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Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 3.24

hey y’all Ramdino and Roxy here coming
at you from North Carolina welcome to the March 24 2019 Appalachian Trail
through hIker update this is channel where lots of folks come to get update
on who’s out on the trail how things are going for them we’re also tracking over
200 folks on the trail you can go to my facebook page and REM Dino roaming the
trails and you’ll find the complete links there to everybody that we’re
tracking also all new folks from tracking will be down in the description
section of this video folks also come here this channel was
set up to chronicle my trails and my time on the Appalachian Trail and
different hikes so a lot of stuff here for that as well but mainly we’re here
right now to build community for the Appalachian Trail through hikers that
are out there on the trail now and the best way to do that is go down and hit
that little subscribe button hit the bell so you get notifications of our
updates once a week as well as any updates I may have for gear reviews and
my section hikes I am currently on an 8 year section hike training time until I
through hike when I’m when I retire so let’s get on with the update all right
Roxy settle down now girl settle down all right so registrations according to
the Appalachian Trail Conservancy nobo last week we had nineteen hundred and
fifty-one this week registered no Bo we have nineteen hundred and eighty-six
flip-floppers are a hundred and ten this week last week they were a hundred and
one so Bo we have a two hundred and twelve
this week we have our correction this week we have two hundred twelve last
week we had one hundred and nineteen so we’re tracking them so right now they
were tracked along to have over two thousand three hundred and eight folks
that are currently registered for the 1880 through hike and last week we were
at somewhere around two thousand one hundred and sixty-five the trail was
maxed out on March 1st March with 60 March 18th with 51 hikers March 28th
with 51 March 21st with 52 and once again we’ve reached another day where
folks are maxed out and is April 1st we’re looking at around 60
folks on the trail starting March 1st so getting pretty crowded out there do not
have time to check with Amicalola now to determine how many folks have stepped
off but I’m sure we’re somewhere around 900 new vloggers that we added to the
channel this week was MN hikers stairs they stepped up on March 21st far out on
the Appalachian Trail is stepping out today there are no Bo on March 24th
Facebook we added G pack and B pack and they are stepping out know both April
10th so if you are a new vlog or a blogger and I missed you apologize for
that let me know and I will be sure I get you on the upcoming any upcoming
updates weather report for this upcoming hiking week for the through hikers
starting out in Damascus we also update around Franklin Damascus and now
Charlottesville Virginia Tuesday and Wednesday is gonna be the
coldest days with those around any way around Franklin and above those
nighttime temperatures will be at or slightly below freezing and then after
that the rest of the week looks good there will be some rain starting today
so it looks like everybody up and down the trail starting tonight and through
tomorrow is probably going to get wet daytime temperature in the 1670s so the
temps will be great for hiking during the week not too not too hot not too
cold so that’s how your weather is kind of shaken checking out for everybody
that’s on the trail hikers on the trail whom we have update from last week where
they’re at Artemis had to get off the trail for a few days the heal up from
about with bronchitis but she’ll will be back on the trail Wednesday and she’s
got a special video coming up about health and welfare around hostels and
cheap motels so stay tuned for that oz is a likes to share his vertical
pictures of trees in his where he’s going to be hiking so check out Oz’s
channel that’s the hiking sailor channel check him out and take a look at his
pretty cool pictures he’s got there and see if you can spot some Deadman’s for
áall she’s been battling some IG band issues but she has got that figured out
and got that work out and she’ll be starting her sent into the Smokies
starting today so great job battling that through that AOL yeah ah dogs on
the trail right it’s a great job battling through that good luck on your
scent everybody go to her channel and give her
a attaboy tore out a girl and keep her pumped up the wrong way is somewhere in
the Shenandoah’s and somewhere around Buena Vista Virginia he’s been providing
trail magic and he’s still getting snow that far up that far north Cathy is uh
they’re out there Newfoundland gap and they were zeroing in taking a zero today
and should be back on the trail tomorrow hopefully I have received no update I’ve
