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Appalachian Trail 2019: Runa’s Hiker Intro

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my channel. My name is Runa, and today we’re gonna do the hiker video that everybody seems to be doing these days. Um, I already filmed this video. Once. But it turns out my camera was overheating, and it made this ‘nnnnnn’ sound. And it was so annoying when I was editing that I decided to film it on my phone. My name is Runa. And… Some people have asked me how I got that trail name. And to be honest, it’s not a trail name. It’s a childhood nickname that a family member gave to me. And when I decided to start making the YouTube channel, and kind of put myself out there, I wanted to have a trail name already in place. And I was like, “Huh? I wonder if that silly childhood nickname means anything?”, and so I decided to google it and it turns out it’s a Norse baby name that means ‘mighty strength’. I was like, “Well, that’s really fitting!” Haha. Because I’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail, and in order to hike such a distance, you need a lot of physical, mental, and emotional strength. And so yeah. That’s how I got Runa as my trail name. Family and friends that don’t know, I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail this coming spring. And in case you don’t know what that is, the Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail that goes from Georgia to Maine. I’ll insert some pictures for you. And it’s 2,189 miles long, and it takes people normally four to six months to complete. But yeah, so. Some of the common questions I get when people find out I’m hiking the trail: Are are you hiking the trail alone? And the answer is yes. I will be starting out the trail alone. I will probably be hiking most of it alone, and I will probably finish it alone. Now, just because I’m alone, doesn’t mean that I’m actually alone. So what that means, is that there’s other hikers on the trail. And often what happens is, since everybody kind of ends up in the same shelter or places at night, you start to get to know each other. And some people end up forming groups that they call tramilies, and they start hiking together. So I’m not sure if I’ll end up in a tramily yet or not, but don’t worry. I won’t be alone. My other biggest question I get is: Aren’t you scared of bears? And the answer is no. I’m not scared of bears at all. and I’m also not scared of spiders or snakes or any other creepy crawlies that happen to come across my path. The only thing I am worried about is getting too cold and losing too much weight. Now being too cold, I will of course be hiking with probably way more clothes than I need to starting out, until I figure out what keeps me the warmest at night. But the second one, losing too much weight, isn’t quite a concern starting out, because I I put on a few pounds being in Korea since I’m allergic to like 80% of the traditional food. So I’ve been eating a lot of like hamburgers and pizza. But my natural weight at home is like 95 to 100 pounds. And so, I’m worried that I’m going to lose too much weight on the trail. And So I do have some plans in place to help maybe stop that from happening. Or if it does start to happen, to kind of like keep my weight even. So yeah. Oh, let’s see What else do I get asked? I think that’s pretty much it. The main concern of my family members, especially my dad, is getting lost. They happen to see a TV program about Inchworm that got lost a few years ago. And I’m not personally worried about it. I’ll have like the AWOL guide, and I’ll have Guthooks, and a compass. And plus, my dad was pretty good about teaching us how to kind of gauge the sun, and figure out what direction we were based off of the sun and whatnot. Um, as of right now, that’s kind of all I want to talk about. Now, I did see a video by JerZee and Redneck. They were talking about like their expectations of the trail, and some of their concerns and things. And I really liked that video. In fact, I’ll link it down below. So I’m thinking about doing a similar one. And then… Another thing I would like to do when I have like these sit-down talk videos, is I would like to do a hiker shout-out. So…This week’s hiker shout-out goes to Go Alexandria Go. She is nine years old, and she will be thru hiking the AT this year with her father. but She’s also raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. And her goal is like three million dollars, and I hope she makes it. I think it’s really awesome that she’s so young and she’s got like these amazing goals, and she’s trying to put them into reality, and so I will link her channel, too. And please check her channel out. If you can donate some go ahead. If not, just support her by watching her videos That’d be great. So I don’t have much else to say, so I’m gonna go for now. It was nice meeting you. Oh, and if you are also Class of 2019, go ahead and say hello in the comments. Yeah. So I will see you later. Bye

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20 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail 2019: Runa’s Hiker Intro

  1. A big hello from Canada Runa! We're getting closer to the start of our epic journey eh! 👍Take care, hope to see you out there! Lamplighter 2019 out! 😉

  2. Good luck and I hope to see you out there. Also if you’re vlogging you should contact ramdino here on YouTube. If you didn’t know he has a channel that tracks all of the AT activity and it’s pretty cool. Happy hiking ⛰

  3. Love the name! Any Scandinavian ancestry? I wish you the best on your thru hike. I’ll be starting mine on April 8th. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

  4. great job, and your going to do great on the AT, I really hope we get to meet you and get an interview and maybe get a chance to do some trail magic for you, God bless each step

  5. Hey Runa, Love your trail name. I'm be heading out on the AT, NOBO, on 27 March. About when are you leaving? Very excited for everyone in the 2019 class. Waves and Happy Hiking.

  6. OMG! We are kindred spirits learning the direction of the sun and a compass! 👍🏻 My grandpa was a Navy man and navigation was important during many of our section hikes in Maine. We had no smartphones or apps when I was a kid. I was Alexandria's age when I section hiked the 100 mile wilderness. One thing I know about bears is they won't bother you if you don't bother them and leave no trace and use a bear bag or bear canister. I think some people start off with a lot of clothing, but you can always dump or send stuff home. I am looking forward to your journey! 🌺

  7. Hi Runa.  Great trail name and video,  I leave NOBO On April 1st.  I wish you all the best and I will be watching.  I have only done my gear videos and a challenge to show three luxury items that I will be taking.  I'm still learning this vlogging thing.  You will do great.

  8. Hi, Runa
    When off trail put backpack on the trail and keep it in view so you will never get lost like Inchworm.
    Best wishes!

  9. I always say, "Nope, not scared of bears on the east coast… just the moose in rut!" I don't think I'll ever be able to do the PCT or the CDT because of the Grizzlies- those ones scare me. Great intro video! What's the tattoo on your wrist? I'll be rooting for you!

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