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Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 6.4

hey y’all Ramdino here coming at
you from North Carolina well this updates a little late I was so inspired
by all the messages I got and updates I got from thru-hikers out there that I
just had to get out on the trail myself this weekend and that’s what I did I
went for a little day hike I’ll have that up sometime hopefully within the
next week or so but I did a little 16 mile or day hike from Hot Springs to a
little we’ll pass down a gap up around a hostel up there I had a great time but I
appreciate you understanding that my updates a little late and then I got
caught up in the matrix last night and had to go out of town so let’s go ahead
and get started with an update this channel is where a lot of folks come to
check on updates for through huggers this year and see see where they’re at
on the trail how everybody’s doing who’s gotten off the trail who’s getting back
on the trail what’s going on the nobo and Sabo and folks come here and support
them so we want to build a hiker community and and you know get behind
the through hikers and support them all the way the coton always spring or
whichever direction they’re going the best way you can do that is hit that
subscribe button down there and then hit that Bell so you get our notifications
and you’ll get our notification of weekly update and then you can go on
over to my facebook pages Ramdeen o roam the trail and there we’ve
got the complete list of all of the through hikers and their links to all
their social media accounts and you can go and make comments there and spur them
on whichever direction they’re going whatever they’re doing on the track so
this going get started with updates went ahead this week and as I’ve done in the
past couple updates or all my updates I’ve given you statistics and stats on
what’s going on with how many people that have registered and this week
looking at it just had not changed that much so we’ve only got a few people that
registered for no bow or flip-flopper or so bows so didn’t really make a lot
of sense to get all into that that much but we did have a few folks but it looks
like the registrations have stabilized for this year don’t expect too many more
to happen they’d have a few more bloggers and bloggers I wanted to add
this week so on YouTube we had went through and looked and I think I’d had
them before but I didn’t notice we had him on our list I’m gonna go
ahead and repeat him if I have to Kentucky dekat Katahdin is no bow and
they are on YouTube David Brown a–let’s he’s on Instagram
and I’ll leave all these new links down in the description section as well as
update them over on Facebook page David Brown a–let’s is at Instagram
calm slight forward slash David Bromwich and that’s BR au in li CH and he’s
nobody left on May 23rd so he’s trying to do a 70 day thru-hike attempt Jake
parado is Sobo starting June 5th and he is on Instagram at 9:12 underscore leo
dana woods is no bow left April 12th and it’s she is midlife underscore hiker
Kentucky the Cardinals the Kentucky Duke Katahdin also has a Instagram account
and I’ll leave that description down there and Garrett who is trying to do a
hundred day thru-hike attempt and he’s being mentored by Scoutmaster and he has
changed his social media account to dog treat hike so go go there on that
YouTube account and keep him spurred on as he tries his hundred day attempt so
that he can get back to school where he is cadet at the Citadel if you’re a
current or a new vlogger please go to my Facebook account make sure I’ve got your
account correct there so people can find you or if you’re missing let me know we
don’t want to leave anybody out we want to add everybody there that’s going that
wants me added on there we want to add you to to make sure that folks can go
and leave comments and and support you way to report the summer humidity is
here and on the rise up and down the trail I have noticed that folks that are
way up farther north like Hulk in wrong way I’ve noticed that some of them
actually do have a toe bogs on and cages Linda mornings might even have a puppy
on so still a cold up north during the mornings but down here in the south in
the mid-atlantic area it’s getting awful stuffy and awful heart so medvirginia
Virginia and upper Virginia you’re going to be wet most of the week your camps
going to be in the high 70s to the low 80s and the humidity is going to be
in the 60 to 80% so that’s getting off the sultry up around Dalton
Massachusetts the Philo’s the mid-70s is gonna be the 10th for the humidity’s in
60s and 70% so that’s getting pretty muggy and up around Harrisburg
Pennsylvania you’re gonna have low to mid 80s with rain the first of the week
and it’s going to be rain pretty much throughout the week for several folks up
and down the trail here is a graph showing from the National Weather
Service showing how much rain you can’t expect embarrassed portions up and down
the trail and it’s going to be particularly bad around mid to Northern
Virginia so the hiker on hikers are on the trails
updates we have we’ve got G pack and B pack or somewhere in the middle of the
shanties maybe wonder she is finishing up Georgia and will be flippin up to
Maine soon Punky’s north of the mount Rogers area
lolly and tri tri and Peabody are flipping up to Pennsylvania from the Mid
Virginia area pop is heading back home she’s got some things to take care of at
the homestead and she’ll be back in July to take care of to get back with her
family there and to join lolly and try try Peabody
wherever they are in July Garrett is north of land Virginia and he is past
the 600 mile mark and on schedule for his hundred day hike nav is around the
shanties and she says it’s hot and drying out a bit there in in central
Virginia she’s got a new tramway and it’s hiking with groove blouse barely
crush grinder cookie crisp and she says there’s our super fun group they’re
