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Anna accepts Katrina’s job offer | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

It’s nice to be back. Come in. Miss K. Anna. Are you here
to accept my offer? You’ve made the right decision. But how did James take it? Come on, Anna. I know there’s something
going on between you two. Whatever it is… …it won’t get
in the way of work. Then that’s great. She’s here. Good morning, Mikmik! I thought you’re all
angry at me. Oh dear. Mikmik, why would we be angry when we understand
why you did it? Yeah. I’d have done the
same thing, you know. Barbie, stop it, or we’ll have
you kicked out of here too. Got it, Benjie. Forget I said anything. Mikmik. Don’t ever forget that
we’re always here for you. Alright, everyone, let’s eat! Okay! And here you go. Your coffee, sir. Where’s the bread? I found him. And? He’s in. For a price. You’re going to pay the person
who killed your husband? If he takes David
with him to hell, then why not?

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33 thoughts on “Anna accepts Katrina’s job offer | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

  1. Sarap kultuhin ni Anna eh uto uto at gagamitin kalang ni Katrina ! 😠
    Tsaka Di naman ata si David nag pa baril sa Asawa nya. Kundi mismong si divina kasi dahil pra sa kanya mapunta lahat ng yaman ng salvador !

  2. Anna, gagamitin ka lang namn ni katrina laban kina james, tas si david hindi siya ang totoong nagpapatay kay Gabriel kundi si divina para di mapunta kay ella ang mana.

  3. I can't imagine how this genuinely look as a father of Rk compared to his role on his movie Cuddle Weather. How to unsee those scenes 😂🙈

  4. Nakakamiss din yung eksena ni amber na nanjan sa bahay nila Michael!😂 yung si amber magpapapansin sya kay Michael pero No reaction lang si Michael!😂

  5. This drama is holding its own against the other running dramas because of the talented & spunky Cristine Reyes. She is an understated actress that really is a super star in the calibre of Angel Locsin herself. I’ve seen the evil step mother played by other actresses but for some reason I like Cristine’s interpretation more. So I always come back to watch this drama just to see what she’s up to.
    Her character Miss K is not a very nice person & I’m really supposed to hate her but I find myself gobsmacked at her audacity & the lengths she would go to get what she wants. Too bad she lost the first round but I’m sure she’s got another ace up her lovely sleeves . Good acting Cristine.

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