Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 9.8

hey y’all Ramdino here coming at you
from once again in North Carolina where it is high carbon night here so if
you’re a thru-hike are on the trail or a section hiker on the trail you may not
be getting this until in the morning because you it’s hiker midnight and you
may be already in the sack however if you’re not you’re just
hanging out around and no reason not to listen and hang out with me and
everybody else is watching so let’s go ahead and get on with the update for
this week for the 2019 Appalachian Trail through hikers if you’re new to the
channel then this is a channel where lots of folks come to keep up with the
through hikers and what’s going on and where we come to be a part of the hiker
community and build the hiker community and that’s what we’re all about here so
we hope you’ll join us with that it’s also just a little bit about my
adventures on the Appalachian Trail and you’ll find some of that scattered out
throughout the different videos that I’ve got online there also we’ve got the
registrations updates coming here so let’s go ahead and get to that the final
count according to the ATC of folks that stepped off from Springer and registered
was 3,300 and according to them the knobos that have made it to Harpers
Ferry and stopped in to get their picture taken that was 1530 of those
folks so that’s a little a little less than half there that made it to Harpers
Ferry that checked in course we know not everybody registers and not everybody
actually checks in at Harpers Ferry because it is if you have to go a little
bit out of your way to get there it’s only a couple tenths of a mile but lots
of folks do that but occasionally somebody may not flip floppers that
register were 348 this year so we’re probably done with of course with the
nobo registrations and also with the flip-floppers and more than likely with
the sub oh and there was 313 folks that registered for so Bo and of those 313 as
of August 26 and I know I get that that is old information but that’s the latest
to ATC has for me that’s online of that so most seventeen of them have
actually checked in at Harpers Ferry on their way to Springer so we wish all
those folks well whether you’re an oboe or solo and if you are here in the first
time of this channel then the best way you can do and help me build the hiker
community’s going support not only the knobos that are finishing but also the
so boughs and you can do that by going to ram Dino roaming the trails which is
my facebook page and there you’ll find a link to everybody that’s out there that
we have their social media links for then you can go to sign up to their
channels and in reserve bookmark their channels and you can go make comments
and help push them all the way the Katahdin all the way the spring or
whichever direction they’re going and you’ll get our weekly updates and you’ll
get notification of that if you’ll hit that subscribe button and hit that Bell
down there and you’ll know that when we’ve got an update coming which is
pretty much every week so let’s keep on going along with the updates here folks
that have summited Katahdin right now we are looking somewhere in the low to mid
500s other than through hikers that update me or folks out there that let me
know or just scouring the IG pages Instagram pages or YouTube there’s no
way for me to get that back for State Park
they won’t even answer the phone half the time and they don’t return my calls
or emails so they’re not going to tell me how many folks if somebody so I only
get it from you guys and what I can find online so it helped me out a lot if you
would let me know whenever you see somebody summit and get their summit
number and give me that notice because we want to make a note of everybody that
accomplished that and and just enjoy it with them and give them a had a boy and
congratulations and that just to let them know that we’ve supported them and
we’ve enjoyed watching their hike so give me that information whenever you
get it right now we are up and as I said and low to mid 500s champ he has
summited and he is now flipping to Massachusetts and he’s going to continue
on so beau to finish out his thru-hike rat tail he someone did last week or
this week actually and he number 518 a rat tail we appreciate that
and he summited of course he he went with his dogs after a while so off the
trip and of course they don’t Baxter doesn’t allow dogs they’re in the park
and they don’t allow them to certainly the summit Katahdin so he had to leave
zephyr wiles back down there but but rat tail we are congratulations on that I
met rat tail and interviewed him I’ll leave a link to that up here in he along
with booster from booster hikes channel met them in a north carolina shelter and
interviewed them and it was a really great interview enjoyed that a lot and
so it’d be kind of cool to go back and look at that and when they were just
fresh on the trail and of course they’d only crossed over one border and just
see how where they were then and where they are now so i encourage you to
follow that link and go back and look at that so as I said booster for booster
hike see also summer did this week if you’ve got some other folks somebody
