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Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 7.7

hey ya’ll Ramdino here coming at you from
our great American family tour of the West where we saw four national parks
out west and they were a sight to behold we had a great time I’ve got links to
those in the endnotes here at the end of this video so if you’ll stick around
build in and click on those you’ll go in the day hike section there and you’ll be
able to see the many Heights we did and many sites we saw on our vacation so
appreciate you tuning in to see that if you knew the tap channel this channel is
set up kind of chronicle my adventures out on the trails and more particularly
Appalachian Trail but here lately we are concentrating on supporting the through
hikers and building the hiker communities for the 2019 class of as
they had the springer or as they had to Katahdin or anywhere in between on their
flip-flops so now we have been given updates every week so the best way for
you to support those hikers and help build this type of community is a hit
that subscribe button down there and then hit that Bell you’ll get our weekly
update notes that we are getting back on track with now that we are back from
vacation and then you can go to our Facebook page and that’s Ramdino
roaming the trails and there you will find all the links to all the social
media accounts for all the folks that we’re tracking that’s over 200 hikers
that we give updates for every week and of course we don’t give 200 updates but
we give as many as we can fine and as many as send us to their updates so
those hikers that push their notifications to me this week and sent
me there where they are and their updates on the trail to my social media
account they’re the Facebook page on the facebook Messenger I greatly appreciate
that that certainly helps me and prevents me from having to spend so much
time going to get it so we appreciate you doing that so let’s get on with the
update so while we’re not updating bag tags leaving out of spring anymore we
are updating those bank tag numbers that have made it to our first ferry and so
right now we are over 1,300 folks that have that our nobo that have made it to
Harpers Ferry you’ve checked in and got their bag tag
numbers and so we’ll be updating those as they occur we’ll also be giving you
folks that we know of that have summited at Katahdin and those that has a the sub
of course later new year Finnish Springer will be letting you know about
that so the folks that we have had on the channel been tracking so far Hulk
he was number 314 when he left Springer and he’s summited now he was number nine
when he hit Harpers Ferry and number 23 when he hit Kitab so congratulations you
hope that is a great accomplishment and the thing about Hulk is he is not done
yet Hulk has turned around and he is heading back to Springer
so Hawk we look forward to your continued update also congratulations to
frozen we want to me sitting numbers on frozen but congratulations also the
turkeys should we have been tracking and Turkish is numbering was 421 back
tagging them before 21 when he left Amitha and then when he had Harpers
Ferry is number 108 and he was number 14 when he saw Nick Katahdin so
congratulations all three of those guys and if you know some other folks out
there have summited that has social media counseling then please let me know
leave in the comments section blow off so I get in touch with him and find out
their specific numbers whether port Harpers Ferry rain looks likely through
the weekend and through the begin first of the week then you’ll have a one or
two day break and then you’re probably gonna have rain around Thursday toward
the end of the week typically in the high 80s humidity is gonna be in the
high 60s to the mid 70s so it’s gonna be a swelter out there harrisburg
pennsylvania it looks good after the weekend rain not expected till the end
of the week tensa gonna be in the mid high eighties
with the humidity and the high 50s to the mid 60’s so your humidity is a
little more a little less there but uh but still gonna be pretty muggy don’t
Massachusetts looks good at the weekend with few chance of rain to the end of
the week your temps will be in the low to mid 80s with humidity somewhere
around 50% and Gorman New Hampshire after the weekend rain moves on through
again you might at something on Thursday attempts gonna
be in the mid to high 80s with humidity in the low to mid 40s so as I as it is
summer it’s going to be muggy up and down the coast and a hard north you are
the less muggy it is a little more comfortable it’s going to be anchors are
on the trail that we have updates forward we greatly appreciate those who
have pushed me their notifications and let me know where they are
through the instant master app over on my Facebook page empty no Romans trails
that helps me out a lot then cuts down on my time trying to figure out where
folks are and trying to put together this update so I appreciate that
navigators in New York State and she’s with group crush whiskey peach and blast
they took a few days off and hung out and one of the folks is parents house
and they’re gonna be getting back on the trail possibly today lolly is back with
pop and they are north of Delaware Water Gap champ he’s closing in on Harpers
Ferry the Minnesota Vikings they’re somewhere near do Cannon and they had
the opposite opportunity to take a zero and do some kayaking on a river there
that was provided by trail angel Mary so they had a really good time doing that
and they would highly recommend that if you get the chance to do that that you
look up Marian when you get to do cannon she’s over the pub there and we can get
you her phone number probably if you feel like that be sure and send me and I
am I’ll be glad to get that to you and should be glad to help you out and and
do a trail angel for you and do some throw magic for you and get you on the
river kayaking as well so that’s just something that a great there’s people
out there in the hiker community like that that uh that they go to extent like
that that help make people’s trip and their journey just all that much better
oz he’s been on the trail now for about two weeks and he is already sub oh and
just north of Stratton and on his sub o turnaround hike and that includes a 24
hour hike where he did 45 miles so the hiking sailor definitely got the wind at
