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Asolo Women’s Revert GV Hiking Boot

Providing excellent fit, reliable traction
and complete waterproof protection, the Asolo women’s Revert GV hiking boots are perfect
for long days on the trail. In the upper part of the shoe here they use
a couple of different materials to both keep the weight down, to keep the boot pretty flexible,
but also provide a lot of durability. So over your foot here you have got very high tenacity
cordora material. It is a synthetic material and it is pretty flexible compared to leather.
So that is going to provide a pretty quick break in time for these shoes compared to
a full leather boot. Below that, around the shoe you have got more durable suede material.
So they have put the suede in areas that would break down quicker or be susceptible to durability
issues. So with this suede you have got some overlays for durability all around the shoe.
So, again, that is just going to give reliable durability, but also keep the weight down
of the shoe. And then in the top part of the ankle here you have a very flexible, comfortable
material. It is padded as well. So it fits really nicely around your ankle. If you do
need to bear down on these laces, it is go-ing to hug around your ankle and it is not going
to, you know, be very uncomfortable. There is definitely some soft padded materials in
there. So it is something that I really ap-preciate about these shoes. It is a small detail that
makes a big difference. On the toe cap here you have a little bit
more protection there. So this not only protects the boot, but it protects your toe. So as
you are walking, hitting rocks and that sort of thing, that toe cap is going to work really
well. And then you can’t see it from the outside of the shoe here, but there is a nice
heel counter in the back. It is a stiffer material that is in the heel. So as you break
in this boot and as it becomes as little bit more flexible, that heel is not going to be
flexible. That is going to keep your heel into the boot right where it needs to be. The eyelets here are mostly metal eyelets.
So, again, durability there. And it reminds me of kind of like an alpine lacing system
where the laces come pretty far down into the toe of the shoe. And if you need to, you
can loosen these up if you need room for your toes to splay. But if you feel like you are
scrambling at all or if you are on rocks and you want that really tight fit, you can really
cinch these laces down and, you know, have that tight-er fit that you need to. So for
lower volume or higher volume feet, you can really dial in the laces. And then there is
one fabric eyelet and that is right here where that part of the lace pushes your heel again
down into the heel of the boot. So you have got really great protection and really great
fit there. And the on the inside of the shoe you have
Asolo’s light two foot bed. So this is a re-movable foot bed. If you have your own
custom orthotics, you can put them in there. If you have after market insoles, but this
is a nice foot bed. It is perforated here. So it allows your feet to breathe. Since this
is a completely waterproof shoe with Gore-Text, you want your feet to be able to breathe.
That is a waterproof breathable protection. So for a small stream crossings or rain and
that sort of thing, you are going to be protected. And then, again, with this foot bed you have
got some rigidity in there. You have got some stiffness so that is going to really support
your arch. And, again, that is removable so you can re-place it with your own insoles. In the midsole here the big story to talk
about is the Asolo flex lasting board. So basically what Asolo does is they give a gender
specific lasting board. So they don’t just take one mold and make the men’s and the
women’s shoes out of them. They are gender specific. So that really helps in perfect
fit. The lasting board is very stiff and durable, so it is going to last a really long time.
And it is really going to protect against rocks and that sort of thing. It is going
to support your foot, support your arch and your heel and just offer all the protection
that you need with that lasting board. And then they do have cushioning in the midsole
and that is just EVA foam cushioning. So that is really comfortable. You know, it keeps
your foot nice and comfortable while you are hiking. So together those two really offer
the perfect amount of cushioning and support and stiffness for a boot like this. Moving down to the outsole, you have a really
durable vibram rubber outsole. It is pretty sticky rubber, so this is going to give you
traction on different types of terrain. So I can see this being great on slabby areas,
on rocky, muddy areas as well. So really good trac-tion there. And the lugs here are nice.
You have got multi directional lugs. So as you are hiking up hill, down hill, if you
are kind of hiking sideways on trails these are going to be really great. You do have a pretty sizable heel with these
boots as well. So that is going to sit you up a little bit higher and overall the lug
pattern here is just really great for traction on the trail. Along with the design of the outsole, it is
actually pretty easy to get the Asolo shoes re-soled. So after you have broken in your
boot, you have got a boot that fits you really well and, you know, maybe it is wearing out
a little bit on the bottom, you can definitely get these resoled and you have basically got
a new boot on your hands. So that is a really good thing to know. It adds a lot of value. And along with that, all the materials that
Asolo uses for their boots are 99 percent sourced in Europe. So this is a family owned
Italian company and they do make all of their shoes in Europe. So they are 100 percent made
in European factories, in Asolo facto-ries. So that is something really good to know.
. You know, you can get them resoled and materials are definitely sourced from a reliable source. And so this boot combined with all the different
features, you have got lightweight mate-rials, but also durable materials. It is going to
provide the perfect balance of cushioning and support for long days on the trail. It is the Asolo women’s Revert GV hiking

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