn: my legs hurt. Legs are hurting, wanna go home. Lea: I love it! Olivia: see we
got love. It is pretty. It’s just yesterday was difficult.

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8 thoughts on “Australia Holiday Reading Vlog || Hot Springs, Books, Hiking & Camping! [CC]

  1. Oooh I don’t think I’ll ever watch The Exorcist 🙈 but I may be less scared of it after what you said. I’m sorry the Billionaires finale was not what you expected 🙁 Beartown has only great reviews, thanks for reminding me I have to get my hands on it.

  2. Ack! So jealous. Would love to go in a hike in the Summer for sure. I just need to find a partner to go along with. Beautiful sights, Olivia.

    Loved Beartown. I hope you will, too!

  3. Omg werk yogaa poses. I've never done more than a day hike so i can't even imagine how tired ud be after lol but it all looked so pretty and I'm jealous y'all don't need to wear winter coats haha

  4. I want to pick up hiking! That trail is beautiful! Super impressed with your yoga poses. I am a beginner 🙂 I’m reading IT right now! I also wanted to read it before the movie. I’m almost at 300 pages…it’s a big one 😅 but I’m so loving it!! Sadie was a fun read for me this year despite some of its flaws.

  5. Yes yes yes thank you for bringing us along on your adventures and giving us this really cool glimpse into Melbourne/your life in AUS! LOL The Exorcist😂😂 It's so cheesy!
    WHOA you go girl, both poses looked graceful imo, but I'm certain the second will get even better as you get stronger and work on your craft more <3
    YAY LIBRARY HAUL <3 <3 <3 The cover of Ayesha at Last is gorgeous!
    UGH HIKES <3 <3 Very jealous of all the nature and the beach and everything. It's SO COLD IN BOSTON RN.
    Also: I really love how you approach reading vlogs, where you put in all bookish things at once, hauls and reading updates and mini review-ish things. It keeps it so dynamic and fun to watch, especially with the added daily life clips! Great video, Liv <3 <3

  6. Your hiking trip looks like so much fun!! I watched The Exorcist movie once but I don't plan on watching it again. In high school I was bullied for several years, this group of older guys called me The Exorcist meaning that I was the girl possessed by the devil / crazy etc. I didn't dare to watch the movie until I graduated, then realised The Exorcist is not the girl and those guys must not have watched the movie properly. I think watching it again would be too triggering for me, reliving bad memories, so I won't be doing that. Nice to see another one of your vlogs!

  7. If I ever watch the Exorcist I definitely won't watch it alone haha idk why
    I have watched a few old horror movies and they weren't scary though

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