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Appalachian Trail 2020 thru hiker Christmas Movie Challenge

Hey Ramdino here coming at you from the
mountains of North Carolina on a Christmas tree farm want to give a shout
out to Wild from the wild on the trail channel appreciate him including me in
the 2020 favorite Christmas movie challenge that just warms my heart to
know that uh that he included me as part of this 2020 thru-hikers even though I’m
not a thru hiker I just appreciate being part of the
hiker community and that’s what I’m all about my channel is all about is
building the hiker community so thanks a lot wild for doing that we’re here at
the Christmas tree farm this has been a 23 or 24 year tradition and I can’t
remember which one it is that my family does where we always come the mountains
and we do a choosing cut we cut our own Christmas tree and take it back home and
decorate it so that’s what we’re going to do we’re here to Christmas tree farm
now we’re going to be cutting our tree we’re gonna go home and decorate it and
there at the house as we’re decorating it that’s where I’m gonna give you my
movies so I appreciate that and I’m gonna nominate for the Christmas movie
challenge from me I’m gonna nominate hmm let me think about that not sure they’ve
been nominated I’m gonna nominate tell you what I can’t think of somebody
nominating now cuz I don’t know who’s been nominating but I’ll let you know at
the house of our nominated alright folks we’ll see you at the house alright folks
we are back at the house now decorating the tree with all the ornaments and just
as a side note all these ornaments we have collected over the years from
vacations and places that we’ve been other than the one you see there in the
center that’s kind of our compassion child that we support so anyhow Milly
tell us what it is that you what was your or what is your favorite Christmas
movie of all times oh that’s awesome I didn’t know that
okay cool chance chance is back behind the tree
chance tell us what’s your favorite Christmas movie of all time is yeah why
do you like home alone I think he likes home alone because he used to like
scooby Doo and there’s a lot of traps and stuff in it so well
miss Ram Dino what is your favorite Christmas movie of all time yeah why do
you like that even even even now even it’s even in all right
well let me tell you what mine is let me flip this around all right so my
favorite Christmas movie is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and I think that’s
the claymation one and that’s the one that’s guide them you know the the
lumberjack in it and the guy won’t the little fellow who wants to be the
dentist and and it’s got the bobble snowman that one of course got Rudolph
in it but they go to the island of misfit toys and that’s kind of my
favorite cuz we’re all kind of misfits but we all fit together somehow someway
so or that’s the idea they’re all supposed to do but anyway I’m going to
nominate for the next challenge I’m going to nominate Kentucky so Kentucky
I’m passing that but I don’t of you and let’s see here what your three favorite
Christmas movies of all time are folks that’s all I’ve got for you and from the
RAAM RAAM Dino family Merry Christmas Happy New Year you

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15 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2020 thru hiker Christmas Movie Challenge

  1. THAT WAS WONDERFUL! Thank you for accepting my nomination. You are definitely an important part of the AT Class of 2020. Merry Christmas to you and your family🎄

  2. Hey Ram! very good choice of movies and very nice family it is not surprising with a good dad like you! I am very happy to have you with us AT2020 👍 You are the lighthouse of the Appalachian Trail hikers! Merci mon ami ! Picklebal 😊

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