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Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 5.5

hey ya’ll Ramdino here coming at you from
in-between storms in North Carolina welcome to the 18 2019 through hiker
update for May 5th if you’re new to the channel this channel is a chronicling my
adventures on the Appalachian Trail as well as building the hiker community to
help support the 2019 Appalachian Trail through hikers on their way to Katahdin
are on their way to Springer Mountain Georgia anywhere in between so if you’re
looking for through hiking information you’ve come to the right place so let’s
go ahead and get dive right in and get started on what’s going on with the
through hikers on the Appalachian Trail so far on registrations we got no Bo
2293 as of this week and that’s up from 2283 from last week flip-floppers we’ve
got 159 up from 150 last week and so Bo we have 167 up from 155 last week so
that gives us a total of two thousand six hundred and nineteen up from two
thousand five hundred and eighty-eight from last week so we got a lot of folks
out there on the trail right now and they are loving it and hopefully that
everything is going great for them hundred down at EMA cold Falls State
Park tells me that we are up to bag tag number 2499 so think about that for just
a minute we’ve had registered no bow from Amicalola that have pre-registered
online two thousand two hundred and ninety three and we are at Bank tag 2499
so that tells me that since there’s more the back tag number is higher than the
no Bo registrations online that obviously there are people that are
registrant down and Amicalola that have not pre-registered online and that’s
normal we’ve mentioned that in videos before and as much as it just depends on
who you ask at the ATC some people say ten percent
some people say twenty five percent and there’s also a factor of people that
just don’t register at all that don’t even have a registration number and so
they go unaccounted for every year but so far we’ve right at twenty-five
hundred that if left Amicalola Falls State Park
we don’t have any new bloggers or bloggers to add to the channel this week
however if you are a vlogger or blogger please go to my facebook page Ram Dino
Roman the trail and there you will find the complete list of all of the true
hikers and their link to their channels and Instagram accounts and trail journal
accounts if you’re through hiker look for yourself on there if you are not
there please let us know and the link to your channel or your journal or your
blog or vlog and we’ll be glad to include you so that other people can go
there and find that and support you so the best way that if you’re somebody
who’s just not a through hiker who’s just one of the hiker community or that
or wants to support the through hikers on their quest for their through hike
then best way to do that is subscribe to this channel hit that Bell down there
and you’ll get the weekly notifications and when we do the updates and then that
way you can go to my facebook page it Ramdeen o roaming the trails and you’ll
find the complete list down there in the description section of everybody that we
are tracking right now on the way the Katahdin or their way to Springer
Mountain which whatever the case may be if I have left you out and you’re
through hiker not on there please let me know we’ll get you included right away
weather report coming up for the trail we’ve gone Damascus the temps are going
to be in the high 70s occasionally in the low eighties this coming week
there’s a chance of rain for around 40% from Thursday until Sunday so folks are
maybe going to get a little bit wet toward the end of next week
Charlottesville Virginia’s highs are in the high 70s to low 80s
and they’re going to have a 40% chance starting on Sunday so the rain is going
to happen a little further north a little later in the week and then on up
north at Delaware Water Gap the highs are going to be in the low 70s the first
of the week with six percent chance of rain on Tuesday and we’ll have about a
day’s break worth of weather there and then you’ll have a high percentage of
rain Thursday through Sunday with attempts from the 50s to the 70s so
folks later in the week looks like it for the North you’re up the trail around
Dental World Water Gap north of there you’re probably going to be getting wet
hikers on the trail that we have updates for and these updates are pretty much
gleaned from my facebook Messenger that hikers have went and updated me
through instant messenger on my Facebook page a tramp Dino roaming the trail and
that is the preferred method for me to get your updates that way if you would
push those updates to to me towards the end of the week it prevents me from
having to go out and try to find updates on folks so just simply the amount of
folks were tracking and of course the matrix itself itself does not allow me
enough time to go out and track everybody so if you’ll go to my facebook
page and send me an insta messenger tour the end of the week and you’re
through hacker and you want to be included in update I’ll be glad to do
that and would greatly enjoy doing so good I know there’s a lot of people out
there they want to know how things are going for you and where you’re at so
Hulk is in Vermont now I’m not sure what he’ll do if he gets to Katahdin stream
before the hunt trail system opens because the hunt trail system is what
you take up to summit katate and if it’s not doesn’t open until early June so if
he gets there before it opens not sure what he’s going to do so but Hulk is
flying through the trail and on his yo-yo attempt and with Hulk it’s really
not an attempt it’s just a quest so we know Hulk’s gonna finish that and we’re
not worried at all about that so hike Hulk keep us updated and Hulk’s
also hiking with t-rex so y’all keep us updated about how things are going ex
and baby feet are north of hot springs and eggs and baby feet is Marisa nil and
her mom so those are their trail names that they have picked up wrong way he’s
north of Palmerton Pennsylvania around Church of the mountains shelter or
Church of the mountains hostile he says the Pennsylvania Pennsylvania rocks have
definitely beats up been tough on his feet and he’s taught to stop several
