Arcadia Valley’s Johnson’s Shut-Ins

Play in the shallows of Missouri’s Black
River. Shoot through natural water slides. Hike a variety of mountain trails with new
adventures around each corner: waterfalls, volcanic glades, and amazing overlooks in
Missouri’s beautiful Arcadia Valley. The crystal clear waters of the Black River flow
through a canyon like volcanic gorge, called a “shut-in” creating beautiful photographic
and swimming opportunities. Welcome to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, the best swimming destination
in the mid-west. A beautiful ½ mile handicap accessible trail
takes visitors to the main overlook area, giving a fantastic bird’s eye view of the
shut-ins and surrounding valley. Giant boulders jut out of the water as rushing currents pass
between them. This main shut-ins area abounds with natural water slides, sending visitors
“shooting” through the volcanic boulders. Visitors can climb from rock to rock looking
for that perfect spot to “shoot through the rocks” or a natural refreshing whirlpool
of water to climb into. There are many whirlpools, deep and shallow, allowing you to relax with
the cool rushing water swirling around you. Grab your water shoes and start climbing the
rocks. A visit to Johnson’s Shut-Ins is like having two adventures in one – rock
climbing and swimming. Near the upper end of the shut-ins, the cool,
crystal clear water flows with varying depths – from very shallow to about waist height.
The sparkling water of the upper shut-ins is a great place for families with toddlers
and younger children to splash and play in the water.
In the lower shut-ins, the water opens up into a deep swimming hole. In addition, there
are large volcanic boulders that you can jump off and plunge into the deep waters below.
Beautiful picnic areas abound throughout the park, many with covered pavilions, making
them a perfect place to enjoy lunch and a break from the sun.
If you visit outside of the swimming season, there is plenty to do at Johnson’s Shut-ins.
Consider an exhilarating bike ride on the paved Black River trail, or put on your hiking
shoes and explore the beauty of the mountains in one of the most rugged, wilderness areas
in the Missouri Ozarks. Johnson’s Shut-ins State park is a treasure
of the state park system, a place with something for everyone: history, pretty picnic areas,
diverse Ozark landscapes, great hiking trails, and an awesome place to swim.
We invite you to experience the best of Missouri at Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park in the
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of Pilot Knob, Fort Davidson Hotel is conveniently located four miles from Elephant Rocks State
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