those are all that we’re aware of that we are following currently if you’ve got
some other folks out there whether we’re following them or not we encourage you
to send those to me through my Facebook page on the instant messenger app there
at remedy no roaming the trails or through my Instagram account it just
simply Ram Dino and send us those folks whether we’re tracking them or not we
don’t want to leave anybody out won’t include everybody that has reached such
a monumental time in their life weather report for the trail up in Gorham New
Hampshire the temps turn today going to be in the high 60s to the low 70s this
coming week and Monday and the rest of the week looks like it’s going to be at
night gonna be kind of in the 40s to maybe the fifties they got a possibility
of rain on Wednesday and Saturday and it’s still gonna be a little muggy this
week and months in Maine they’re going to have likewise rain on Wednesday and
set it a little higher chance for them and their days are going to be the highs
gonna be in the mid 60s to the low 70s any nights going to be down in the mid
40s and the mid 50’s and it’s going to be still a little muggy now just
remember that this is for those towns that I’ve mentioned they
that is not at altitude so you may actually see some frost conditions at
altitude in the whites and Wildcats and some other places and some high
altitudes there so just keep that in mind if you’re out there on the trail
protect your saw your squeezes keep them from freezing and that’s the main thing
that you might have a problem with it freezing even getting down just in to
frost level temperatures it can still mess up your higher square sorry squeeze
believe me that’s the voice of experience that happened to me before
the estimated where the estimated hiker bubble is it is somewhere just a little
past the half point of Maine so coming into Monson and coming on into the
hundred mile wilderness so it is moving right along and it’s going to be there
north of Monson in no time hiker home trail whoo we have updates
for this week anchor he got vortexed in the shawls hiker hostel there in Monson
Maine and he has basically finished the trail he did some slack packing around
the hundred-mile wilderness and and he’s actually taking advantage of some other
trails in the area but he is going to wait in summit Katahdin on the 16th
which is his birthday so other than that he’s basically finished and helping out
around Charles and possibly doing a little work for stay but he is going to
be finishing looking to summit on the 16th of September actually is almost
done with the whites and she should be coming in the Wildcats any day now she
has suffered through some Hornets there’s a lot of folks I’ve noticed
they’ve gotten stung by yellowjackets and hornets on the trail and she has
also had a little knee injury there but she is sucking it up and driving on and
true x fashion and she is continuing the mission and right now she is she says
there’s not any frost out there that she’s run into yet but it is getting
chilly at night so kudos to you for for keeping on going there X and not having
to take a zero she said she’s not taking a zero she is got to get going
runa she is in the right whites and she says she’s around a bubble of about 30
plus or minus no bows and they’re staying in the huts and I was not aware
of this but I had asked her if she had problems getting
space in the hut since the huts are you know they have their own tourists that
come up there and pay to go there and then you have your thru-hikers but she
indicated that they had to take people in because of the weather so I don’t
know if I wasn’t aware that they had to maybe they just had to just but for
moral reasons but possibly there’s a rule out there so if somebody out there
knows what the rules are for the huts and taking in through hikers and if they
have to or not then leave a comment in the comment section like to hear about
that I’d like to learn more about that Amen Hawkins they are in Maine and
there’s somewhere around mile 1972 so it’s just a few more weeks left for them
as well Valkyrie she is summoning of course and she plans to get her
flip-flops started back from Harpers Ferry and she’ll be traveling Sobo in
the next few days and quicksand he has made it to Massachusetts Chuck Norrises
has a love-hate relationship with the whites
so he’s loving the views love him being there but as always the whites can
really kick you in the backside so in Chuck gives us some really good updates
oh he said he did Mount Washington two days ago and he had perfect weather and
he had over a hundred mile visibility so that’s pretty awesome
I said Moosa locky was amazing and tough and Franconia Ridge kicked his rear in
so he only got nine miles in that day so I’m sure a lot of you through hikers out
there can sympathize with that but so far he says the Kinsmen was his favorite
day because he had such an incredible view beautiful cliffs and amazing Hidden
Valley so he just really loved that I did say the climate was pretty technical
and a little scary and I’ve heard that for from more than one folk out there so
he’s gonna be in the Wildcats in the next couple days and he can’t wait to
get to Maine and he’s looking at summited Big Momma Kay in the next
