AT Thru-Hike 2019: Ep. 1 – ‘Bolt’ Through Georgia

there it is, hitting the approach trail first
thing in the morning so people normally skip this trail or
this approach, eh? And that’s why so night one, Amicalola at the visitors shelter,
didn’t hike anything last night but it was fun I ran into a guy named the chili
dog and I named Koskeh, very strange he’s going stoveless but, he
brought like cans of chili and things like that
so his packs ridiculously heavy, and he doesn’t even have a stove it’s quite
funny but just did the approach trail steps at the Falls
holy crap those were amazing, those are super cool yeah I think today I’m gonna try
get to do a 16-mile day today to a place called the hawk shelter I think we’ll
see it’s pretty adventurous for my first day I don’t know listen to my body and see what it tells me. But yea these trails are looking a lot like Like im back on the Mantario trail, its awesome well I can officially say I have started
the trail How do I even point to that? There it is! So, day one was a success I actually did 17
Miles which is a little more ambitious than I wanted it to be but, is what it is. that approach
8.8 miles is ridiculous I was thinking to myself by the end of it, top of Springer mountain, there’s no way every 16 miles but
everybody passed that knows the trail I kept asking them, approach trail, versus the rest of the trail, what’s more difficult, everybody
said the approach trail got through it did the 17-mile day which
is insane it was pretty it’s pretty packed at
Hawk shelter where I stayed at, and middle of the night I hear I think it was like
these coyotes or something and they went on for like a good five minutes they
sounded really close it was even scarier when the initial
coyote started answering back to farther one so I was fun I kind of felt like I
was gonna die but it’s all good but today I think I’m gonna stick with a
15 mile day today to Lance Creek just before Blood mountain, because apparently
I can’t camp there without a bear canister even though these bear boxes, so whatever. Is what it is. Yea, thats the day today. Blood Mountain Wilderness (Spoken like a vampire from Transylvania) I know I made the joke about “Blood Mountain Wilderness” ha-ha-ha
like pronounce the ‘W’ like a ‘V’ because ‘The Count’ and “scary” because Im hilarious like that, but that is a very steep climb in a very very short amount of distance but like
seriously goddamn these views so worth it, like 100% so made it to Lance Creek, 15 mile day
not bad its awesome yesterday I got my first
two instances of trail magic first one was right outside the first gap outside
of hawk shelter and there’s some lady who’s like hey do you want like a bottle of
water, no I’m good like there’s a river up ahead, like do you want to
take some of your trash lighten your load or something,
oh I don’t worry like I don’t have a lot of trash it’s not weighing me down a lot, she says – like do you want a beer, I said.. Beer? yeah I’ll take a beer for later like Canadian here! so had a beer at camp last
night which is awesome and then later on in the day and the first the the woman
that did that well I think her name was ‘THC’ is what she said her name was and
then later on in the day a guy named Zeus had coolers with Powerade and few
bananas and beer and so, again it was like yeah Canadian I’m gonna have a beer
so yeah that was awesome yeah today it should be a pretty easy day. 8 mile day
into Neel’s gap and then do my first resupply. Camped with ‘Airborne’ last
night and he’ll probably meet me there and I think he might be offering to hold
me up in a place for tonight shower and maybe do some laundry
charge up my phone three days haven’t searched my phone yet
all this video and photography so not bad, but climbing up Blood Mountain
today so it’s like over 2,000 feet of elevation and a very short amount of
time so yeah we’ll see how that goes Well, goodbye Blood Mountain Wilderness,
you weren’t that scary anyways. Not much. here it is, Neels Gap, first town! Get some resupply, get some food So, today was pretty awesome, Airborns family picked us up at Neels Gap, his dad did. He had food and pop waiting for us which is pretty awesome, Took us back to his moms place, where we did Laundry, took a shower, resupplied,. Unfortunetly had to get myself a Knee brace, because the downhills are getting way to hard. So, im really hoping that fixes it, start stretching in the mornings, really gotta get ontop of that yeah, they took me out for dinner, some place that was very interesting, cash or cheque. Very Southern. in the morning we’re going to grab some breakfast, and then drive us back to the trail at Neels Gap Tomorrows a little bit easier, campsite I want to hit is only 13 miles, so yea. (Radio) Back on trail hit it about eight o’clock
this morning and damn is it cold its super windy I’m not even sure if you can hear this right now but Oh unbelievable have my rain pants on for more than 10
minutes of hiking, like, unbelievable but, Airborne still truckin behind me
I think we got a 13 mile day, not the first campsite, but the second. So yea, fun day. and this is why they call it the green
tunnel only two and a half miles the start
the day and we already got some trail magic. They got some
burgers, some VEGGIE burgers say hi Airborne! (Ha ha ha) so Sweet Tooth here on the trail says
that that’s Atlanta and that looks real flat to be Atlanta, I think you’re a dirty
liar Sweet Tooth – Whaddup? So whats this guys name? (Dixie) Dixie? Awee, hi Dixie! So, not last night, but the night before, we managed to make a 20 mile day which is just insane. I
don’t recommend doing that in Georgia that’s just silly. started at Neal’s gap
and made it all the way to Blue Mountain shelter that was horrible it was
basically just on top of a mountain ridge we even tried to go a little bit
past it but we just couldn’t not get out of the wind
two of my tarp stakes came out in the night and I think I recited every
profanity I know about three times that was fun and then last night only did a
13-mile day today because we only have six more miles here today so
didn’t want to push ourselves too hard and then that’s good
it was a nice easy day I made a fire chilled out some other people
DQ, librarian and Pippi but I think her actual name is crazy eyes because she has
crazy eyes so why not. yeah today’s only six miles and into how Hiawassee
resupply probably I stay it Airborne’s mom’s place again because his mom lives
like right next to Hiawassee so just kind of make sense and he’s allowing me
to so that’s awesome yeah the town day again so soon. Fun

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