his back and we look forward to his updates and him continuing on that and
just stay healthy Saul we got se wrong way he’s in the whites he says
he’s seen lots of hikers in the whites and it looks like Disneyworld up there
so wrong way we appreciate the update Garrett also known as dog treat is in
New Jersey and he is on schedule to do the 80 in a hundred days so he can get
back to school where he’s at the Citadel and he plans a summit August 15th one a
woman they’ve made it to dr. Massachusetts at mile 1571 pork chop he
is under 500 miles left and he’s finishing up and it’s it’s becoming real
to him now so I would encourage you to go to his channel and take a look at
that watch his video and just a pork chop puts it all out there and doesn’t
hold anything back so pork chop we appreciate that and we look forward to
what you have last year last 500 miles as well as your summiting 10 bores
through Pennsylvania on her flip-flop and she’s already done New Jersey so
she’s going to flip up to Massachusetts and go north from there to Katahdin and
then come back to Harpers Ferry and flip back down there and do her so bow down
Springer belching the hanging of the it’s who we are channeling they’re
getting back on the trail after some family vacation time and they’re
somewhere around Buchannon underdog and his crew are heading into Manchester
Vermont today gypsy wonder and mountain man they’re in central new New Hampshire
anchors taking a few zeros and going to play tourist and see New York City
runways near Stratton Maine and he’s enjoying a Nero or zero there with
ketchup and rabbit foot Minnesota hike ins with bar spoke about them G pack and
B pack they are in Kent New York and say that humidity is terrible there so I Got
News for you I think it’s gonna be terrible everywhere it’s certainly
terrible here in North Carolina but we appreciate that update G pack and B pack
Papa John he is in Rutland he says the black flies are out in abundance Kelly
also known as gypsy wonder is in central Pennsylvania and says the trails super
muddy and the rocks are super slate due to all the rain they’ve had but she does
say there’s plenty of water sources around there
Runa is around the shanties funky she will be
in the shanties in a few days and says the water sources are great there or
correction are not great in central Virginia try-try she is on the trail of
new jersey but she’s still recovering from her concussion injuries so try try
we want you to be careful but you definitely get the heart award this year
for just going out there and persevering and persevering through your injuries or
IT band ish injuries in the beginning and now your concussion and we know you
can’t do big miles we don’t expect that we just enjoy watching you and watching
your updates and we thank you so much for that and just keep on doing your
best and don’t ask anything of you of yourself other than your best Amy and
John there’s somewhere around Pennsylvania the New Jersey border he
that he’s around parish burg and the dour duo that they are in New Jersey
I missed you update I apologize that please send that to me through my I am
messenger over on my Facebook page and I’ll be glad to get that update on in
our next version I always make sure that I don’t give a specific location or an
exact location just for hiker safety out there so send those to me greatly
appreciate that off the trail this week pot we have Paul’s on the trail from
Eastern backpacking you’ll recall he’s suffered had to get off the trip because
he suffered from some malnutrition tried to get back on the hike and get back on
the trail and he got to the whites and decided he was not a hundred percent and
he need to be a hundred percent to do the whites and so he is his body never
fully recovered from that so he he went ahead and got off for that but this year
so folks that’s just a lesson learned we can all learn from each other and that’s
a lesson learned you know hikers typically don’t eat the
best of foods there and we don’t stay dehydrated so you got to look after
yourself you may not even have a fall or an injury but you may do some problems
to your body physically that you just will just have to come off the trail and
nobody wants to see that and and y’all put so much effort into it and so much
heart into it that we know you don’t want to do that either
maybe feet of the act and baby feet team she has had to get
off the trail for a foot injury in Harpers Ferry so she’s gonna have to go
back home to the doctor and do some rehab work and try to figure out what’s
going on and then she plans to get back on the trail somewhere and meet axe up
north and summit with her at Katahdin so go and give them a thumbs up giving them
a comment let them know how much you appreciate them and pay particular
attention to X because X has lost her hiking partner her mom or her mom if
you’re watching their channels you know that she’s like a sister to her so the
two just have so much fun and we’ve enjoyed y’all’s Channel so much so keep
it up and baby feet we we hope that you get
everything worked out and that you can get back on the trail just as soon as
possible hearts and prayers and thoughts go out
there to you too Pete Raymond rose and Rex they have decided to get off this
trail get off the trail this year as well they crossed into New York but due
to some reoccurring injuries they’ve had throughout the course of their trip as
well as some severe reactions to bug bites the heat and the humidity won’t go
in specifics about that but it’s been terrible reactions to that and it’s just
made it almost unbearable to stay on the trail my fact it has made it unbearable
they probably hike past but unbearable a long time ago because I’ve met them on
the trail personally and talk to them person on the phone I know them to be
folks that it took a lot for them to decide that it was time to get off the
trail and so so we’re sorry to hear that we
look we look forward to hearing your final video on that and we appreciate
all the updates you got out there and whatever else is in store for you we
look forward to that as well folks arrow is off the trail and she is in New York
due to some pole injuries apparently she just woke up limping one
day and now it has been determined according to nab that she had apparently
gotten bit by a tick and had Lyme disease so dogs can get Lyme
disease but she seems to be healing well and so she’s gonna stay off the trail