having a blast underdog he is leaving out a win game
and he’s heading into New Jersey the Blue Mountain restaurant in the ice
cream place off with a blue Mount Road he said was a great place to eat and he
also stayed under pavilion there for free while a storm past so he’s got very
nice people there and he also said the wind gap has a great cafe there the
Broadway cafe food has some awesome food there’s a hiker friendly mom there and
daughter who owned and run the place and there was two stops here that were
definitely worth mention and he’s telling everybody to be safe and enjoyed
your journey and he also wanted to give a huge shout out to iceman million rich
for their fabulous trail magic down a tech bill shelter gap gypsy wonder she’s
trying to get back on the trail but the floating in the West has prevented the
trains from running so if you’ve been keeping up with the weather out all out
west you know that they are having some terrible flooding historical flooding
and the trains and even the highways are blocked and so people that are coming
from the West trying to get so Bo and left you’re flying you may not be
getting there anytime soon Minnesota hiking’s and it’s who we are
they are north of the Virginia Triple Crown so they’ve done dragon’s truth
dragon’s tooth and the taker cliffs and McAfee knob so they got held on at
dragon’s tooth so just keep that in mind when these thunderstorms move through
that sometimes they do carry and Bennett Hale and a lot of times you’ve got no
place to get under shelter out there and open so folks be safe and keep in mind
full and particularly even these embedded thunderstorms also carried
lightning so might want to brush up on your lightning procedures and what to do
particularly when you’re on at higher elevations and on ridge lines anchor he
is north of the 501 shelter and says that Pennsylvania mud is tough the
trembling of two knees ramblin rose and Rex are back together after two names
had to get off the trail for some injuries to her ankle and they’re being
joined by shad and her dog Moxie and they want to say thanks for the trail
magic they received on May 29th one of the Appalachian Trail outreach
ministries and mangu of lick skillet out hostile so they said they’re well-fed
clean and rested by their labors of love for the hikers so big shout out to those
folks ex and baby feet are somewhere around bland Virginia and they’re doing
great and that’s fun to watch that mother-daughter team as they go through
up there you would think they were sisters all the way they act wrong way
he snore at the Barrington and he’s gotten in some new shoes and his feets
are recovering from his worn down shoes his phone didn’t take a dog so he hadn’t
been able to me came for a while but he says that’s
dried out now so I’d encourage everybody as he is closing in on Katahdin to go
and give him a comment and keep him spurred on sometimes when you when your
feet hurt you like that you just need a little kick in the pants okay go give
him a good come in Ruth she’s somewhere around Damascus Turkish he is in
Connecticut Hulk’s in the whites in New Hampshire and after getting off the long
trail he is getting back on the 18th and gonna be continuing his track on north
porkchop he is through Pennsylvania and he’s somewhere around the Bake Oven nob
shelter Amy and job there Amy and jhand are somewhere around mile 670 Paul’s on
the trail somewhere around mile 750 boost her hike and booster hikes and
zephyr while they’re around Harpers Ferry and I ran into them and standing
in diem shelter you might recall I did an interview with him and so they are
enjoying it and Zephyr whilst he’s got his dog with him Papa John he’s north of
the 501 shelter Wonder Woman they are at the Dole in
Pennsylvania had a few brewskies up there and had some good fellowship and
traveling outside the bats is north of dragon’s tooth so if I missed your
update please go to my Facebook page and send me a message toward the end of this
week and I’ll be sure and get you on the upcoming update for this coming weekend
we’ll make sure we’ll get everybody there that wants to be updated and I’ve
had other thru-hikers comment to me and tell me they really enjoy hearing the
updates about the other thru-hikers because I don’t have time to go and find
you know how everybody else is doing so they like keeping up with them through
this channel and kind of hearing where everybody else is so if you can use that
you feel like using a source of communication that’s great that’s what
I’m here for to not only build the community around y’all and support the
thru-hikers but to support the thru-hikers amongst themselves
a couple things folks that are off the trail Pete that is still off the trail
due to a knee injury but he’s healing well and plans to get back on around G
24th and he’ll be getting on somewhere around rockfish and then heading the
Springer then flipping back up to Vermont or I mentioned pop who’s off the
trail stone turtle she is off due to a hip injury spot
is off the trail from and Noble hike and we’ll be starting sub Oh in early June
all of us who technically has not gotten back home has not gotten on the trail
again but as always a presence and gave a good video this week about hiking on a
shoestring budget and he’s basically cutting down on zeros and hostels so
apparently last year during his attempt he spent way too much time in the
hostels he did six zeros in hostels by the time he got to Franklin so that’s
quite a bit he’s also going to be doing more miles rather than hiking at banking
hours he’s going to be getting up earlier in the day and in getting to the
shelter a little earlier and spending most of his morning trying to do as many
miles as you can so if you see us out there and you see him he had got out of
his tent by 5 a.m. you need to go over there and rattle at tent wake him up
pull his tent pegs collapse that thing and get him out of bed so he can get on
the go so he gives everybody permission to do that to go and wake him up
