80 thoughts on “Asia’s SASSIEST Performances from AUDC, Dance Moms & Raising Asia (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

  1. 😍😛 que lindo es recordar las viejas temporadas de DANCE MOMS. LIKE SI ESTRAÑAS A LAS ZIGLER EN DANCE MOMS

  2. She's incredible! Love how you see the Mom supporting her. Wish the Dad was there too. Imagine her at 18 yrs old!

  3. To think if Asia hadn’t left Abby probably wouldn’t have looked for another sassy dancer and Jojo might not be the star she is today.

  4. I miss the old Lifetime. They used to post full dances, deleted scenes, exclusive content only available on Lifetime. Now…we only get basically compilations, with audioswapped dances. Get it together, Lifetime, please!

  5. Is it just me or who realises the producers have been changing the Music in all of the dance in AUDC in Lifetime Youtube Videos.

  6. That kid is a STAR, I’m surprised Abby didn’t fight to keep her around longer than she was. She was better then some of Abby’s SENIORS! And she was 6

  7. They're audio swapping the music for the dances because the music were from different music production libraries than Extreme Music. They still have licenses to use music from Extreme Music's library. The original songs, which has been audioswapped, were songs used from Jingle Punks, We3Kings, or some other music production library, which they don't have access to anymore.

  8. Sometimes facials and performance matters more than technique. When producers and directors ooooh for talent, they’re looking for performance value, not perfect feet and straight legs. Asia has the star factor.

  9. Asia’s moms facial expressions when Asia dances is very…..interesting lol
    I’m kidding 😂 it’s like she’s saying “get it girl” in her head

  10. This is messed up, let kids be kids, these are kids not adults. Am I the only one who thinks this is not right, give your girl a ballerina costume not a stripper outfit. I'm sorry but good grief whats wrong with our world. I'm sorry I have kids and this is weird.

  11. I think Aisha was the strongest dancer and singer because she is strong and she have the power and energy so she is ussually the best

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