his knife goes through the state of New York and meet back up with her somewhere
up north so arrow we look forward to seeing you get back together with your
team there and we hope you get healed up well and everything goes good for you so
y’all Navan in arrow as y’all have throughout the course this trip y’all
look out for each other finder starting next week don’t know how
can we have starting next week and actually starting today it’s quicksand
on the trail so he was due to start yesterday on his so boat trip and summit
Katahdin started sub Oh however it was pretty bad storms up there and so he
decided that he wouldn’t risk getting struck by lightning in his journey
before it even got started and so he’s summiting today and gonna
get that solo trip started so quicksand on the trail good luck we look forward
to your updates throughout the course your trail news from the trail the
approximate location of the bubble it’s more like a smear if you look at this
graphic right now because we’ve got no bows some bows flip-floppers all that’s
represented here in this bubble because the data was taken from the books in the
shelters and the comments and the dates that people had made so but looking at
the updates that I’ve gotten from our hikers that we’ve been following as well
as other hikers it looks like the bubble is somewhere the nobo bubble is
somewhere around Pennsylvania New Jersey border so also navigator reports of
water sources and northern New Jersey in New York are terrible they are yellow
and gross so but but we have had reports from other folks down in Pennsylvania
that the water is good there and we’ve also heard that the water is fairly dry
and few and far between in Virginia due to the dry weather there
so folks you might want to reconsider with that information how you’re doing
your water carry are you carrying enough water so it’s very important to stay
dehydrated most folks like dehydrated but you never know you know an area
where you’re not going to be able to get to some water and I’ve noticed before
just like any other system that gut-hooked can’t be wrong about a stream
that supposedly says that water source is good and you get there and it’s not
so there’s nothing like getting somewhere and not having any water
encounter on that water source and not having it so Camelot wherever you get
your water source and then maybe conserve until you can get to the next
one and Campbell up again and resupply there underdog wants to send out some
caution to folks about the hostels up in the New England state said they are
filling up fast and he recommends that folks go ahead and plot out where
they’re going to be and its best they can and go ahead and get your
reservation at hostels or you may not be able to get a hostel we’ve kind of got a
perfect storm up there we’ve got no bows that are heading in the area you got so
boughs that are coming down you got flip-floppers and now you also have
lashes up there so with the lashes and just people in general out hiking it’s
gonna be can be difficult there’s probably not enough bunk spaces and room
spaces go around underdog indicated he had to stay in a very high-priced hotel
that day that he had to go into town so I would imagine also the shelters are
pretty full up there so just keep that in mind as a minimum but the only thing
you can do is kind of forecast ahead and if you’re going to stay at a hostel or
if you’re some people do stab motels if you’re going to do that then you need to
kind of think ahead and not expect to find something when you get into town
the bear port so we still got the Smokies warnings out for the bird spring
get a campsite area there one set mile one seventy two point three and the ice
water spring shelter at two ten point out still got the bear lurtz out for the
Grayson Highlands and mount Rogers area at the Thomas knob shelter at mile 499
and the hurricane shelter at Mile 515 Queens gap in North Carolina mile 457
we’ve got one out there we’ve got a new alert for the
continent for the Kasbah knob shelter which is the last shelter at the
northern end going no bow of the Smokies so we’ve had some increased bear
activity around there and in the Shannons they’ve actually closed the
Black Rock Hut shelter and campground area due to some bear activities and
that’s at 18 north bound mile marker eight eighty four point four apparently
bears have been trying to get into people’s tents and stealing their
backpacks inside their tents so that’s a bad situation especially if you’re
inside the tent so keep that in mind as you’re up there don’t forget that we
have the hikers helping hikers links that are down in the description go down
there and check those folks out and help them out where you can some of those
folks are selling their merchandise to fund their hikes and others are just out
there to build up the hiker community and do what they can so check those
links out we appreciate all y’all do to help out these through hikers as they
make their way to Catan or make their way to Springer and just the help build
the hiker community that’s all I got this week folks as always appreciate you
and we’ll see you out there

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17 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 7.7

  1. Thanks for the very informative hiker update Ramdino! FYI, Hawk returned home because his Pops is battling cancer. Check his last vid. Baskets and Garden State summited on 25th June. Hikers coming through the Whites and Maine should be aware they can stealth camp. The Whites required at least 200 feet from trail. Three lean-tos in Maine have "live-in" Caretakers, but there is no charge to use the lean tos. I know some hikers have an aversion to carrying water because of the weight, but it can save your life. In an effort to stay hydrated, just be ware of hyponatemia (over-hydration). Grab Propel, Nuun or other electrolytes to mix with water. Fats like olive oil and Avocado will help maintain dietary balance. Add some greens, when possible. Hikers should be consistently feeding the machine and adding to their glycogen reserves. Happy trails! ๐ŸŒบ

  2. Great Review/update. I Agree regarding the water in New Jersey and New York is brown water when filtered turns yellow and green mud puddles. Gross๐Ÿ˜

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  4. I appreciate what you do for the thru hiker community. Keep up the excellent work!

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