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Antigua Vlog + Pacaya Volcano hike: Guatemala Pt 1

Now it’s time for history 101
The city I am in, which is Antigua, was the ancient capital city of Guatemala back in
the colonial days when all of Latin America was a Spanish colony. But then somewhere around I think 1776 there
were lot of other things including a massive earthquake that really destroyed the city
which caused people to move into other places, ultimately leading to Guatemala city being
the capital and the largest city in Guatemala. It’s a pretty cool place over here. Even though it’s a very small town, I’d say
less than 50,000, it still has that colonial vibe of an old city that you’d expect from
many other earlier cities from Latin America. It’s got some pretty cool architecture too. I am in the central park of Antigua right
now. And right in front of me is this fountain
with statues, which is very similar to some statues that I saw in Manaus way back in 2012
when I was visiting Brazil. I wonder if there was a pattern there of people
from the Iberian peninsula coming in to Latin America and creating these fountains. May be there is a deeper meaning behind them. I like your teeth. Yeah. What is that? Is that.. .like.. golden? Oh that’s really cool. That’s really cool I got this whole room to myself for less than $20. It’s the view from the rooftop. It’s
a little wet It is
There’s probably going to be like 1 massive droplet of water blocking the whole video. I won’t know about it till I look at it on
a computer screen I didn’t realize I’d be swimming up the mountain
but.. At least we can do a water slide down .. all
the way Took a while but
I think we finally made it to the top of the volcano (LOL WE DIDN’T) So I am going down the hill now
The coolest part is there’s like a pack of dogs following us everywhere we go Starting off my second day right now in Antigua. And it’s almost noon. But I had to sleep in after all the walking
and hiking and going out last night. The hotel I was staying at recommended this
place called Fernando’s Kaffee, supposedly one of the best coffee places in Antigua That was definitely some great coffee back there, and this is the part where I pretend
to know what I am talking about. but no. It was a latte, and it was delicious, and
it got me energized. RIght behind me are the ruins of a cathedral
built more than 400 years ago. Used to be the main cathedral in Guatemala
back when Antigua was the capital. but it was destroyed in the 1770s by the major
earthquake that happened back then So I’m about to try Guatemalan food for the
first time ever. which is pretty late considering that I have
been here for more than 24 hours now. But the only food that I really got to eat yesterday
were the peanut butter sandwiches that I brought from LA, then for the volcano hike, the only
food (available) there was pringles and hershey’s bars. And by the time we got back around 9 30 last
night, after I took a shower, the only place, and I looked around for a while around the
city, but the only place that seemed to be open in Antigua was a Wendy’s. So I had Wendy’s for dinner in Guatemala after
spending about 40 minutes looking for authentic food. About to go inside Rincon Tipico which is
a restaurant that was recommended by my hostel. Hopefully it’s gonna be good So my food just got here. I think I got something with chicken in it because it had “pollo” in it. And this drink right here, according to the
gentleman next to me, is called something that translates to Jamaica Rose. It’s some sort of flower infusion. Really just tastes like a sugary sherbat. Black pita bread tastes a little strange but
it’s still pretty good nonetheless. I have to say this is pretty amazing. I know I am going off a very small sample
size of just 1 meal, but if this is what Guatemalan food tastes like then this is the second best food I have had in Latin America, only next to Mexico. I’m pretty biased because I don’t think anything
for me will ever beat the tacos in Mexico city I’m about to enter the chocolate museum. Chocolate actually used to me one of the main
exports in Guatemala back in the early days. Holla. Try some chocolate tea
Have a look Here’s a fun fact for anyone who’s not too
familiar with ancient American civilizations: both the Mayans and the Aztecs used chocolate
widely and the Aztecs called hot chocolate the drink of the gods. Actual cocoa beans That was a better view than I certainly expected and I wasn’t expecting to see the
town/city, and the volcano, and the cross. I would definitely recommend coming over here. It’s a bit of a hike, it’s probably around
20 minutes from the northern edge of the city but it’s definitely worth it. because how often do you get to come to Guatemala
to see a massive volcano, an ancient colonial city in 1 view. This is exactly like Bangladesh. There’s a massive power outage because of this huge thunderstorm you can hear in the background and I just got completely drenched outside as I was just going downstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Hopefully the power is gonna come back at some point in the night

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