times to rest his feet and to get those that kind of healed up Peter is on his
solo yo-yo is in Connecticut and he actually passed Hulk and t-rex and
several other no-go hikers recently ruta hikes she’s around Franklin she started
just a few weeks ago and she says that the main Bobo has cleared out but she is
still seeing plenty of two hikers but most of the shelters now or being
populated by section hikers so but she did say that it’s about 50
started after her within a few days so Rhoda we appreciate that update I was
from the hikin Salem channel he continues his shakedown hikes for his
Sabo hike that’s in less than two months midlife hikers she’s north of the
Nantahala Outdoor Center Minnesota hikers are on their way to Damascus the
count which is one of those hikers had to deal with the bout of Noro earlier in
the week but it’s doing better and they have added a hiker slim to their
Trembley Wonder Woman they’re planning on being
at trail days as it sounds like and so has the factors or porkchops recent
video indicated they had run into the same hiker that a lot of folks have been
threatened down in Irwin Tennessee we’ll talk a little bit about that a little
later but he is somewhere in the shanties and he’ll be taking a week off
on the trail to go up to New Hampshire and then he’ll be coming back try-try
she is through Rowan Mountain Highland so she is doing great and much further
along than she made it last year so try try congratulations on that and keep on
hiking the factors though they’ll be temporarily pulling off the trail while
they reposition their camper that they’re using as home base and they’ll
be reposition that in Damascus and then they’ll be getting back south and
heading nobo again up in Damascus he had to take some time off because he had to
have a tooth pulled in a trail town so that’s tough anytime you’ve got to have
some major stuff like that going on on the trail and trying to you know have
something done away from your normal doctor your normal dentist something
like that hiker starting next week Garrett from the Garrett hikes channel
will be attempting the entire trail in a hundred days so he can get back to the
College and the fall semester where he attends the Citadel and he’s a cadet
there so Garrett’s an Eagle Scout and also assistant scoutmaster and he’s
being mentored by the Scoutmaster from 2018 so Garrett we wish you the best of
luck on those 100 miles Garrett is going to be updating through YouTube and his
Instagram account so we look forward to you updates Garrett and good luck on
your attempt news from the trail course trail days in Damascus on may 17th and
19th I was originally planning on going that is
going to be in a little flux right now because I found out I have to have a
relatively emergency surgery on a tooth that I knocked out of my head when I was
in fifth grade and they put it back in and it’s lasted me for forty some years
so now’s the time when I’m gonna have to have that tooth replaced and it’s going
to involve some bone grafts and all that neat stuff and that’s going to occur
that week before twelve days so I’m not sure after drilling into my jaw bone how
I’m going to feel about driving up to trail days and hanging out there being
on the feet I may just want to have my feet up somewhere on the couch but I’ll
let you know next week a little close to trail days how I’m how I’m doing about
that as I mentioned before the hiker that porkchop ran into was the hiker
that was called sovereign and he was having running having problems with
people in shelters and causing a ruckus down there and Erwin had some run-ins
with the police down there and now porkchop has run into him and the
Shannon Doris and the shelter up there I believe it was the partnership shelter
so I looked at kind of the shelters where this individual had caused a stir
and it seems to be that they around parking areas so that tells me that he’s
probably yellow blazing and and parking somewhere and then hiking into a shelter
just to cause problems so being on the lookout for him here’s a picture of him
a mug shot from where he was incarcerated a short time down in Irwin
and be on the lookout for this individual cause he has been causing
some problems you recall last week I mentioned who won our camping pillow
that we did in our collaboration with the big blue mountain that individual
has not contacted me if you I’ll leave a link up here above my head if you’ll go
to that and find out if you were the individual that won that then I’ll be
glad to get that ship direct to you from the manufacturer if you’ll send in send
me an instant message if that individual that won it last week does not contact
me then I will have another drawing and everybody that has put in a new comment
on that thread that pillow review will be included in
that giveaway so hopefully that individual will contact me and he’ll get
that pillow that he was drawn for it or rent in a random drawing also one let
you know that we have a lot of folks in our hiker list that we have a links to
their vlogs and blogs and they may not necessarily be utilizing those and so
they are no way to support them unless you are blogging and blogging and
posting on a regular basis or regular basis or at least ever so often and so I
will begin removing those folks that are inactive from that list just to call
that list out and make it a little more manageable for people to go and look at
and check out and support people who are vlogging blogging we of course want to
support everybody but there’s no way that we can do that if you are not
making a regular post on your social media account
don’t forget the links I have down below for hikers helping hikers there’s a lot
of folks down there that have websites where where they are through hikers out
there on the trail or hikers themselves and they’re doing things that are
helping the through hikers this year and you can go and support those folks some
of them are raising money for the hikers out there raising money so are through
hikers raising money for themselves so you can go and help them out folks
that’s all I’ve got this week I’m going to get inside before these storms hit me
I can hear them coming as always appreciate you they will see you out

