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Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Kick Off 2019

hey y’all Ramdino here coming at you
from in-between storms in North Carolina well I want to fulfill a promise I made
to you during my last update video about the celebration of the 2019 Appalachian
Trail through hikers to see what that promise was and to listen to me fulfill
it stick around well exactly what was that promise well
I promise to fill you all in on all the ins and outs that I could on the
Appalachian Trail kickoff which takes place at Amicalola Falls State Park in
Georgia now what is Amicalola Falls State Park well you guys know anything
at all about the Appalachian Trail and through hikers you know that that is
where the approach trail starts to Springer Mountain Springer Mountain
being the southern terminus so that approach trails about an eight and a
half give or take some miles long to get to Springer Mountain
but at Amicalola Falls State Park that is where you go and register for your
through hike if you’re heading nobo or you can’t register online but that’s
where you go and pick up your tag your official bag tag that they give you to
send you on your way for your 2019 through hike on the Appalachian Trail so
what’s the kickoff well the kickoff is just a weekend Friday Saturday and
Sunday where everybody gets together old through hikers want to be through hikers
through hiker groupies just section hikers just a hiker community
Lollapalooza getting together up at Amicalola Falls State Park and just
having a good time now there’ll be a lot of vendors there and there’ll be some
authors and people like that there’ll be hostel owners other people that are
there to apply their wares for you and chat chat you up and try to convince you
to come spend money with them or at their place and that’s great that’s one
way of doing there’ll be a lot of information given out so there’ll be a
lot of people talking in sessions that’ll last from anywhere from an hour
to two hours or longer and they’ll tell you about the state of the trail and
just what’s going on I’ll leave down in the description
section exactly who the vendors are and I’ll leave you a link down there to the
actually the Amicalola Falls State Park Appalachian Trail kick off and I’ll also
leave you a time schedule of what’s going on so I saw once website would
have said there’s hundreds of vendors there
there’s not hundreds of vendors there at least not what can i what I can
determine just by looking at the website for mo Cola Falls State Park and the
kick-out kickoff there is quite a few vendors but there’s nothing out all
equipment vendors and to be honest with there’s not not as many equipment
vendors as I have seen in the past and as I have would have liked to seen this
year but bears can’t be choosy and so you go to whatever interests you and it
doesn’t cost anything to go to these sessions and you just plug in and I’m
sure they’ll be information but they’ll also be a Q&A portion of it so full of
commendations like well I’ve been having trouble getting that information from
the park down there because you go to their website and it says they’re having
problems with their phone system and their lodging the reservation system and
when you call them on the phone all you get is an answering machine so they must
have some big time problems down there but I’m going to persevere I’m going to
find all that information out and I’m gonna get back to you all right so was
not able to get through to them yesterday their phone service was out
into the night so I came home early today from the matrix and to get this
video out for you I was able to get in touch with them finally and it looks
like their websites up and their phone services up so I thought I’d go ahead
and give you the rest of the information I got so how much it cost well cost you
five dollars per car to get into the park that’s at the front gate and then
you’ll be you’ll have to pay another $10 per person per night to camp at tent
city and so the tent city is like a one time of year thing they have there that
they do just for the Appalachian Trail kick off and it’ll be there in a field
kind of right right near right across from a little small path of the Visitor
Center and there’s kind of a little playground area there so that’s where
they’ll be having putting up the tent city you can’t come into the park and
leave as you want do they’ll give you a hanger to put on your car and so as
long as you got to hang it on your rear-view mirror and it’s got the
correct date on it you can come and go as you won’t – there is overflow what
they indicated to me was that they have 25 they allowed 25 tents there well I
was number 24 to reservist spots that means there’s one more spot however she
said there is overflow she didn’t indicate where that was but she said
that there was overflow and they never turned anybody away so you know in the
past when I’ve seen other people’s videos it looked like there was more
than 25 tents there but she’s promised she won’t turn anybody away so if you
don’t have reservations then go ahead and and show up down there I also asked
if it was level she said it was level so take that for it’s worth I did ask her
if you can hammock camp and she said the place to have it designated for tent
city there are no trees there for to put your hammock up in so I asked her I said
that means no hammock camping she goes yep that’s it means no hammock camping
so sorry if you’re a hammock camper exclusively there is no place for you
there so bring you a tent if you can get a hold of one and so that you can go and
be a part of that there there are restroom facilities there at tent city
and there is also showers there according to the visitor center folks I
asked her about restaurants in the park and there’s really only one restaurant
that’s the maple restaurant it’s pretty pricey here’s their price list
it’s like $12.99 for breakfast and 1595 or 15:49 for lunch and 21 bucks or
something like that for for supper they call it dinner I’m from the South I call
it supper so it must’ve been a Yankee that it made up that website but anyway
the it is it is awful pricey and so that’s the only place in the park to eat
now I asked them if there’s any you know how close fast food restaurants are what
have you and so they are there is a town of DeLong together steer bar there is
Dawsonville there’s nearby she said that the people
that are working apart their favorite place to go is to a little Grill nearby
and I can’t remember what the name was she told me there’s a like a restaurant
or not restaurant a grocery stores last gas station slash grill where she has
said they had pizza and biscuits and hamburgers and hot dogs and things like
that so all the all the food that a growing hiker could possibly want so
that’s probably where most people will be going and eating there the food at
the lodge at the maple restaurant is a buffet style so yeah that may and that
expense may not be something that you want to deal with that’s the right
having a fire and she goes you cannot have individual fires but they will have
a fire pit and the park will furnish the firewood so don’t bring any firewood
particularly if you’re coming from out of state because they don’t allow any
out-of-the-park firewood there just to keep any type of you know invasive
species of insects or anything like that that would might hitch a ride on your
firewood that you bring from home that would come in there and damage the trees
in the park or or spread that invasive species so they’ll have firewood for you
and and it’ll be up to us to make sure that the home fires keep burning
throughout the the course of the time while we’re there the indicate it’s
about a mile walk from the where tent city and the visitor center is up to the
lodge and that’s where I’m presuming the the talks will be and where the vendors
will be I don’t know that for certainly didn’t ask but didn’t see any other
place for them to be there so if you’ve been to the a TKO before and they’re not
at the lodge and leave a comment in the comment section down there and fill us
all in on where the vendors and everybody will be now what she did say
is that the the State Park Service will have a shuttle bus going around and so
they’ll shuttle you from the tent city up to the lodge for meal
if you want to go up there and drop a fortune or up there for the vendors in
the programs if that’s where they’re going to be the one thing about the
vendors that have noticed is that I saw WEP on a different website where they
said there was hundreds of vendors I don’t think there’s going to be hundreds
of vendors there from what I could gather looking at their website they had
a list and I’ll leave a link to that in the description section but they had a
list of who are going to be the vendors and there really wasn’t that many I mean
probably not a neighborhood of around although 25 or so and from what I can
tell there’s only gonna be about six of those or gear vendors there’s a you know
the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and the long distant hikers Association and
a lot of associations and Conservancy is going to be there there’ll be some
hostel owners there to talk to you about you know staying at their hostels well
and and of course there’ll be some vendors they’ll be some authors there
but I only came about six vendors so I would have liked to have had more than
six vendors there equipment vendors hopefully will be there more and that’s
just not an accurate count that they’ve got on their website there the programs
like the ham on Friday though we have one in five and one at six o’clock and
then there from 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday and 9:00 to 1:00 on Sunday they last
about an hour I know in my intro I said that they would last two hours or more
they don’t it looks like they’re gonna last about an hour so I’ll leave a link
in the description section down down here that has a that you can get to
their website and you can pull up what their programs are going to be I also
leave their phone number where you can solve and get you a reserved spot for
this weekend and I would go ahead and do that it’s not necessary that you pay
anything now they didn’t require me to pay they just took down my name and how
many people and how many tents I would have coming with me
and that was it my cell phone and my name that was it so they said I would
pay when I got there you know all you do is you just check in the Visitor Center
give me your name and pay your 10 bucks and you’re golden Gordon what they told
me so I won’t go over all the programs or anything for me it looks like the
biggest program and it’s just gonna be the hiker community get together and
mingle with each other and chatting hiking swapping hiking stories and just
having a good old time I’m looking forward to it if you are a through this
year particularly one that we’re following as a vlogger or a blogger I’d
really like to get with you and look for me I’ll be wearing this hat of course
they probably for another people there they’re wearing this hat but any case
look for me and I’d like to do an interview with you and so that as we’re
tracking you along the way who are through the updates that we have in our
YouTube channel that we can kind of get to know you a little better that way and
continue to track you all the way to Qatar freaking Qatar down the Springer
or whatever you’re doing there however you’re doing your hike so if you’re are
up coming through hiker or pass-through hiker I’d like to sit down and chat with
you too if your section hiker I want to sit down and chat with you if you know a
hiker I want to sit down and chat with you so anybody in a hiking community I’d
like to sit down and just have a good I’ll get to meet you and chat with you I
love meeting people and and just get to know people so be interesting to see how
many people are that show up down there and I mean how many people I get a
chance to talk to so uh so be able to look out for me and be also on the
lookout for my weekly Appalachian Trail through hiker update that I’ll be
dropping within the next day or so and look for those updates and we got a lot
of action that’s been happening on the trail this week even though it’s been
wet weather and we’ve got actually picked up quite a few new vloggers and
your bloggers so look forward to sharing that with you well that’s about all I
got right now as always appreciate you and we will see ya at ATKO

