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Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Update 2019/2020, 11.16

hey ya’ll Ramdino here coming at you again
for another 2019 slash 2020 Appalachian Trail thru hiker update why the slash well
we’re still updating those 2019 Appalachian Trail through hikers who are
finishing up their hike whether it be so Bo or flip-flop and we’re also updating
the Future class for 2020 is they get geared up start producing videos and get
signed up for their epic journey on the Appalachian Trail in 2020 so the best
way what you can do is you can keep up with that by going to the link that I’ll
leave down the scription section and that will give you all the folks that we
are tracking thus far we’re tracking over 60 people right now who have signed
up and are going to be updating via social media if you’re one of those
folks out there please go and make sure I’ve got those social media links
correct and also if you’re going check that link out if you’re not on there we
want to make sure that you’re on that link because what we’re here to do is
build the hiker community and to support you on your journey not only as the 2019
folks are finishing up but as you get ready to get geared up and get ready to
start for your 2020 adventure so we want to make sure that folks can go there and
find your social media link so they can go and comment and keep you just pumped
up all the way to Katahdin and always springer or whichever direction you’re
going so go there and check that out for me and also that’s where folks that are
just going to be sitting at home and following folks and cheering them on you
can go there as well and find those links and I’ll leave that down there
that is a Google spreadsheet so you ought to be able to build download that
no problem and then also this channel occasionally I’ll have some type of gear
review or something about my adventures on the Appalachian Trail hopefully
you’ll go and take advantage of some of those and take a look at that and learn
from my mistakes and then just to enjoy that as you will let’s go ahead and get
on with the update so right now we’ve got a lot of folks that are finishing up
their sub o hike Springer the over the last week or so we’ve had several folks
that we’ve been tracking the that have summited at
springer and then other folks that have just completed their hike somewhere else
on the trail not necessarily at one of the terminus or is that term and I at
one of the ends of the trail they they didn’t necessarily finish it either in
Katahdin or Springer they finished somewhere in between because they were
flip-flopping so the folks that we have that summited up at Springer was a
platypus Valkyrie silicic I’m not sure I pronounced that right but I got pretty
close salty needles and spork note mercury
Poppins David Barr completed his hike squeegee Jim Danko and pilgrim finished
his flip-flop so hopefully caught some photos here of those folks that have
finishing that I want to give a big shout-out to Valkyrie and super squirrel
who kept me updated on their traveling they didn’t necessarily finish with all
of their travel members but folks that they had hiked with at some point time
on the trail that were near them that finished they gave me their names and
updates of when they finished and even sent me their picture so if you know
somebody else who has finished their hike either at Springer and we think
we’ve got all the know boughs that Katahdin that we know of for sure but
we’ll take some of those as well we want to give everybody credit but so bows and
flip-floppers please send those my way if you’re one of those folks you doesn’t
like wise we want to make sure we give everybody credit and give a shout out to
everybody that is finished such a monumental accomplishment in their lives
so if a mystery we’re sorry about that so let’s take a look at the weather of
what the folks are still out on the trail what they’re going to be
experiencing there next coming over the next coming week it’s going to be pretty
chilly we’re getting into that season of course but the season this year is a
little chillier and a little wet than it has been in previous season so a little
below average so the lower sections of trail which is where most of the folks
are now the daytime temps there’ll be above freezing somewhere in the 40s low
to mid 40s with rain towards the end of this upcoming week and nighttime
temperature they’re gonna be below freezing
especially at altitude and they’re going to be in the low 30s to the high 20s but
then you’re going to have wind chills so the wind chills are going to make it
feel like more in the low 20s and colder because you will have some wind at night
so you guys hopefully you’ve got the gear out there that you need and
hopefully you remembering to sleep with your batteries and Sawyer squeezes and
even if you’re further up north I’ve seen some folks that that are did their
flip-flop and they are north of Virginia let’s say and they’re waking up in the
mornings with frozen boots and frozen clothes so you might want to stick those
down in the bottom of your bag as well or up underneath your bags makes because
that’s not really an ideal situation should get up in the morning try to put
on two blocks of ice know if I missed your update there please let me know I
want to make sure that we included everybody on there and then what about
the folks that are actually out there on the trail well Hulk he is south – Parris
burg in southern Virginia and he’s closing in on Rowan mountain Highlands
here in a hurry and he is being supported a lot by fresh ground fresh
ground sports a lot of people in fresh ground usually picked somebody to kind