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19 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 5.5

  1. Another great update! πŸ‘πŸ» I was thinking the same about Hawk, but he's got a lot of support, so I think he will be fine. He is one smart hiker for sure…takes zeros when needed…understands what his body needs…fuels his tank constantly…and he's got an awesome hiking partner in T-Rex. Try Try is coming into her own, looking stronger. It is unfortunate about the "hiker nuance" on the trail. We have some solo hikers coming up the trail, so hopefully, everyone just looks out for them and make sure they are doing well. Happy trails! 🌺

  2. Hey Ramdino, Thank you for all your info and updates. Earlier in the year you talked about a gal from Ireland, what ever happened to her? Did she ever get on trail? I was hoping to follow her. This next sentence is not an announcement yet but I should be attempting my hike of the AT in March of 2020 after the St.Patricks Day Parade in Kansas City then hiking Ireland in 2021. So any info such as YouTube channel etc. Would be great. Thank you! Hike on, Hike safe, LNT β˜˜πŸ€

  3. I checked the SOBO departure list and there are so many leaving 01 June lol. Man are those bugs are going to have a great feasting party lol. Bet they never hiked before in the north in June eh.

    Anyway a week before and after it is very calm for SOBO hikers at 2-6 per day which is perfect for me lol.

    Happy Trails eh πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦βš“πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. Don't be too concerned about the implant. I've had two with no problems other than a bit of soreness for a couple days. Go enjoy Traildays!

  5. Odie at Hiker Yearbook ran into Sovereign , bought him dinner and put him on a bus home. He made a FB post about it.

  6. Oh no….did you see today's news from Wythe County, VA? I can't help but wonder if it's Sovereign again…

  7. 9:36 – start of the Sovereign/violent hiker info
    (for anyone following up on the horrific news of the murder published in Outside magazine, NYT, etc.)

  8. Does anyone know anything about Artemis on the trail? I was following her and liked her vlogs and her adventure and then she just disappeared. It’s odd that it seemed right about the time all the tragedy began. Hope she’s ok. The event may have affected her severely. Maybe she will drop us all a note soon.

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