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Aokigahara Forest Hike Around Mount Fuji

[Music] [Music] [Music] lucky here rocking sit outdoors hiking again I’m in a geek ahora forest near Fuji five legs and how Fuji area and I’ll be showing around lakes hopefully enjoy the views this forest is really spectacular it’s got a bad name for no reasons I won’t mention it’s really quite beautiful in here as you can see so it keeps people out because they’re afraid of you know certain things but I think it’s unwarranted it’s like really nice in here beautiful everything’s so green so I’m happy to show you around the forest happy to see the forest myself cuz I never actually been in here and uh yeah I’m gonna check out the lakes all around the Mount Fuji area unfortunately my Fuji was covered by clouds today which it often is hard to see even when you’re close though we’ll capture that on a different day unless the clouds break and I get some shots it’s still early I think it’s about 11 a.m. right now so maybe later in the day it’ll burn off yeah come along show you around hope you enjoy it thanks for watching my channel and uh that’s you next time [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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76 thoughts on “Aokigahara Forest Hike Around Mount Fuji

  1. Simply lovely! You usually do a couple different styles of videos, one vloggy and blathery and the other more cinematic — I don't mind either but you've been blending both styles well. Thanks for skirting all the spook lore. Good to see Japan through your eyes, bud.

  2. 👍💚👍💚👍💚👍💚👍💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💜💙💜💙💜💙💗💛💗💛💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Dang bro. Some superb cinematography!
    It is hard to believe that Behind all that beauty lies a dark history.
    I am intrigued.
    Take care and see ya on the next one 🤘

  4. it's really nice to see a video on this forest, not telling the lore, i was when i saw this video in the forest thinking are you in sucide forest, cause it has been so much known through youtube, sorry for bringing the nickname up of the forest, great shots as always, keep up the good work my friend

  5. Very cool Rockie
    Great filming again
    I've got to get a gimble , I can't believe the difference
    Thanks for sharing

  6. From my main channel I want to thank you for this wonderful video, my new friend🙏
    👍27 and subsc. Warm greetings, Linnea. 🙂

  7. So Beautiful and very peaceful. There is always a little bit of heaven on earth. Great video love the views! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work and stay safe out there and always be careful. Take Care and God Bless ☺🖒❤👍🍃🍂🍁🌳🌾🌲🌱

  8. It looks just the kind of place where good quality down time and thinking can take place. Lots of goodness in them woods. Thanks for sharing. All the best. Mark

  9. Wonderful vid there Rockie. I'm surprised the Japanese Ministry of Tourism hasn't noticed your vids promoting their country like Canada did with Shawn James Self Reliance channel. Keep up the great vids my friend and cheers to you.

  10. The main thing apart from the beauty of this area is the sense of peace and relaxation there. Great place to hike around and despite the cloudy weather, it still seemed to add to the magic of the place, cheers Alan

  11. That was beautiful Rocky, it’s great to see the ‘real’ Japan and not the tourist views we so often see. More please 👍

  12. Nothing bad about the forest, if anything it's the beauty and serenity people likely seek as a final comfort… Sad for sure, but no reason to ruin a perfectly good place. Thanks for the video Rocky!

  13. 樹海は歩いていて怖くなかったですか?有名な心霊スポットで、自殺の名所でもあります。浮遊霊がいっぱい居て、うっかりすると迷って二度と出られなくなるとか言われてます。
    But thank you shooting the landscape so beautiful that it looks mysterious and neo-japanese

  14. I am not familiar with that forest or it's history but I'm guessing maybe taotaomona activity? In any case, absolutely beautiful to see. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  15. 登録『ありがとうございます🙋』私も、登録させていただきました。うつくしい動画、感動です。

  16. Wow, fantastic cinematography and excellent choice of music! This has got to be one of your best videos yet. (I think I say that every time ha!) I love your sweeping multi angle views and zoom-outs, very effective. You could easily film for National Geographic! Keep up with the outstanding productions! Cheers, Lamplighter 2019 out! 👍

  17. As always, awesome! Japan has got to be one of the most under-exposed, under-publicized countries on Earth. It's a beautiful place, that's for sure. (Another 100 subs in the last week or so?…….wow!)

  18. Cool that you're taking us some place that you're visiting for the 1st time! Beautiful Lake and surrounding forest! Nice chill vibe and great camera angles throughout the video! Great work as always my friend :).

  19. You left me with research to do because now I am intrigued to find out what it is about the forest that keeps people away. As always I really enjoyed the video it was very peaceful. Thanks for sharing your love for nature.

  20. Awesome video, my friend. That does look like a beautiful place. I'm not much of a believer in superstitions or folklore, at least not until I see it for myself LOL. Thanks for showing me a side of Japan that I never really knew was there. Loving it!

  21. What an amazingly beautiful place – a pity it has such a dark reputation. Thank you for showing it in it's true and beautiful light.

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