of be his engine as he calls it and so Hulk now on his yo-yo trip with his
sober portion of that fresh grounds picked him and so he’s there kind of
pile around a lot together fresh grounds keeping him fed champ he is in
Bennington Vermont he just had a birthday happy birthday to you champ and
he’ll be crossing into Massachusetts tomorrow and he has 1,900 miles done and
only about a hundred left till he is done with the north so congratulations
on champ know it’s cold up there up north there’s a large group of so boughs
that are coming out of the 19a of the station there at 19e and David McGee
there has updated me and shown me that if you’ll murmur down in the hikers
helping hikers section down in the description section we’ve got a link
down there where you can go and actually buy a hiker beer buy a room for the
night buy them some food or something like that and so a lot of folks have
come through and been able to take advantage of that so folks that have
done that online greatly appreciates you helping out the
hikers and continuing to be part of the hiker community even though you you
can’t actually get out there on the trail and do your trail angel work but
you can do it from the couch at home so we greatly appreciate that here’s a few
folks that David said has come through and these folks are on their way I’ve
heard that there’s a large group coming through the Smokies right now so
there’ll be if they’re not already through the smokers they’ll be through
there shortly and on their way to the NOC so they don’t have much time out
there on the trail at all you’re still out there and missed your update love to
include you in my next update next week particularly those folks who finish the
trail so please send those updates to me you can do that through my I am
messenger over at Ram Dino roaming the trails the that’s the Facebook or you
can send me an email at Ram Dino roaming the trails at and that’s also
how you can send me your through hiker information and if you’re not on our
list already a tram Dino roaming the trails at and I’ll leave a
template down in the description section that gives you all the information that
I need for you to kind of fill in and send that to me or you could just take
that template copy and paste it fill it out and send it in the comment section
down below that works as well too so a couple of things about news from the
strip from the trail still hunting season I have seen a lot of people that
have remember to take some type of blaze orange whether it be toe bog or
something to put on their pack or or a hunter safety vest so that’s still a
good idea those are still out there and another news that I’ve learned through a
trail angel out there that’s a friend of mine he says that for the 2020 class
that there’s possibly going to be a 14 mile reroute up there and Palmerton
Pennsylvania nearly high Gap around that zinc mine Superfund site so they’re
gonna be rewrite the Appalachian Trail is already taking steps and actually
doing trail work out there to do that reroute and it’s going to be a lot
better because it’s going to have a lot better views and course get away from
all that kind of day had vegetation is up there due to that
Superfund site and then also for next year there’s a half mile reroute near
Gooch Mountain down in Georgia so they’ve been working on that and the
trail was really eroded just because all the pounding and the hiker bubble coming
through there and that’s a very used if not overused section and so they have
had folks out there that have been working on that and that’ll be a half
mile reroute so that’ll be for the class of 2020 so the trail should be just a
little bit different and that’s normal every year some parts of the trail get
rerouted just a little bit friend of mine Oz he did wanted me to give a shout
out to quicksand gen Yoda and Marion let them know that
he’s out there still enjoying their Sobo hike and hope that everything’s going
good and that’s one person I forgot to update was quick saying that a quicksand
he is somewhere around Waynesboro all right so that is what we’ve got going on
for the class of 2019 on to the class of 2020 they are up and running
the current registrations right now nobo last week we had 835 and this week we
have 910 folks that are registered the busiest days on the trail right now is
March 1st with 45 hikers and April 1st with ten to twenty two hikers and so
those are typically the two busiest days on the trail when the bubble gets
started up so I want to plan accordingly so that you’ve got shelter space and
other things around there so that you don’t get impact the trail so much those
are not really great days to start there with just so many folks out there and
the trail is with the 45 hikers it’s approaching the maximum of 50 very
quickly and will no doubt make that on several days while the bubbles coming
through there but certainly on March in April first since those are the most
popular days to start out there so Bo we had 20 last week this week we’ve got 28
flip-floppers we had 29 last week and this week we have 36 so last week I have
total 864 folks that are registered for the trail and this week we have
over 970 for folks that are registered so we are tracking over 60 of those
folks want to keep adding to that so keep sending me those folks that you
know that you’re tracking if we don’t have on our list or if you’re through
hacker for next year let us know Phil I thought information we want to help you
and do what we can to keep you going all the way to your final destination
a couple folks that we’ve added from last week malindo Brian if added her Don
McGill is a trail name of Greyhound Jason Hancock
he’s a trail name of the hound and then just somebody who just gave me their