had a lot of questions asked me I’ve received no update from because I am
Mary Ann so not sure where she’s at the last last-known we had for her was
around Neal’s gap so Mary Ann if you out there check in with us the factors they
made in North Carolina they’re zero in Franklin to date jersey rednecks are in
the Smokies and they hope to come out somewhere around Monday and be staying
extent extending bear the trail has been very taxing for everybody mentally
including jersey rednecks but they’re doing well so y’all keep comments coming
their way keeping them pumped up PJ on the 80 is last known was at no
bills no business shelter outdoor adventures and Richard GAD their last
known with hot springs Sarah hikes last known was the NOC hope is that Trent’s
filling station somewhere around miles 610 and should be coming into parish
burg today more and traveling outside the bat so somewhere around cable gap
shelter hot mess hiker is climbing up out a winding stair gap on her way to
Siler bald if not already there great it joins last known was with the wonder
women and their last known was in Hot Springs and underdog on the trail should
be the Masters or actually should be passed
Damascus by now so if I missed your updates from tracking over 200 folks
sorry couldn’t get to everybody but I’ll try to get to as many as possible in the
future don’t have any more that we know that are off the trail this week hikers
starting next week castaway on the 80 is starting nobo March 29 dirty laundry
outdoors is nobo the 25th of March Idina see is no bow the 27th of March go
Alexander go who is raising money for st. Jude Children’s Hospital
she is probably already started her last known was at Emma Kola Falls State Park
there at the lodge and that was a couple days ago Lanny gurken is no bow he’s 28
to March and Phillip young is no bow he’s March 25th little bit of news from
the trot from the trail the Skyland drive up in the through the Shannon
doors and above the Blue Ridge parkland Virginia is closed as of a couple days
ago due to snow so they’re getting quite a bit of snow up there around the
Skyline Drive which means that in those areas of resupply is going to be a
challenge and if you’re counting on the way sides the open they are probably
closed because they can’t get resupplied AOL wanted me to let everybody know that
she’s having problems with her phone so that’s why she’s been out of contact and
she hadn’t has not updated lately but she is getting that worked out in the
next day or so so yeah well we look forward to your continued updates down
in the description section of course we have hikers helping hikers so I don’t
want you to get about those links also if you’ll go to the remedy no roaming
the trails Facebook page not only do we have lots of YouTube vloggers but we got
lots of vloggers otherwise Instagram accounts trail
journals Facebook pages so often times those guys get left out with people
shouting out to them so I ask that you go and check out their pages check out
their lengths even if they’re not on YouTube giving them a shout out and
let’s keep them pumped up like we are everybody else and lastly I just want to
give a notice of trail magic notice central that the Green Mountain Brigade
is going to be a burning town gap on March 29 and
xxx so that is all we’ve got this week Ruxin I and Roxie such a good girl and
so well behave as she is that’s all we got this week folks if I missed you I
apologize for that get in touch with me through Instagram on my I am me there or
my facebook page and as always we appreciate you and we’ll see you out
there she’s a good girl good girl

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21 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2019 Thru Hiker Update 3.24

  1. I have moved my start date from April 1 to March 30.  Trying to avoid the big crowds.  I'm hiking for the Shriners Children's Hospital.  I'm putting a link to donate under my videos.  Thanks for all you do and God bless you and yours.

  2. Oh my gosh! Roxy (sp) is a beautiful girl! She acts like a puppy! 🐶 Thanks for the updates and as always, very informative indeed! A new hiker couple will make their entre on the AT on the 29th, but will let them know to connect with you if they wish to be updated. I believe they will be vlogging as well. Thanks! Happy trails! 🌺

  3. What you are doing is such a help to the hiker community. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and for supporting all of the 2019 vloggers.

  4. Another great update. What’s up with Jay Hiker. He hasn’t posted a video in some time now. Just wondering if he got off trail or is having phone issues and gave up on the vlogging. Thanks!

  5. Ramdino, have you heard anything about Hiker Jay? I was following him and he disappeared. It was posted on a facebook forum he was off trail in Feb. but was going to return in Mar. Evidently he did not. Was wondering if you heard anything?

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