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Appalachian trail section hike; Bly Gap Georgia to Deep Gap NC

hey y’all Ramdino here coming at you
from back home in North Carolina well hope you like my last trip from
Dick’s Creek gap crossing over of the Georgia state line in the North Carolina
and ending it blog out find out how the rest of the trip went stick around all right it’s about eight o’clock in
the morning it’s got to update on the weather it’s going to get freeze warning
in effect for tonight not good but knowing that I probably not have made
the trip think I’m prepared for it I guess I’m gonna find out do have long
johns do have that extra sleeping bag so hopefully that’s gonna keep me warm got
my puffy if there’s always the big problem is going to be it’s raining now
and everything’s going to freeze so my socks will freeze I’ve got another pair
socks worst thing is is that my um my boots are gonna freeze gonna have to
find a way tuck them under my body or something like that tonight so this will
be a test first time I’ve been out in freezing weather so we’ll see how that
goes right now it’s rain in I’m gonna be
hiking in the rain at least till 11:00 if not beyond they’re calling forward to
move on out here by 11:00 don’t know if that’s going to happen but it’s a pretty
dreary day out there pretty foggy so that’s kind of how we’re starting out
today to get to we’re either gonna have to go eight miles to get to a shelter or
two the next one is like 15.6 so we got sassafras mountain to get over sharp top
to get over a lot of climbs it’s going to be on a muddy wet trail so I don’t
know if I make that 15.6 if I don’t it’ll definitely be a four-day trip we’d
get to that shelter there I can’t remember the name of it but it’s passed
in and I think it’s a Carter gap shelter that’s it we get Carter gap shelter then
we can then we’ll be good for to get in on Sunday probably I’ll be cold wet and
miserable by that time and want to be getting in but good training for my
upcoming thru-hike and I guess that’s going on eight years now so over by the
time we’ll have better equipment in any case that’s kind of what we’re up
against had a good night’s sleep last night as
good as I can have on the trail tent held up pretty good it didn’t start
leaking till I touch the side of it dub nobody man but the but as usual I sleep
in fits and starts but this time I had some several hours at a time that I
slept so that worked out good so I feel pretty rest restful just got
to get to the next shelter which is about two miles
two and a half up the trail and I need to check out there pretty so let’s get
going you got to get a break so you got to go get my bear bag out of the tree
finish back in and get this tent down so I’ve still got 20 30 minutes ahead of me
yeah breakfast will consist of protein bar
just warning until I get to that that’ll get to the shelter works dry alright
probably film on the trail probably won’t talk to you again till we get to
the shelter that’s a muskrat gap she’ll probably all
right talk to you then bye so Brooke camp we’re out of here
see if I can make this shelter in the next hour and a half or so it’s not
really raining hard now but it is a not to make you miserable I don’t know I’m
not that’s why I’m on the trail but my only concern is tonight everything I got
Ami’s gonna freeze of course everything house they’ve got a lot of water weight
from everything being wet it means I’m probably more like 36
pounds now so that’s dawn it’s gonna be tough anyway we’re going Charlie Mike see it
to shelter well it’s what my Vila looks like right now I’ve come up overshot the
tarp sharp top I hope that was sharp top because if it wasn’t sharp top really
gonna suck but that was a behind kicker for sure yeah
on these trips and sorry for the wind it is what it is but so often on these
trips I don’t record my random thoughts enough
and I always regret that so one of the things that I’m contemplate and I’ll get back to you
after I get rid of this huh okay as I was saying before I was so
rudely interrupted by the up so I got to thinking I got an a weather alert on my
phone that said I watched the area which I started near Hiwassee has a weather
alert temperature supposed to get down to 28 degrees tonight
caution crops may freeze at high altitudes or upper elevations which ever
want to see it okay well I’m not a crop but I’ll certainly freeze so I’m
thinking contemplating do I need to call the shuttle from one of the other trail
heads and get me back to Rock gap now what I call this trip of failure no
preparatory trip for my thru-hike so what happens when we do experimental
preparatory things you know we’re going to have some failures not everything in
life can be a success so even our failures our success look at Thomas
Edison you know his famous quote if it took you two thousand or whatever times
it took to invent the light bulb and he said nope took me two thousand times of
trying how not to invent the light bulb so he didn’t count that as a failure and
of course it’s not because we got lights but same thing for me so if I have to
bail I’m not going to count it as a failure my biggest concern is that uh as
you know my sleeping bag is experimental right now and did not work so good last
night if I had not I had my liner I would have been in big-time trouble it
was only in the probably upper 40s last night
maybe warmer than that and might have been in the lower 50s but if I’d had my
line or my thick liner I would have been in trouble
I wouldn’t made it I would have made it but he wouldn’t have worked for me so
didn’t have to get the additional sleeping bag I brought but still I was a
little chilly in it even with the liner at times so biggest thing for me and
freezing his that I don’t have any gloves I could use my wool socks and
those would work but they would be frozen and what I really need is some
type of waterproof or some some type of nothing out some covers to go over a
