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Appalachian Trail (Smoky Mountains National Park) Part 1

we’re finally on the road to Great Smoky Mountain National Park only thing that stands between us is about 300 miles of mountain driving nothing a born and raised flatlander from Chicago can handle right in the direction we’re heading it turns out we’re soon going to be entering the tail of the dragon clocking in at 318 curves in just under 11 miles it’s America’s number one motorcycle it sports car Road and believe me when I say the Hyundai Elantra did not want to keep up with the rally cars out there that we were saying flying by us we wanted to try to get on that bridge but it’s close if you ever find yourself on the section of you as 129 just remember to take your time and take advantage of the many scenic view points along the side of the road and if you do take a photo share it with us [Music] John and I had both men on day hikes before it but neither of us had ever gone backpacking for an extended period and let me tell you hi can you backcountry is serious business so you need your gear to be up to the task the real challenge is figuring out what’s truly essential to bring you don’t want to be carrying extra weight weight becomes your biggest enemy all national parks have the information you need make sure you read through everything and if any question comes up especially as first-time hikers they encourage you to call them we are super happy with it the park official was helpful friendly and she surely saved those from making terrible mistakes meet our a really good friend Hayley we work together while on cruise ships unconnected straightaway she’s from Oklahoma and grew up in a family that enjoys hiking she’s an Appalachian Trail through hiker and she’s done so far a hundred and something miles in like two weeks crazy we really admire her and we’re so happy to join her [Music] we were also super lucky to find the best Airbnb hosts Sam and Sam no cell service no cars no people just large animals really cool [Music] guys is twizzler from what accordingly Guilford and Surrey [Music] starting over hi through this movement part of them as part of the trio boots to dirt so we’re going from here to here it’s not that bad he’s only 13 miles but the elevation gain is two thousand nine hundred and ten feet I think it only took about a half hour for Ilsa and I have realized that we were probably a little in over our head however a couple hours into our hike we were rewarded it could be worse all right maybe we won’t quit after all as the train started to open up we encountered a few additional hikers who encouraged us to come a little bit off trail with them to the shuk stag fire tower scary and shitty this is sketchy let’s all stand on this piece of plywood at the same time shucks tech tower was initially constructed by Public Works in 1934 for those of you who are brave and/or foolish enough to actually go all the way to the top just use some extra caution because this thing is not in the best repair and we noticed a couple of steps and handrails that were either missing or not exactly resembling something I don’t want to put all my weight on top of on the one hand I’m really really glad that we got to share this experience and all the views and yet there is some small part of me that will always wonder if we would have just turned back if we hadn’t gone and see all those beautiful views this is Derrick all of the above [Music] so there’s a blackberry right there hey you’re why by the cup it’s just try that don’t that’s either should yell at him and look big in some water for some oatmeal coffee a lot of peanut butter I felt like I ate pretty good yesterday but at the end of the day I was trashed I want to save his the hardest thing I’ve ever done but it was up there that was uh that was apparently some of the roughest terrain in the park the direction we’re doing it in we kind of started on the hardest part of course it’ll get challenging at times but to put in perspective we climbed like four thousand feet and then went down 1,500 and then went back up like another two or something a couple blisters pop those feet feel okay for now it’s got to rely heavily on trekking poles and good old-fashioned elbow grease I guess I just took our first little break of the day where were we Russell Russell Field shelter who’s actually a little nicer than where we stayed last night but it was like three miles farther and we didn’t have a tennis [Music] walking footage this is what most of the day looks like what we’re probably gonna do is edit this down so that you guys think that hiking is all fun and looks great all the time but it’s mostly just walking uphill in the woods and being tired so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise five miles yes it pays to look up every once in a while sir [Music] caballos [Music] yeah almost of the top Oh rocki rocki [Music] mr. mcusic you don’t know what we’ve done [Music] the joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon for each day to have a new and different Sun [Music]

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2 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail (Smoky Mountains National Park) Part 1

  1. ¡Bravoooo! Por fin lo pude ver con la calma que merecía ser visto y escuchado. ¡Gracias, chamacos! Estaré esperando la siguiente parte. ¡¡Besoooos!!

  2. Looks like fun! And a lot of work…maybe I could have done this when I lived in the mountains, but probably not anymore. Love your point of view!

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