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Atlantis Submarines & Children’s Discovery Center (Things to do in Oahu): Look Who’s Traveling

First we’re going to ride a boat that’ll… This is the new “we’re at ga-goo ga-gi”. This is our last day in Oahu. We’re going on a submarine ride with Atlantis Adventures. First we’re riding a boat that’ll take us to the submarine. We will be diving 100 feet below the surface and experience Waikiki’s marine life. And the way we go. This area is popular for surfing. Here’s a great view of Diamond Head. You can watch our episode on it by clicking on the card. Oh look, there’s our submarine. Operating since 1988, Atlantis Submarines has been using environmentally safe vehicles, that are battery powered, emit no pollutants, and quietly move through the water, disturbing no one. Dad, did you forget your stabilizer? Everybody sit down, the submarine is about to take off. We’re going to mark down the fish we see on this journey. We’re saying goodbye to the surface of the water. The captain is taking us for a dive. Now we can see the floor of the ocean. As we get deeper and deeper, the water filters out the sunlight so the color red doesn’t exist. Brother has a blue tongue. Oh, what’s this outside the window. These installations were done by Atlantis adventures to create self-sustaining habitats for fish and marine life to flourish. We’re now 106 feet deep. No, 107. This is a remnant of a hurricane swept airliner. It is as long as a ten story building is tall. All the toxic and dangerous parts from the plane had been stripped before they placed it there. These fish look similar to Dory. Lastly, we saw a sunken ship. [Brother] Woah! Look at all the fish! We’re passing by some butterfly fish. These guys are swimming very close to us. The submarine is now surfacing. We’re getting ready to disembark. All of a sudden, a whale swam by us! But was it really a whale? You can find out by going on the tour. You can book your tour at We’re having lunch at Marukame Udon Waikiki. This restaurant serves Sanuki-style Udon. You can see the noodle making process from scratch. After getting our udon, we got to pick our own sides. What a delicious meal. We’re at Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center. This museum provides an interactive, participatory learning environment designed for kids. I look so fat in this mirror. I’m going to brush away the sugar bugs. [Brother] I love trains. Let’s see which car will win the race. Brother, be careful climbing the structure! Now we’re visiting a traditional Japanese home. Ew! I put my mouth… We’re going to hop on this tuk-tuk. What are you doing, Brother? I’m raising the flags on this boat. It’s time to go on a flight with Hawaiian Airlines. Ready for take off! Brother will fly the plane while I pass out the food. Next, we’re going to pop some bubbles. My turn to blow the bubbles. Lastly, we’re going to play in the TV studio. I’m the star of the show. We had so much fun here. Please visit for more information. We’re at the Honolulu Museum of Art Spalding House. This is the only museum in the state of Hawaii devoted exclusively to contemporary art. Follow me inside the museum. Look at the person’s butt. Hehe. This exhibit is very creepy. What is this thing anyway? The school house looks like it’s made of giant Legos. The museum architecture has a Japanese influence. I wish I could go swimming in the pool. Next is the L’enfant et les whatever exhibit. by David Hockney. This room looks spooky. Now we’re going to walk in the sculpture garden. It’s time for the children’s room. I’m making a giant happy face. Lastly, we’re browsing the gift shop. We had so much fun here. Find out more at We’re going to try to hike the Manoa Falls Trail. This is a 1.5 mile out and back trail that features a waterfall. We’re turning back because the rain is too heavy. Watch out for the puddle. [Mom] How was your hiking trip? [Brother] Bad. [Mom] What happened? Oh, the rain is not as bad now. [Mom] What happened? [Brother] Bad. [Mom] What was so bad about it? [Brother] Bad. Why does it have to rain? [Brother] It’s pouring. We’ll have to come back another time when it’s not raining. Search hawaiitrails. org for more info. Aloha, we had a great time on this island. Plan your trip at Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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