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20 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Kick Off 2019

  1. Finally, someone that calls supper, supper. LOL……….Im from the south and lived in New Hampshire and they had me so confused by calling it dinner…. its breakfast, dinner, and supper….yep.

  2. I call it supper as well! I plan to be there and as a past section hiker of the trail (completed in 2000) I look forward to meeting you…Winkle

  3. Ramdino, I love what you are doing. I plan to be at ATKO as well as mix in the Approach Trail into 3 mini-sections over the 3 days of the ATKO — Nimblewill Gap to the Lodge on Friday afternoon, Springer to Nimblewill on Saturday morning, and the Lodge to the visitor center on Sunday morning. I am sure all of the hiking talk will prompt me to want a taste of the trail each day. If Amicalola is booked, there might be room at Barefoot Hostel which is several miles off Woody Gap, a 34 minute drive from Amicalola. I will sleep and breakfast there. Danny's sounds like a great idea for SUPPER on Saturday evening. Thanks IceBear!

  4. I grew up calling it "supper" in Florida… drives me batty to call it "dinner" now that I live in the northeast (NJ). Wish I could be there for the kick-off, but I won't be there until the 7th. Can't wait to see your reports from the kickoff! Thanks as always for your updates, Ramdino!

  5. most catholics will refer to it as supper as in the last. i grew up in NYC we had supper at home and went out to dinner sometimes at a diner….

  6. Another great informative video! I love that your doing this!!
    Just a heads up as I’m sitting at Amicalola Falls lodge! Monday the 25th will be the approach Trail and Tuesday morning leaving Springer!!
    Thanks again Ramdino!!

  7. I finished the AT yesterday, completing 34 miles I missed near Bland, VA during Trail Days. The Hiking Sailor accompanied me, my wife has flown in from Canada and we're all heading to the Kickoff. Thumper 🐰

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