and of course oz has challenged he says he’s challenging Hulk I think he means
Hulk but in Canada I think you pronounced Hulk Hulk so he’s really
challenging Hulk and he’s challenging the wrong way as well to who can do the
most miles this year so AHS plans to Frank’s oh bugger from Katahdin all the
way down to Springer and turn around and go back to Harpers Ferry so that is his
challenge so just understand though since he’s not hiking all the way back
to Canada somebody’s got to come and pick him up and give him a ride from
Harpers Ferry so leave a comment down there if you volunteer to help him out
or if you feel like he just needs to be left at Harpers Ferry and he can go no
Bo next year news from trail here’s the approximate location of the bubble it’s
somewhere around we got a couple bubbles going there course the early folks are
up north of pin Moore I’ve got another bubble round Harrisburg and another
round Roanoke there Katahdin as official now will not be open
best until June 15th so and that’s if conditions permit so what that means is
there’s like ninety nine folks that have been registered between June 1st and the
15th so now they’ve got to start somewhere so according the odds and he’s
going to under research he says that a lot of people are starting sub o south
of Catan and they’re going out whenever Katahdin opens they’re going to
flip-flop up the cook on Katahdin go do it and then come back when they left off
and continue their trip so Bo so that means those folks do it will not be a
true so Bo doesn’t matter there’ll be flip-floppers
but that doesn’t really matter they’ll still be doing the old trail but you
could imagine 99 folks that are doing that starting the trail up north and now
we’ve got the first portion of the bubble going north now plus we got flip
floppers so the top portion of the trail may be getting crowded like the bottom
portion of the trail after the kickoff starts in the in the early spring so
we’ll see how all that crunches out I’d be interested here from you through
hikers particularly you guys are up north if you’re going to be encountering
a lot of folks that are heading so Bo that got called up with the closure or
the late opening up at Katahdin as I mentioned before nav is around the
shanties and she thinks says things are starting to get dry there and the water
sources are few and far between it’s also dry around the hotsprings area if
you hadn’t made it there yet or if you’re possible on a flip-flop coming
into that area I did that this past weekend I did hot springs to Allen just
north of island gap at the hemlock hostel there in a stream from very dry
particularly between hot springs and Tanyard gaps so you need to camel up
before those areas underdog says that the Pennsylvania water sources are slim
and I’ve also got reports of the beaver dam has calls trail floating south of
the 501 shelter in north of 325 Pennsylvania Road underdog says he feels
that there’s less hikers this year and then then and out pretty fast and the
Hemlock hostel there that’s north of hot springs like I mentioned they indicated
that things have been slower this year and they said they didn’t even have a
bubble this year so not sure why they missed out on a bubble there’s always
some bubble of course there north of hot springs and everybody wants to stay in
hot springs instead of staying there I’ll do a little review on that hostel
but this shout out to Diana there and James at the hostel that was a really
nice hostel and I enjoyed there what they did for me just past weekend anchor
sent me a very interesting video says the tornado came through the shelter
area that was north of Buchannon and that the trees were all down around that
area up there around the trail north of the canyon but the maintainer is he
understand they’re supposed to be getting in there and possibly have
already gotten in there by now I saw last night with a wind chill at
Mount Washington hit two degrees so the whites are still cold bear reports we’ve
got some new bear ports out of New York at the fingerboard shelter they’ve got
an aggressive bear there of course we’ve been watching the Mount grace of mount
Rogers Grayson Highlands areas we’ve got problems with bears there there’s been
problems of bears that I reported last time in the Smokies bear activity
additional bear activity has been noted at the McKean mcqueen’s gap in Tennessee
and also at the in San indoors they’ve had some issues and in the Senate doors
they have got a temporary relocation of the trail do power line work and that is
from the calf mountain shelter to the Jarman gap special thanks to those folks
that commented to me either in the comments section below or privately
through the messenger over my Facebook page about my TV interview I decided not
to do that I didn’t feel like that one person as diverse as the hiker community
is did not feel like that one person could represent the entire hiker
community there’s just too much diversity there and I just did not was
not comfortable with that also I am NOT a mental health expert felt like that’s
the way they were going with it and I’m not a law enforcement expert
even though I’ve taken basic law enforcement training I know expert by
any means on that and so did not feel like that that I was an expert in one of
those fields and I felt like that’s where they want to go with that so I
decided to decline that interview on the hikers helping hikers uh don’t forget
about the lengths I’ve gotten down there in description section on the go fund me
donations for the attack victims this up to five thousand three hundred sixty two
this this week please go to that and share that through your social media
accounts with everybody and let’s keep that fun growing well folks that is all
I’ve got this week if you love to see your comments down in the comment
section give me a thumbs up go on subscribe to this channel and as always
appreciate you they will see out there