trail name Utah Gary Daly he’s got a trail name of
Tunney Tina Plummer you’ve got a trail name I believe of silver Aaron Mobius
and Rochelle Wallace Winn so those are the folks that we’ve added when you go
to that spreadsheet the folks in red are the new folks for the week so the folks
in black we’ve already added from previous update so that’ll kind of help
you out there a lot of folks have been putting out
YouTube videos and Ben Jordan watching those some of those gear reviews have
been by Timberwolf al cat and Al cat have one about trail wear for her dog
nutty hiker showing what was in her ditty bag
the vintage hikers had a very interesting something that’s applicable
to section hikers map and that’s cold-weather gear test
PTL had his shelter test and bearded servant had a gear review which is about
an umbrella so more and more folks are going to umbrellas there’s some folks
last year that did that and seem to be really enjoying those umbrellas
particularly the lightweight versions folks been doing some showing us their
videos for shakedowns on the Appalachian Trail or just other trails in general
that they were doing shakedown so we had spotter Oso fall ste hiker poncho hiking
with the AO it was with a group silver linings vegan adventures hound and he
had a prep hike through the Grayson Highlands mount Rogers area very very
pretty one of my favorite places on the trail
jeanna Russia and free Walker and free Walker he’s kind of a very interesting
person kind of reminds me of a Ernest Hemingway to sit there and watch him and
and I’m looking forward to watching his stuff on the trail and then we had wild
from wild on the trail channel he did a video on thanking his subscribers he hit
over five minutes with Schreiber so congratulation to you Wilde and I think
that’s great and any other thinking your subscribers out there don’t want to
forget about them as well so we still got one of the things we’re
featuring is a hike under the hunters openers is a candy mop from 2000 hikers
and they’re gonna and compiled and if you are through hike it got billed come
and help good job that can’t look for out of course photos and it taken folks
requests for people that he’s going to mentor three hikers throughout their
journey and that’s a great service a person and both of those folks have both
those channels have deadlines for that and those are approaching soon so please
go and take a look at their channels and I’ll leave the links to their channels
down in the description to those videos and then you can go and participate in
that best ground he is like I said he is still out there on the trail he’s still
taking donations I will leave that down in the description section
fresh-ground is a probably the most well known and the biggest trail angel out
there that I can imagine he starts out in Georgia and follows the the bubble
all the way up all the way up Katahdin and all the way back feeding people
providing shelter form in some cases getting the more they need to go was
shuttle although next year’s going to be doing more feeding these going to be
doing shuttling but but he provides such a great service and that doesn’t come
free so he is not independent wealth wealthy and he will take donations and
so I’d encourage you to go and do that now any donations he has that that is in
addition to what he needs to get him through the rest of the year we’ll go to
next year because he will be doing it again next year so I’ll leave those down
there it links to that down the scription section or you can go and find
those on his Facebook page at fresh ground at fresh ground the Leapfrog cafe
so I encourage you to do that I still don’t forget that we still got
some solos coming through so you can still go down there in the description
section and under the hikers helping hiker section and you can do trail magic
from home with station 19 a and there’s a link there where you could go a buy a
beer or some food or a bunk space or that’s coming through folks that is
about all I have got this week hope you’ve got something out of that if you
did go down and leave a comment even if you didn’t leave me a comment tell me
some things you’d like to see about my updates coming up hit that subscribe
button and the belt projector and we’ll see you out here

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15 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Update 2019/2020, 11.16

  1. My links are correct✌️ Thanks once again for the tremendous amount of time and effort in bringing this info to the hiking community. CONGRATULATIONS SOBOS❤️

  2. Thanks for the mention, Ramdino! We're hoping to get out in some snow and lows in the high teens just to see how everything works. We appreciate you and all the support you give hikers!

  3. Enjoyed your post Ramdino! I met a couple thru hikers who were heading SOBO in mid NY last week. The first was a Flip Flop, "Wonder Twin" heading SOBO with only 300 miles left. The second was a SOBO, "Thrifty" who started in August at Katahdin and won't finish at Springer till late December to early January.

  4. I will be adding my name to the list of Appalachian trail thru hikers class of 2020. I will be starting April 16 of 2020

  5. Thank you for all the time an effort you are taking to help hikers! Thank you for including me for 2020. My links are correct. Congrats to all the SoBo hikers!

  6. A deaf 2019 thru hiker, mr perfect, is in legal trouble over what seems to be miscommunication. Police didn’t realize he was deaf and he was just looking for help after being robbed. Could you follow up with Juliana Chauncey from The Trek to get full details and possibly spread the word about how help?

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