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Appalachian Trail 2020 Thru Hikers Update

hey y’all Ramdino here coming at
you from North Carolina well the 2019 Appalachian Trail
thru-hikers season is quickly coming to a close and the 2020 Appalachian Trail
thru-hikers season is starting to get ramped up like gangbusters already lots
of people putting out videos out there and people getting excited about their
trip to 2020 if you know anything at all about just channeling me watched it you
know that I’m about building a high community and supporting the thew hikers
and so just like I did last this past year in 2019 and still going to continue
to do to the last persons off the trail or I’m aware of the last person off the
trail I’m gonna do it again in 2020 had a lot of you send me some messages and
asked me if I was going to be doing it and yes I will be doing it again so a
couple things we want to make sure that we include as many people as possible
that want to be included and the best way you can do is go ahead and start
sending you sending me your information so what I’ll need from you is I will
need your name your trail name your direction of travel when you plan on
leaving and your direction of travel meaning no Bo so Bo flip-flopper when
you plan on leaving the all the social media accounts that you want people to
support you through so be that YouTube Instagram trail journals whatever we
will update that and let everybody know where they can best come and support you
and make comments and just keep you spurred on all the way throughout your
journey I’d also like to know if you’re a veteran because we have a designation
for veterans there and that would be any veteran of the military services and I
also want to know if you’re hiking for some charity so if you’re raising money
we want to know that too and let everybody know and and the link to
wherever they can go to give to that charity or support you these are these
at charity so I’ll leave all of that down in description section there if you
just want to copy and paste that and you can send that to me at Ram Dino roaming
the trails let’s ramp Dino with addy Ram Dino roaming the trails at or you can send it through my Instagram account at Ram Dino through
the messenger or through my Facebook account at Ram Dino roaming the trails
and send me a message and then I’ll make sure that we include you in that will
include everybody when you make some updates and one of the things that a lot
of folks did in 2019 a lot of thru-hikers did is they would update me
through the Facebook messenger system and in doing so of course that kept it
private but it also helped me a lot and that way I didn’t have to go and look
for what their update was and then go back and create their you include them
in our update and that helps me out a lot by not having to go and look at look
for it if you’ll push that to me rather than me having to go find it
then chances are then I’ll have more time to include everybody as much as
possible as we can last year we were tracking somewhere in 2019 we’re
tracking somewhere around 200 folks and so this year I don’t expect it to be any
different we had a record-setting number of people
that completed this past year and so and and one of the things is we didn’t have
as many people that actually registered so the percentage for completion were up
considerably from what they’ve been in the past so good job 2019 but we want to
include everybody in that and you know I’ve had a lot of folks come up to me
and say hey we appreciate you keeping us updated on where people are and that
includes thru-hikers you know a lot of thru-hikers out there on the trail they
don’t necessarily have the best of service and so they don’t have time to
go and check them all the other thru-hikers out the because of their
service because their battery life so a lot of them thanked me and let me know
that they appreciated me keeping them that they kept up with other through
hikers through this channel so that’s what I’m about is not about me it’s
about building up the hiker community and helping the through hikers as much
as I possibly can so that’s one of the things I do I keno I don’t live close
enough to trail to get out and do a lot of trail angel work but this is how I do
my trail angel work only on YouTube so in any case I
hope you’ll participate in that get back to me again at Ram Dino roaming the
trails at or Ram Dino roaming the trails at Facebook and just send me
a message and we’ll be glad to get you updated I’ll have a spreadsheet set up
last year our changes up a little bit from 2019 before I just had to come kind
of a list and that got a little clunky so a plan on having it in a spreadsheet
the that’s easily linkable and easy for you to go and find those folks that you
want to support and that you want to track so hopefully you’ll track most of
them if not all of them or support most of them if not all of them but in any
case my plan is do as much as I possibly can so we look forward to getting that
from you and as always appreciate you and we’ll see out here
hey I don’t normally do a lot of PS is out there but this is something I want
to make sure that I didn’t forget to mention frozen over at the outdoor
adventures channel on YouTube is going to take three 2020 through hikers under
his wing and he’s going to personally mentor you so if you’ll go to his
channel outdoor adventures and you may have to google frozen outdoor adventures
but you’ll find it go to his channel and you’ll see their video he’s got up about
the format he wants to do it in and he’ll pick out furry folks that he’s
going to personally mentor for their Appalachian Trail through hike and
that’s going to be a great opportunity for three lucky through hikers to get to
talk directly and back and forth and get direct support from a Appalachian Trail
through hikers so appreciate you doing that supporting the giving back to the
hike of community frozen and that’s going to be great for y’all I’m sure
that he’d help anybody that’s sent him a comment or something but this is gonna
be a little more personal it sounds like from what his video says and any through
hiker I think out there would be more than happy to you know answer your
questions that you have but this is gonna be a little more personal and so
look forward to seeing how that works out and who gets to do it and then
following them on their trip

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24 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2020 Thru Hikers Update

  1. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done this year. It realistic amazing. Glad to see you’re going to keep doing it. I. Won’t be Thru hiking next year but I will be back in Maine – shooting for July – to finish up the last 257 miles of my hike. Thanks again for all that you do.

  2. Really appreciate your work. Your channel has become YouTube/AT central for me. I got to do a short section this year, but hope I’ll be telling you about a planned thru in a few years. Many thanks!

  3. Thanks brother, I had listed my information on one of your previous videos in the comment section, but I could send it via Facebook if you would like also. Just let me know.
    Kamper 2020

  4. Thanks for the really great coverage this year…fun to see people ramping up for 2020 already. Still following the last of the SoBo group this year…

  5. Hey, Ramdino. Thanks for all that you do for the thru hiker community. I plan to be a part of the AT 2020 class and I'll be emailing you my info soon.

  6. Ramdino!! Glad to hear you are doing it again for 2020. Your updates are a great service for the hiker community. I appreciate all you do for the AT!!

  7. Thanks for what you’re doing. Can’t wait to follow along other thru-hikers. I’m in the class of 2020

  8. Look forward to 2020. I am going to the Netherlands tonight. I will have videos from the AT SoBo hike with Cheerleader as well as future non AT adventures as well. Thanks for all you have done this year. Happy Trails

  9. Sent my info via FB messenger through your RRTT page. THANK YOU so very much for passing our info along. You will be my number one source to keep me updated when I’m out there. I’d love to meet you in 2020👊

  10. I’m just now finding your channel! Thank you for doing this and helping us who love to follow along from our couches!

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