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18 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 6.4

  1. When you mentioned David Braunlich's attempt at 70 days (WOW!), any word if anyone is trying to do an FKT? Just wondering. … And thanks so much for your videos!!

  2. Always a pleasure to give you a good laugh. 18 days to go. Wonder if I will depart before Hulk reaches Katahdin?

  3. Harppers Ferry could give you a good idea on halfway numbers too. Right now I know a hiker with bag number 550 at amicable falls but was halfway number 350. That is 200 hikers that have not teach the halfway marker or just quit. Expect this number to get really distorted by 01 July 19.

  4. Another great update Ramdino! Thanks for your honesty about not doing the TV interview. That totally makes sense. Too many zeros = $$$ expenses. IF Oz is challenging Hawk on mileage, I think Hawk has got it beat, IF you count the Vermont Long Trail. Hawk may be the first thru-hiker to do both the AT, then AT yoyo PLUS the Vermont Long Trail…an extra 273 miles! You have some really strong hikers in MA and NH right now. It is almost summit time in the next three to four weeks…It's getting very exciting! Happy trails! ๐ŸŒบ

  5. Thanks for the shout out. I got many comments hoping my feet were well and my new shoes are working. Yes to both. Feeling good and hiking with CopStix til the Long Trail splits off. OZ, I may not do the most miles this year, but I may be out here the longest. I'll be here as long as I can and want to be. Happy Trails

  6. I appreciate the shoutout! My videos are delayed quite a bit, last one was from the Roan Highlands around mile 375. In real time Iโ€™m in Roanoke, Mile 710. My instagram is more current! @thereal_m_smith


  7. My goal is to hiking the smokes mountain how long does it take to hike it from Tennessee to North Carolina and I'm from Maine can I take a bus from Tennessee to the smokes mountain

  8. Im real close to roan mountain.why dont they stay on the trail.strange people every where.hope they all go back.

  9. Had a but of time to and signal to watch this. Thanks for the continued updates. Especially about the bears in Grayson Highlands. Will be heading there sometime tomorrow.

  10. Thank you for the shout-out. Made it to Manchester VT. I am slowing my pace down for health concerns. Iโ€™ve lost about 35 lbs since I started. No more 30+ mile days and plenty of town food every chance I get. Also, Iโ€™m on fourth pair of shoes! It has been dropping down to the 30s at night up here but slowly get a few degrees warmer each day gradually hitting the 60s/70s by mid afternoon. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท

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