couple of weeks so appreciate that update there Chuck Norris and anybody
else wants to send me their updates don’t worry about the length we’d love
to have as much information as you can so other folks can glean that is they’re
doing their thru-hike trigger is in Rangeley and possibly just north of
there now Hawk was in Gore on his sober portion of his yo-yo
this past Saturday and he plans to be done with his yo-yo by Thanksgiving so
more power to your Hulk lolly and pop they plan to summit Katahdin tomorrow
which will be the ninth and then they’re going to flip back and pick up the miles
that they missed and also summoning on tomorrow the ninth is Amy and John so
they are all excited about that I heard a rumor that Amy may be trying to push
John into doing a yo-yo don’t know about that if anybody’s heard anything about
that send me a comment down there Amy love to hear from you about that yo-yo
that you’re thinking about doing but in any case they are excited about someone
in Katahdin for mister update I apologize for that please send that to
me over on my facebook page at Ramdeen aroma the trails to that I am there and
I’d love to update you for this next week’s upcoming and if you summit we’d
love to have your summit picture along with your summit number or if you have
some friends that are out there folks you’re following that may not
necessarily be on social media send us their picture as well we’d love to
include everybody in this in this monumental event that they’re having in
their life bear reports well the bear reports pretty much remains stable the
same bear ports that we’ve been having of course in the Smokies all the
campsites there and the Smokies all the shelter sites have bear reports out and
bear cautions out about them the only one that’s still closed is a Cosby
shelter which is closed and and apparently going to be closed
indefinitely until the bear is going to hibernation still have the same alert
for Grayson Highlands and the mount Rogers area that all those shelters have
cautions out of them about bears particularly at Thomas Knob shelter
which is mile 499 and these are all nobo miles by the way in hurricane shelter
which is mile 515 so unoccupied tents and packs have been damaged by bears
looking for food there and Grayson Highlands and mount Rogers area so be
careful up there if you plan to camp overnight between
elk garden which is Virginia mile 600 and Dickey gap which is Virginia 650
you’ve got some bear cautions out there be sure using
the bear boxes there are some available there as well as that Fox Creek
Campground on Virginia s 603 Black Rock hunt shelter and the shanties they have
a temporary camping closure there due to bear activity Vermont they’ve got
several bear cautions out do the instance there at Goddard shelter which
is mile 16 hundred and twenty three kid Gore’s shelter which is 16 27 and
storage spring shelter which is 16 31 and Stratton pine shelter which is 16 42
so all of those have bear cautions out and the Goddard shelter at 16 23 is
actually temporarily closed we also have a bear report that we had out from last
week that doesn’t appear anywhere else other than from chill angels that have
told me that there’s problems with a bear up at Delaware Water Gap which is
nobo mile 12 ninety and they are having some issues with a bear that’s not
backing down and not even bluff charge and he’s just coming all the way in so
be careful up there around Delaware Water Gap is where as well if you have
any kind type of bear incidents or you having kind of run-ins other than just a
sighting the ATC does have a bear reporting system I’ll leave that down
here in the description section how you can report that or you can go to the ATC
website and you can find that there as well I’ll be hitting the trail either
this coming weekend or next weekend depending on what the weather and the
matrix does to me and we’ll just have to see but I am gonna be getting out there
and I will be making a video of that so I’m excited to get back out on the trail
just itching to get out there that’s my happy place and I want to get out there
bad today but just did not get a chance to do a day hike but this will be alone
we can’t all be finishing the rest of the Smokies still northbound section so
I hope you’ll come along with me if you like to physically come along with me
not just virtually then send me a message and I’ll be glad to get together
with you and we’ll see what we can do about making those arrangements
don’t forget down below in the description section our hiking helping
hikers section well we’ve got links those hikers that are helping other
hikers and through their either online store presence or just things that they
do for other hikers we want to make sure that we participate with them as much as
we possibly can and then also we’re kind of course the so we don’t have a lot of
Sobo hikers that we’re tracking we’d like to get more if you know of any or
you’re tracking any particularly those that might have social media accounts
let me know and we’ll be glad to add them to the list and include them so
everybody can go and give them support well folks that’s all I got this week I
appreciate you staying to the end and as always appreciate you and we’ll see out

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