pair of gloves keep them from freezing gonna have that don’t have any gloves so
that’s my concern is my hands packing up in the morning being really really cold
and miserable now I could take a little bit of misery but it’s also the other
factor is I’m not real sure that even with two sleeping bags to what I would
call summer sleeping bags if that’s gonna be enough oh yeah puffy I could
put that on and then I’m down to putting my rain pants on which are probably
going to be wet they don’t dry out so that that could be a problem so I don’t
not really feeling the desire to risk it right now I may talk myself into it as
we go I just have to see yeah there was a few Google plastic surgery failures was a famous songwriter it would show up
my gonna say his name don’t want a trail shame him and we shame them at all
there’s a famous songwriter there’s also in a Geico commercial that gives you a
hint he says you got a no one to hold them you know when to fold them so I’m
still contemplating that probably 60 to 70 percent I’m gonna fold them will just
see they don’t walk there with weather changes between now and the end also
where my bailout points are and also if I can make it to that Carter gap shelter
because that’ll shorten my day own tomorrow I’ll get that far so don’t get
that far then I’m probably probably will fold them yeah there’s just some random
thoughts there’s I’m a hiking through the woods of North Carolina
hey did accomplish that this trip finished Georgia they can come back and
do this trip some other time it’s gonna be decent weather or none at least not
freezing the way the rain didn’t bother me
cold weather does but you know I’m gonna have to deal with it eventually but I
always come back and do a quick weekend and connect this wherever I bail out to
rot gap if I do bill and make that a quick weekend trip maybe even just an
overnighter and finish up all the way from southern terminus of the 88
Springer Mountain to to the NOC that’ll probably be like it might be spring or
might be we’ll just see if we get an Indian summer sometime if that occurs
tune in later okay so it’s official I have folded them and I will just left
muskrat Creek shelter got a four mile hike to do in two and a half hours is
that right no three yeah two and a half hours it’s got to be
doable too deep a deep gap where I’ve got Zen who runs good or Grove hostel
it’s going to be picking me up take them into Rock Gap pick up the truck and I’m
gonna be off the trail so decided to live to fight another day and looks like
kind of kind of be yucky all day today with no views and then
plus tonight it’s gonna be 28 with very very windy xx 30 mile an hour winds so I
didn’t care about being in a shelter somewhere with those kind of winds
everything wet and waking up and more and everything frozen so I’m I am gonna
be getting off the trail it’s not a failure for me it’s a success
because one I got out here enjoyed my time it’s only 24 hours give or take but also learned may become a little better
prepared even when the weather is pushing it or not push the weather and
also learned about my sleeping bag for my final review your part dude of my he
just max sleeping bag and that’ll be on a different video so I am heading on got
a few ups before I get there right now I’m gonna
on a slight incline but doing good got me something to eat that was the main
thing got some food and belly and some protein should be good from here on out
did lose a water bottle I always lose something on the trail at least it was
just a water bottle plenty of water sources could just lick a leaf if I got
desperate all right chat with you later so it was only
supposed to rain a tenth of an inch originally and that’s one reason why I
decided to come ahead and go this weekend but no one’s gonna rain more
than that probably not have but obviously I feel like it’s rained more
than that of an inch or so I check the weather forecast let you know how to get
back well I’m back home in North Carolina I
did wind up getting picked up at deep gap by then from goodish Grove hostel
that worked out fine made arrangements from muskrat Creek shelter I had a good
cell service signal there and he was able to meet me and we rendezvous now I
didn’t have to wait but about 15 or 20 minutes for him so that worked out great
plenty of parking good a fire road there for him to drive up there and get to me
so it was just a short trip from there over to a rock gap it only took us about
probably about 20 minutes they wouldn’t have taken years long but it’s a long
ride from the blacktop forest service road to get to the gap in case it worked
out fine came home that night and I feel like I made a great decision because I
looked at the weather what was going on and the folks that I saw heading up the
mountain as I was coming down they really got hit hard with cold weathers
high wind and a lot of rain so felt like I made the right decision and I was
happy with that and I look forward to getting back out on the trail another
day hopefully for the end of the year and finishing up that trip to ending up
at Rock Gap so it’s only about um probably around 12 to 15 miles from deep
gap to rock gap so I can do that in a in an overnighter if I got there early
enough might be able to do it in a day but I’ll probably make it into an
overnighter but in any case had a great trip look look forward to getting back
out on the trail if you got something out of this video give me a thumbs up
hit my face at the end of this video and subscribe to my channel and as always
appreciate you and we’ll see you out there

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  1. What was the ballpark price for your shuttle to Neels Gap & Dick's Creek? My son and I are planning our next section hike and my wife will be happy if she doesn't have to pick us up. Videos are great! Keep'em coiming! Thanks!!

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